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AERZETIX Nail Grinder Dog Nail Clippers Gentle Premium 2 Speeds Recharge

AERZETIX Nail Grinder Dog Nail Clippers Gentle Premium 2 Speeds Rechargeable Pet Nail Paw Trimmers Portable Painless Dog Grinder for Nails - Effective and Ultra-Quiet Cat Claw Care Grooming Tool
Product Description AERZETIX dog nail grinder has 2 gear of turning speeds, 3 ports with a cover for different sizes of pet, low noise and low hum make them relax and never shows any fears or anxiety about cutting their nails. No nail splitting or bleeding. USB rechargeable is convenient for you to use and easy to trim. Safer and more efficient electric nail grinder than traditional cutting trimmers. HOW TO USE: 1.Let your dog to get familiar with the grinding sound before start using it, which took only a few minutes, or let them smell it so as to reduce their fear. 2.Choose the appropriate port for your pet, for first use, try to cut their sharp fingertip and then grinding them round in order to make them adapt to the electric grinder trimmer. 3.45 degree safer grinding angle, put their nail and the grinding wheel at 45 degrees for getting your pet's nails well-trimmed quickly and easily. 4.Clean the diamond grinding wheel surface regularly for better performance. ATTENTION: FOR PET'S SAFETY, IT SHOULD NOT BE LONGER THAN 5 SECONDS FOR ONE LASTING TIME. Specification 1.Color: White 2.Model: NG503 3.Charging Method: USB Rechargeable Lithium Battery 4.Charging Time: 4 Hours 5.Running Time: 4 Hours 6.Input: AC100V-240V 50HZ-60HZ 7.Output: 5V/ 800MA 8.Package Size: 8.5*3.4*1.8in 9.Package Weight: 178g Package Included: 1x Dog Nail Grinder 1x USB Charging Cable 1x Instruction Manual
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Pet Republique Professional Cat Nail Clippers - Claw Trimmer for Cat, Ki

Pet Republique Professional Cat Nail Clippers - Claw Trimmer for Cat - Kitten - Puppy - Dog - Hamster - Small Breed Animals (Mini Clipper)
90 Days money back guarantee, and 4 years warranty! When you buy any product from the Pet Republique (Seller), we will donate 15% of the profits to the American Animal Rescue Society, where rescued abandoned dogs and cats are homed and loved. So make sure you are purchasing from the Pet Republique (Seller) before pressing the buy box to support our donation and receive the described product. One of the best cat nail clippers on the market. These nail clippers are designed for small breeds: kittens, cats, and small dogs. Works well as large bird nail clippers too. Optimized design as cat nail cilppers for adult cats and dog nail clippers for small dogs. Our thick stainless steel blades is strong and sharp to last for years. These nail clippers are quality controlled during the process of manufacturing. Parts will not loose or fall apart. The non-slip handles and built-in spring provide fast effortless cuts. Apply baby oil to make the quick of the pet's nail visible. If pet's nails are very long, cut off a small amount and wait a week before cutting again. Clear instructions are printed at the back of the nail clippers package. Keep the nail clippers away from children and pets when no adults are supervising. Enter code LZ3ZVEDF at checkout to save an additional 15% on your order now when you purchase any 2 or more items from Pet Republique. To view all our products, simply search our brand in Amazon or click the brand link under this page's product name.
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Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals - Best Cat Nail Clippers & Claw

Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals - Best Cat Nail Clippers & Claw Trimmer for Home Grooming Kit - Professional Grooming Tool for Tiny Dog Cat Bunny Rabbit Bird Puppy Kitten Ferret - Ebook Guide
There Are Lots of Reasons Why Professionals Choose Our Pet Paws Nail Trimmer ★ These innovative dog toenail clippers by SHINY PET can be used as a bird nail trimmer, a pair of nail clippers for small dogs or as nail clippers for cats. ★ The blades of dog nail trimmer are made out of stainless steel, while the handle is made out of eco-friendly plastic and finished with an anti-slip coating. ★ Our pet nail scissors can be used on just about any small animal, including bunny rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, birds, hedgehog, parrot, guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchilla, iguana, lizard, chicken, rat and so on. ★ Includes a FREE download of our e-book which walks you through the pet nail trimming process so that you can sharpen your pet grooming skills! TOP FEATURES: Sturdy Steel Angled Blades Safe Nail Clipper Head Anti-Slip Green Handle Comfortable Finger Rests Safe, Easy To Use, Renders Clean Cuts with Each & Every Nail Trimming ☆ Our nail trimmers are safe enough to be used either professionally or at home. ☆ The angled edge of the semi-circular steel blade ensures a clean, precise cut. ☆ Featuring a windowed opening, the design of the blade keeps the nail visible. ☆ A super grip handle prevents sliding or slipping while trimming your pet's nails. ☆ No more painful trimmings. Only a single cut is needed with these nail clippers. When it comes to nail clippers for dogs (corta uñas para perro), there is only one choice. The SHINY PET team is absolutely committed to providing professional groomers and everyday pet owners with top quality pet grooming supplies they can count on. Can't wait to give these cat nail cutters a try? Well, we definitely don't blame you. Do yourself (and your precious pet) a favor ... Order your own pair of pet nail scissors right away. Scroll up & click [ADD TO CART] now!
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Remedy and Recovery Professional Groomer's Styptic Powder for Pets,

