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HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy (GREY)

HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy (GREY)
Introducing the HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy. This furry feline friend is equipped with cute, playful pink ears and whiskers. When turned on, its soft rubber tail wiggles back and forth as it scampers and scurries along, calling the attention of nearby cats. Powered by interactive smart toy technology, this industrious critter exhibits realistic random movement, starting, stopping and pausing just like a real mouse It can navigate around objects, find its way out of corners and flip over from its back to its feet in an attempt to escape its captor. This pet-activated robotic toy plays an engaging game of cat-and-mouse, lying dormant and waking up with the swat of a paw. There are two different modes of operation, paw mode designed for the more docile cat, and chase mode designed for more active cats or kittens. Only works on hard surfaces WARNING: Remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose, damaged or detached. Intended for pets only. Not a children's toy. Pets should be supervised when playing with this or any other toy. Do not allow any pet to eat this toy.
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Rimobul Assorted Color Sparkle Balls My Cat's All Time Favorite Toy

Rimobul Assorted Color Sparkle Balls My Cat's All Time Favorite Toy - 1.3
An easy way to keep your cat amused. Perfect for interacting with your cat and getting them to exercise. tickly to the nose and paw pleasing to all cats and kittens, enjoy hours of play and exercise. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts.
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Yangbaga Real Fur Mice Rattle 14 Pack, Cat Toys Rainbow Mice Rabbit Feat

Yangbaga Real Fur Mice Rattle 14 Pack - Cat Toys Rainbow Mice Rabbit Feather for Cats and Kittens (14 pcs Rainbow mices)
Tips: For extra fun, put the furry mice inside a closed container of catnip for a few days before giving to your kittens. They will feel crazy about them Specifications: Brand name: Yangbaga Weight: 1.6 oz Size: L: 4.5 inches ; W: 1.2 inches ; H: 1 inch Colors: Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow Material: Feather: Rabbit Fur ; Eyes and nose: Plastic Package Contains: 14×Real furry mice
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Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Rainbow

Yeowww! Catnip Toy - Rainbow
Is your cat singing Judy Garland songs? Don’t let ‘em fool ya; it’s catnip, not gold at the end of the rainbow.
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Friends Forever Kitten Toys Variety Pack - Cat Toys Set Including Cat Fi

Friends Forever Kitten Toys Variety Pack - Cat Toys Set Including Cat Fishing Pole - Catnip Pillow & Lot More - Cute Kitty Toys for Cats 20 Pieces
Friends Forever™ Assorted Cat Toys For cats, the only thing better than 1 toy is 20 toys. This variety pack includes mouse, ball, bell, feathers and catnip, sure to provide your cat with endless hours of fun. These toys also provide a healthy outlet for your cats' natural instinct to hunt. Designed with interactivity and physical exercise in mind. Featuring feathers, balls and catnip, mice and more Allow your cat to release energy with this combo pack of entertaining toys. Watch your kitties go crazy with the rattling sounds these toys make when pouncing on them. Warning: Please note the possibility of a cat ripping toys apart and eating them. The safest way is to supervise your cats when your cats play with toys. -----If you like our product, please share your experience with other customers. We welcome the feedback!If you are not 100% satisfied in our service or product quality, please contact us for rectification. We would love the chance to make things right for you! Have questions or suggestions? Please email us at customercare@jlapets.comOur mission is to be the unparalleled leader in creating pet products that meet the highest level of quality, innovation, and function. To offer superior customer service that results in a premium shopping experience.
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Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy - Cat Toys Interactive Fun with 3-Level

Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy - Cat Toys Interactive Fun with 3-Levels - Kitty Cat Charmer for Interactive Play and Exercise for Kittens - Cat Teaser Kitty Toys and Best Cat Toys
Discover The Most Fun & Addictive Toy That Will Definitely Mesmerize Your Cat Does it seem impossible to keep your kitty occupied and entertained for hours? NOT with this ,unbelievably fascinating cat roller toy by Easyology Pets. Most cats will be naturally drawn by the movement of the three colorful balls, which can rouse their hunting instincts. Your feline friend won't be able to stop swatting them around in the 3-level track! Here's How You Can Keep Your Cats (Safely) Happy While You're At Work You can rest assured that this engaging cat toy is absolutely safe for your cute kitty. Thanks to its super-sturdy construction, anti-skid pads and safety bar in the middle, it requires ZERO SUPERVISION. The Perfect Interactive Toy For Multiple Cats This 3-level cat roller toy will be loved by owners of many cats who want to engage their pets in group play. Playful kittens can interact with the three different levels at different times and get plenty of entertainment, while enhancing their predatory instincts. So...if you have a few, this unique pet toy will be fantastic! Finally...A Cat Toy You Can Actually Trust Forget cheapquality, flimsy toys that can't withstand the teeth and persistent claws of your furry friend. At Easyology Pets, quality is NEVER an accident! Our WASHABLE and EASY TO CLEAN heavy-duty cat roller toy is made of the HIGHEST-QUALITY plastic material in the market and it's carefully constructed to give your cat ENDLESS hours of fun. Don't Waste Another Minute! Click "Add to Cart" NOW.
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Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel - Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy - Tube Fun for Rabbi

