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Petego Sport Trike Pet Stroller with Wagon Bag Carrier, Silver/Orange

The Petego Sport Trike Stroller (STS) is an easily-collapsible stroller that features an adjustable handle and detachable wheels for easy storage. The STS is designed by Emanuele Bianchi for use with the Sport Wagon Bag (included). It can also be used with the Petego Universal Sport Bag or Jet Set Carrier (both not included). The lightweight frame is rigid and durable with great maneuverability. Included is the Sport Wagon Bag, which fits perfectly on the STS. It's one of our sportiest and safest pet carriers. It can be opened or closed from inside with an easy Velcro lock; it has large pockets all the way around. A wide top opening, safety leash and honeycomb polypropylene bottom panel are designed for your pets safety and comfort. Sport Wagon Bag comes with a comfort pillow.

Petego Sport Trike Pet Stroller with Wagon Bag Carrier - Silver Orange Features

  1. Bag has a wide opening and rigid bottom. includes pillow and shoulder strap
  2. Bag is extremely safe for pets and fits perfectly on the stroller
  3. Lightweight and durable frame. stores easily
  4. Collapsible pet stroller with sporty pet carrier

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