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MorePets 14 Premium Natural Interactive Cat Toys Variety Pack Teaser Wan

MorePets 14 Premium Natural Interactive Cat Toys Variety Pack Teaser Wand Toy Set Mouse Fish Feather
10 different styles premium quality cat toys at your choice including teaser wand, softball with feather, balls, fish with ribbon tail, strawberry, rats, buckets, ball teaser with ring hanger, crab teaser with ring hanger, flower teaser with ring hanger (teaser with ring hanger also can serve as teaser wand refill if the ring removed).
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Chiwava 48 Pack Plastic Noisy Cat Toy Balls with Bell Kitten Chase Toy 8

Chiwava 48 Pack Plastic Noisy Cat Toy Balls with Bell Kitten Chase Toy 8 Types Assorted Color Size
Chiwava Plastic Cat Toy Balls Set, Perfect for Cats Indoor Chase Play and Interactive Play. 48 Assorted Balls with Bell Inside, We know that there are always some cats who like to lose toys.
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Kole Christmas Cat Stocking, 6 Assorted Toys

Kole Christmas Cat Stocking - 6 Assorted Toys
This Christmas Cat Stocking makes the perfect gift for feline friends. Set includes a fish-shaped hanging toy with an elastic cord, a metallic crinkle ball, a rainbow mouse. A rainbow foam ball, a plastic wheel toy with bell and a plastic ball with bell in a transparent plastic stocking with a paw print border. Measures approximately 10" x 5.25"
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4 Paws Stuff Tall Cat Scratching Post Cat Interactive Toys - Cat Scratch

4 Paws Stuff Tall Cat Scratching Post Cat Interactive Toys - Cat Scratch Post Cats Kittens - Plush Sisal Scratch Pole Cat Scratcher - 22 inches (Beige)
"Are you a cat owner who tired of scratches on your furniture and carpets? Want to give your kitty something better to scratch? Looking for ultimate scratching post to keep your kitten entertained? Here is 4PawsStuff sisal scratching post, that will meet your needs and will become your pet's favorite interactive toy ""Why this cat scratch post tree?"", you may ask FOUR REASONS FOR CHOOSING 4PawsStuff CAT CARPET SCRATCHING POST √ VARIOUS INTERACTIVE TOYS Two tracks with spinning balls on the base of the cat scratch post will keep your kitten occupied, stimulated and happy Securely attached to the top of the 22-inch vertical cat scratcher post plush ball will be attractive for older cats Whether it a kitten or a senior cat, your pet will be engaged for hours! √ STURDY & STABLE CONSTRUCTION Sisal pole has 11,6""х11,6"" thick MDF base - to prevent it from knocking overFREE velcros will ensure additional stability of the kitten scratch post and will serve for the floor protection √ SAFE, HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS Vertical post of the big scratching pole for cats is wrapped in twisted sisal rope and soft-to-touch but tough to tear plush Let your cat leave the furniture alone and enjoy scratching natural, non-toxic materials of the cat scratch pole! √ EASY ASSEMBLE All you need is to screw two parts of post together and then screw into the base. L-shaped wrench and screw are in the package PLEASE BE PATIENT It may take some time to encourage your cat to interest with vertical scratch post Do you want to keep your cats from destroying furniture but at the same time to give them a way to satisfy natural instinct to scratch? So go ahead; CLICK [Add to Cart] and get the best scratching post NOW, it's totally risk-free with our ONE-YEAR guarantee!".
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Veken Pet Fountain, 84Oz/2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dis