Remedy and Recovery Professional Groomer's Styptic Powder for Pets - 1.5-Ounce
Cardinal Styptic Powder will quickly stop bleeding due to clipping nails or wings, or for minor, superficial cuts to the skin such as nicks from shaving. It is not recommended for use on deep cuts that require stitches or on severe wounds or in body cavities. Manufactured in the USA in our 100% Solar Powered Facility!
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VICTHY 100 PCS Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps Cats Paws Grooming Nail Claws Caps

VICTHY 100 PCS Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps Cats Paws Grooming Nail Claws Caps Covers of 5 Kinds 5Pcs Adhesive Glue Kitten Size
Note: Some cats may not like their new claws at the beginning and try to chew them off, we appreciate your kind patience to stay with your kitty until hee get used to them. Tips for application:We suggest that you have one to assist you when applying. 1.Test size fit or not: Try on the nail cap without glue to ensure a proper snug fit. 2. Make sure fur around the paw are separated from the paw. 3.Trim cat nails and leave sufficient claw surface for the glue to adhere properly.(Kitten don't need) 4.Fill each nail cap a little glue(only cover the nail part), wait the glue half dried, then slide the cap on. (Please be careful and avoid dropping glue on your hands or your cat's fur, if you do, remove it with using nail varnish remover. ) 5. Wait until the glue total dried and begin the next one. Size Guide: XS - Kitten: Fit for 1 lb to 5.5 lb cats Soft Cat Nail Caps will fit most kittens by the time they reach the age of 16 weeks. Some kittens can wear them as early as age 12 weeks. To test, try a nail cap on first without the adhesive. If it looks too big, don't glue it on. The nail cap should fit snugly, like a glove. To accommodate younger kittens, you can trim the base of the nail cap making it smaller so it will fit your kitten's nail. Kittens up to about 5.5 pounds or 5 months generally fit the kitten size. S - Small: Fit for 5.5 lb to 11 lb cats Some kittens at 5 months may need the small size if they are growing fast or are large-breed cats. Small-boned adult cats often wear the small size. If your cat seems smaller than an average full-grown cat, choose small. M - Medium: Fit for 11 lb to 16.5 lb cats Most adult average size cats wear medium. L - Large: Fit for 16.5 lb to 22 lb cats Very large-boned and large-breed cats wear large. For example, Maine Coons, are very large cats and generally wear large.
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HEA GH Professional Nail Trimmer Dog Nail Clippers Pet Nail Clippers for

HEA GH Professional Nail Trimmer Dog Nail Clippers Pet Nail Clippers for Dog Cat Claw Care Safety Lock with Stainless Steel (Sky Blue)
Product Name:Pets Nail Trimmer Material :Stainless Steel Handle Material :PP Color: Blue+Black Designs and Features: -Stainless steel knife edge - not easy to rust, sharp edge, strong and durable. -Safety lock design: lock the blade of the nail clipper in the closed position when not in use. -The spring device makes the trimming movement smoother and the force is more controllable. High-elastic spring, good resilience, saving time and effort. -PP environmental protection handle - PP environmentally friendly plastic material, safe and healthy. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. -Nail scissors slit curved design - curved design, tailored to the pet, better to trim the nails for the beloved pet. -With a professional stop blade, it can perfectly reduce the risk of nail clippers being too short and avoid hurting pets during fast cutting. Trimming Tip Properly trimming and filing nails is important to dog's comfort and health. Holding the toe firmly, file in a smooth stroke on the tip of the nail , File from the back to the tip, following the contour of the nail Pet's nail filed regularly,especially after a nail trimming .Do not file in the opposite direction. A few strokes on each side of the nail will remove burs and leave your pet's nails smooth and healthy. When they're not in use, the clippers can be locked with the blades in the closed position, and the blades won't damage or be damaged by other items they're stored with.  OUR SERVICE - 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed. - Your satisfaction is our priority purpose , If you find any issue with the product,please feel free to contact us. Package Include - Professional pets nail trimmer × 1 - Pet nail file × 1
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Dog Cat Nail Grinder Clipper,Electric Pet Dog Cat Nail Trimmer File with