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel - Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy - Tube Fun for Rabbits - Kittens - and Dogs - Black Blue
Give your cat hours of entertainment and exercise with this fun, collapsible 3-way cat tunnel. Featuring a variety of "bells & whistles," it's the purr-fect playground for high-energy felines! You adore your cat, but let's face it: you don't have a lot of time to play with him during the day. Luckily, with the Prosper Pet 3-Way Cat Tunnel, your kitty can entertain himself for hours! This unique playtoy is three spacious tunnels in one, giving your cat more room to roam, pounce, and hide than other single tunnels. Unique details like a peephole and swinging bell toy crank up the fun for your feline. One of the tubes is lined with crinkly/crackly material that your cat will find irresistible! This tunnel features a sleek black design with pink accents - no obnoxious loud prints. It's made of durable 190T polyester that resists snagging and tears, even from sharp kitty claws. The rugged steel frame helps maintain the tunnels shape over time, with covered ends to keep your cat safe from pokes. Best of all, our cat gym is completely WASHABLE! The Prosper Pet 3-Way Cat Tunnel collapses into a compact size, so it's easy to take the fun with you anywhere - whether you're dropping Fluffy off at the sitter's or traveling cross-country. A great Christmas or birthday gift for cats & their owners! * 3 tunnels in one - more entertaining for your cat or kitten * Includes swinging bell toy * Features peep hole in middle * 1 tube lined with crackling paper * Durable, washable polyester * Polyester doesn't collect pet hair * Strong sprung-steel frame w/protective ends * Collapses for easy travel & storage Click "Add to Cart" to buy now!
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Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Replacement Pack of Worms for Interactive Cat a

Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Replacement Pack of Worms for Interactive Cat and Kitten Toy Wands
"By Popular Demand" Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Replacement Pack For Any Interchangeable Cat Wand Are you looking for add-ons for your interchangeable cat wand? Pet Fit For Life has created a great selection of 5 fun, exciting and colorful attachments just for you and your cat. Our replacement package contains: 1 Yellow Worm 1 Green Worm 1 Orange Worm 1 Purple Worm 1 Pink Worm Product Features • Easy on/off attachment which can be used with any interchangeable cat wand • Tough, durable, soft squiggly worms • Simulates real live action for your cat's delight • 5 new play options so your cat never gets bored again Click *Add To Cart* above...Get your free bonus, "A Cat's Tale", an informative pdf with every order. Learn about the advantages of exercising your cat as well as some great ideas on ways to help your cat get the exercise they need. Get your cat or kitten on the path to a healthy mind and body with your new Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Replacement Pack. And remember, all Pet Fit For Life products come with an exclusive 100% money back guarantee. Our success is measured by ensuring you, (and your cat) are completely satisfied.
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Pets Furst Cat Toys Interactive, Tower of Tracks, Kitten Toys, 4 Balls w

Pets Furst Cat Toys Interactive - Tower of Tracks - Kitten Toys - 4 Balls with Bells - 4 Regular Balls - Modern Colors Available - Interactive Cat Toys - 1 Year Warranty (White)
Pets-Furst is releasing our latest cat toy, we know there are a lot of products on the markets to keep your cat entertained, so that's why when we release a product we make sure it benefits both you and your family pet. With our new 4 layered Tower of Tracks we have added an extra layer because we know cats come in all different sizes and shapes. That's why we have also increased our product size by more then 20% compared to other sellers. Every cat owner also knows that cats of all ages are always attracted to bells, that's why we have included 4 extra balls with bells to engage your cat even more plus 4 regular balls for a total of 8 balls for you to customize any setup you wish.
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SmartyKat Flutter Ball Cat Toy Feather Ball 2 Pack

SmartyKat Flutter Ball Cat Toy Feather Ball 2 Pack
The flutter balls set is a teasingly tempting pair of soft balls with enticing feathers that offer an irresistible prey substitute for your cat. Flutter balls promise great fun with an emphasis on safety. This toys are designed without potentially hazardous beads, buttons and decorations that are common in many cat toys but are meaningless to your cat. Includes two balls per pack--style may vary. Measures 1-3/4-Inch length by 5-Inch width by .07-Inch height.
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