Veken Pet Fountain - 84Oz 2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser With 3 Replacement Filters & 1 Silicone Mat For Cats - Dogs - Multiple Pets - Blue
Veken pet water fountain has 3 different water flow settings, you can test each one to find out which one your pets prefers. The water dispenser is made of high-quality PP resin, which is BPA free and durable. We provide 3 pieces replacement filters, the filtered water have met the human health standards, so you can bid farewell to water quality problems. Moreover, the pump is ultra quiet and low consumption, the fountain’s colour and flow water are your pets favorite, successfully attracting them to drink more often!♥ What You Will Get:1 x Pet Water Fountain1 x AC Adapter1 x AC Pump3 x Filters1 x Silicone Mat1 x Instruction Manual⚠Important Reminders:1. For indoor use only!2. For the health of your pet, it is suggested to change the water and clean the fountain every week.3. Do not use hot water, gasoline, alcohol, or organic solvents to clean the fountain under any circumstance.4.The highest water level is 3/4 of the bowl height and the lowest water level is more than the water outlet of the pump. Sometimes loud fountains are the consequence of a low water level or a dirty impeller. Clean your fountain’s impeller and ensure the water reaches to at least its minimum level.5. To prevent the activated carbon dust (they will not harm your pets) from shedding, please soak the filter in water for 2 minutes and rinse it thoroughly under running water before use. The filter should be changed every 2-4 weeks.6. Please keep the cable away from pets chewing it.Veken Guarantee:★30 DAYS FREE RETURN& REPLACEMENT ★2 YEARS product warranty (Any quality problems are found, a free one will be given) ★Contact us to get extra 3 YEARS guarantee ★Lifetime Customer Support So, what are you waiting for?Click ☛ Add to Cart ☚ and Buy Now!
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Pet Products, Cat Toy Box For Kitty, Kitten, Interactive Indoor Puzzle B

Pet Products - Cat Toy Box For Kitty - Kitten - Interactive Indoor Puzzle Box - 3 Balls And A Mouse - 17 Holes - Hide & Seek
★ The dimension of the holes are designed after a long time testing, it's perfect for most cats, they're big enough for most cats to reach their paws to the toys. Now, the holes on most of the cat toy boxes are very small to let out the cat toys, they try to increase the difficulty. But that would be too hard for most cats, they'll lose interest easily and choose not to play the cat toy box, that's more harm than good. If you lost the original toys, we provide the toys pack separately for sale with cost price, bring back your cat's interest in the cat toy box. ★ Most cat toy boxes on the market are made of cheap paper material, but our cat toy box is made of wood material, and it's environmental and non-toxic, it's very strong too. A simple and durable product is what we want to provide you.★ To arouse cat's nature of hunting is the intention of this cat toy box. Nowadays, most cats are domesticated without their parents' accompany, they don't hunt for food, we feed them cat food, they're lacking of exercise and overweight. This cat toy box solves all these problems. You can add some cat food or catnip besides the cat toys to make the box more fun.★ Toys pack separately for sale2 × rattle ball1 × foam ball1 × toy mouse★ Cats partyThis cat toy box is suitable to play alone or with other cats.★ A best gift for catA very good choice for a gift to the cat or the cat owner, the good quality can let the cat or the car owner remember your gift.★ Why choose usWe focus on studying cat toys, try hard to make every single product good. Feel free to contact us if you have any quality problem, we love to hear your feedback to improve our product.
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GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy, Handmade in the USA (1 Bird)

GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy - Handmade in the USA (1 Bird)
GoCat has done it again with the Da Bird, a high quality, durable, interactive toy that cats just LOVE. If you have not witnessed first hand a cats reaction to Da Bird, then you have no idea what you are in for! A single bob of Da Bird is completely irresistible to cats. Set on a swivel, its feathers look, sound, and feel like real bird wings. Handmade in the USA. Its the most fun you'll have with your feline friends! You'll receive the original 36 inch pole with the original Guinea feather refill attached. Colors will vary.
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Cat Toys Interactive - Cat Food Toys Interactive | Cat Chew Non-Toxic Ex