Dog Cat Nail Grinder Clipper - Electric Pet Dog Cat Nail Trimmer File with 2 Replacement Head - Low Noise Safe Pet Nail File Claw Care Grooming kit for Dog Cat Small - Medium - Large [ Rechargeable ] -2 Speed
2 SPEED PET DOG CAT NAIL GRINDER Package 1x Dog nail trimmer 2x Replacement drill 1x USB charging cable 1x Storage bag
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WWVVPET Pet Nail Grinder,[2019 Upgraded] More Powerful Dog Nail Clipper,

WWVVPET Pet Nail Grinder - [2019 Upgraded] More Powerful Dog Nail Clipper - Electric Nail Trimmer - Painless Paw Claw Care - Quiet Rechargeable Grooming Tool for Large Dog Cat Bird (Upgraded Version)
MAKE TRIMMING YOUR PET'S NAILS SAFER,FASTER,EASIER AND MORE AFFORDABLE. Why customers choose our pet nail grinder ? - Powerful motor to trim thick and long nails quickly and smoothly - The extra-quiet motor prevents your pet from getting scared - Low vibration and low noise (less than 40 db) for Safe & Effective - 2 Speed (7000/8000 rpm) for different use - Cordless design allows you to trim with enhanced ease. - Can be used on most pets including small, medium and large-size dogs/cats/birds/rabbits How To Use: 1.Let your pet smell the nail grinder, listen to the sounds of nail grinder,so that he is not afraid of it 2. choose a proper port according to your pet's nail characteristic. 3. when starting grinding, one hand holds the nail grinder, meanwhile the other Hand holds the pet claws and puts the nail into a port gently for no longer than 5 seconds each time. 4. take off The grinder cover after trimming, cleaning The grinder wheel surface with an eraser or cloth to remove the nail powder. Color: White+Black Maximum speed: 8000 r / min Charging Time: 3 hours Running time: Over 3 hours Product Size: 16 * 3 * 3 CM Product Weight: 260g Package include: 1 * pet nail grinder 1 * USB wire 1 * User manual
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VICTHY 140pcs Cat Nail Caps, Colorful Pet Cat Soft Claws Nail Covers for

VICTHY 140pcs Cat Nail Caps - Colorful Pet Cat Soft Claws Nail Covers for Cat Claws with Glue and Applicators Medium Size
Size Guide: XS: Fit for up to about 5.5 lb cat S: Fit for 5.5-11 lb cat M: Fit for 11-16.5 lb cat L: Fit for 16.5 lb and up cat Application Steps: 1.Correct size is important.Take one of the nail caps out and try it on your cat's claws without the glue to ensure a proper snug fit. 2.Trim cat claws to the same length with that of the nail caps. If the nail cap is too large, you may trim the open end of the nail cap until it fits. Note: Do not trim kittens claws before applying nail caps. You will need a sufficient claw surface for the glue to adhere properly. 3.Fill each nail cap a little glue, only glue in a part of the nail(about 1/3, never fill to too full to prevent overflow of the adhesive), Wait the adhesive is half-dried in the nail cap. (Please be careful and avoid dropping glue on your hands or your cat's fur, if you do, remove it with use nail varnish remover or dispergator.) 4.Grasp the claws of your cat, slightly push aside the fur around the nail and expose the nail. Put the nail caps onto the claw and make sure they are completely wrapped. Wait until the adhesive is dry and continue with the next nail. 5.Observe your cat at least 5min to make sure nail caps are secure, then you have completed, We suggest you to distract your cat or feed his or her favorite food immediately after applying all nail caps. Notes: 1.Most cats will like their new claws, but some cats will reject. Generally, after wearing for the first few times, they will get used to them and without any discomfort. 2.Different cats, different movement and location (such as cement, grass, floor, carpet) etc., different wear rate of the nail caps. Some wearing 3-5 days may wear out. Some can wear 1-2 months or even longer. 3.Addition,The cat nails have scalability, we recommend you leave a little gap out when stick the nails, that cat nails have activity space.
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Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder Gentle, Painless Paws Grooming, Trimmi

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder Gentle - Painless Paws Grooming - Trimming - Shaping - and Smoothing for Dogs - Cats - Small Animals - Portable & Rechargeable - Includes USB Wire
Pet Nail Grinder by For Gentle and Painless Paws Grooming, Trimming, Shaping, and Smoothing for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Birds – Portable & Rechargeable, Includes USB Wire
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