Cat Toys Interactive - Cat Food Toys Interactive | Cat Chew Non-Toxic Exercise Thinking Improve Intelligence Toy Ball For Cats |Purple|( 3.54x2.36 inch )
Description: This is a funny cat foraging toy,it can makes cats see,smell,and hear it.The most important thing is that your kitty need to figure out how to get food.This will arouse the cat's interest and appetite and make them smarter. Bulid-inside slow food structure design,can effectively control the cat feeding speed to prevent indigestion,but also improve it's function of playing! Tumbler and inside bell design will arouse cat's curiosity.Ideal for interactive fun for most cats. Keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated! Features: ◆ Translucent cover display can diffuse food smells and attract our hungry cats.what's more,it make leftovers easy to manage. ◆ The tumbler foundation keeps this toy in the same place and weaves from side to side to stimulate our cat's curiosity. ◆ Tumbler or rod design, lots of fun for the cats. Good size and volume for putting snacks and food inside. ◆ Easy to handle, just open the cap and put food inside, screw it and lock it, not easy to break out. ◆ Small leaking outlet for snacks and food, keep your cat energetic, curious and clever. ◆ The simple combination of the upper half part and the foundation make the toy easier to be disassembled. ◆ The cat toy treat dispenser ball is made of environment-friendly and safe plastic,which is tough and odor free, safe and easy to clean. ◆ Environment-friendly plastic is used for shaping the whole body, tough and odor free, safe and easy to clean. Specifications: Color: Purple Material: ABS + PC Size: 3.4 x 2.3inch Weight: 0.22 lb Package Included : 1 x tumbler interactive dispensing cat toys
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Cat Fishin'': The Toy with Lasting AllureÂ. The ULTIMATE inte

Cat Fishin'': The Toy with Lasting AllureÂ. The ULTIMATE interactive toy for the health and well-being of your cat.
TIRED OF BUYING TOYS YOUR CAT LOSES INTEREST IN OR THAT DON'T HOLD UP? Weary of spending for new toys every other week? Looking for something that's just as fun for you as it is for your cat? Your search is over! Introducing the one-and-only, first-of-its-kind, Cat Fishin': The Toy with Lasting Allure(c), a genuine, custom-designed fly fishing rod and reel, guaranteed to last for years of play with normal use. Veterinarians and cat behaviorists strongly recommend interactive toys, particularly for indoor cats, to keep them healthy in both body and spirit. Cat Fishin': The Toy with Lasting Allure(c) was designed to satisfy a cat's natural instincts for stalking, chasing and pouncing on their prey. Allowing your best friend to practice these behaviors is essential to their health and well-being--and can cure many behavioral problems caused by boredom and inactivity. A daily Cat Fishin' play session will be deeply gratifying to your cat and create a stronger bond between you. Cat Fishin': The Toy with Lasting Allure(c) has been tested by thousands of cats of all ages, sizes and breeds and their response has been unanimous--they can't get enough of it. Discover your favorite Cat Fishin' games together--and read the instructions for more fun tips and techniques. You might just have as much fun as your cat does.
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Play Circle by Battat – Cat Grooming Kit – 7-piece Kids Pretend Pla

Play Circle by Battat – Cat Grooming Kit – 7-piece Kids Pretend Play Cat Carrier and Grooming Set with Accessories – Toy Pet Care Set For Kids Age 2 Years and Up
Keep your furry friends in fine form with this adorable pet grooming set for kids! the play circle cat grooming kit is a 7-piece set with everything you need to transport, feed, and groom your friendly feline. A portable cat carrier will keep Kitty safe and sound. Just pop open the door to say Hello, or snap open the lid to lift Kitty out. Cats love to be Brushed and kept as beautiful as can be! use the brush and comb to keep kitty’s fur looking purrfect. Once you’re all done, give your fluffy friend a little spritz from the specialized Eau de chat perfume, and make sure she’s well-fed with a bowl and Kitty food. But wait – hairstyles and grooming aren’t just for cats! for taking care of human hair, why not try other play circle items like the beauty shop hairdressing set cake set, and the princess purse set. Bring your best furry friend along wherever you go with this purrfect set!
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