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Hartz At Play Cat Toy, Gone Fishin',1 toy, Color May Vary (Set of 3

Hartz At Play Cat Toy - Gone Fishin' - 1 toy - Color May Vary (Set of 3)
Bouncy fish for interactive fun. Every toy fills a need: interact. Filling your cat's environment with toys that stimulate all of their natural play needs will help keep them healthy, active and engaged.
$8.30 Show Detail

Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer

Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer
The Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer provides your cat with a constant source of rubbing and grooming pleasure. Simply attach the brush to a surface at your cat’s height and... you’re done! Attaches to corners and flat surfaces (screws not included). The Senses 2.0 Self Groomer includes a durable brush with catnip compartment, a holder, adhesive strips and Canadian catnip herb.  The Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer was designed to activate and stimulate your cat’s unique senses.
$7.64 Show Detail

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Cat Wand Cat Toy

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Cat Wand Cat Toy
The Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand attracts cats with colors and movements they love, developed by Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy. A trusted cat behaviorist for over 20 years, Jackson Galaxy has created a line of Jackson Galaxy cat toys that contribute to an ideal cat lifestyle. The Air Prey Wand's unique prey-like motion and colors engage hunting instincts, stimulating high-energy cats and encouraging less active cats to exercise. Cats and cat lovers alike can reap the benefits of this entertaining, easy-to-use cat wand. The handle is comfortable to grip for hours of fun and extends up to 32 inches for a wide range of interactive play. Including one interchangeable toy, the wand is easy to customize with your pet’s favorite Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey cat toys.
$11.95 Show Detail

Go Cat Cat Catcher Da Bee Cat Toy, Handmade in the USA (1 Bee)

Go Cat Cat Catcher Da Bee Cat Toy - Handmade in the USA (1 Bee)
Value Not Found
$10.48 Show Detail

BSMTech Interactive Cat Toy,Mouse Tumbler Feeder Food Dispenser,Tumbler

BSMTech Interactive Cat Toy - Mouse Tumbler Feeder Food Dispenser - Tumbler IQ Treat Ball - Fill Chew Toy Dispensing Food Toys for Cats (pink)
✌✌Why do pets need to food dispenser ball toys? ✌It can: 1. Accompany pets at home 2. Adjust pet emotions 3. Interact with pets Beneficial Intelligence Leakage Toy Prevent pets from devouring Eat while playing Puzzle solution lack ,relieve anxiety.
$8.99 Show Detail

Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser and Exerciser For Cat and Kitten -

Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser and Exerciser For Cat and Kitten - Cat Toy Interactive Cat Wand
Pet Fit For Life 2 Feather Cat Toy Interactive Wand Are you looking for a great way to play with your cat? Does your cat ignore other cat toys? Does your cat prefer to lay in the sun all day? Well not anymore! Our cat wand is: 1. Guaranteed for hours of fun 2. Guaranteed great exercise for your cat 3. Guaranteed to unleash their hunter instinct Product Features Extra long 33 inch wand made of flexible, indestructible, non-toxic, polycarbonate Exclusive soft but durable foam handle for easy gripping Strong, extra long, 33 inch string for extra bounce and fun Light weight but durable for hours of play 2 interchangeable feather attachments included so you can change up the action Read a book or watch T.V. while you entertain and exercising your little fur ball. Great for cats, young and old. Keeps them fit and active. Your cat won't be able to resist chasing these feathers (birds) around the house. Great value and great product. You can't go wrong with the 2 Piece Feather Cat Wand from Pet Fit For Life. Click *Add To Cart* above...Get your free bonus, "A Cat's Tale", an informative pdf with every order. Learn about the advantages of exercising your cat as well as some great ideas on ways to help your cat get the exercise they need. Get your cat or kitten on the path to a healthy mind and body with your new Pet Fit For Life 2 Piece Feather Cat Wand. And remember, all Pet Fit For Life products come with an exclusive 100% money back guarantee. Our success is measured by ensuring you, (and your cat) are completely satisfied.
$12.95 Show Detail

Purrfect Feline Titan's Tower - New Safer Bar Design, Interactive C

Purrfect Feline Titan's Tower - New Safer Bar Design - Interactive Cat Ball Toy - Exerciser Game - Teaser - Anti-Slip - Active Healthy Lifestyle - Suitable for Multiple Cats (Purple)
This innovative Purrfect Feline pet product keeps your cat entertained while giving them the physical and mental work out they require. The three stages include ball that zoom around the multi-level tracks, mimicking natural prey and stimulating healthy activity. This product is a major improvement over other similar products on the market. New design includes a bar across top of toy to prevent cats from sticking their head in and getting stuck. Design also includes anti-slip grips to prevent the toy from sliding around while being played with. This toy is sure to make your cat happy and healthy!
$10.99 Show Detail

OurPets Play-N-Squeak MouseHunter Squeaking Interactive Cat Toy

OurPets Play-N-Squeak MouseHunter Squeaking Interactive Cat Toy
Designed to imitate a mouse in the wild, the OurPets MouseHunter cat toy is made of realistic fur textures that are appealing to cats. These textures paired with a delightful catnip aroma and RealMouse sound make for an instinct fulfilling play experience that cats won’t be able to resist.
$4.18 Show Detail

SmartyKat 09683 Fish Friends Crinkle and Catnip Cat Toys (Set of 3)

SmartyKat 09683 Fish Friends Crinkle and Catnip Cat Toys (Set of 3)
SmartyKat Fish Friends is perfect for your feline hunter and 'fishercat', our fish are dressed in camouflage, hunters plaid and fishing lure orange with crinkle, feathers, ribbons and plush these are sure to please. Filled with pure and potent catnip.
$3.99 Show Detail

Yeowww! Pollock Fish Catnip Toy

Yeowww! Pollock Fish Catnip Toy
11” Long and stuffed to the GILLS with YEOWWW! organically grown catnip! Who says size doesn’t matter? Painted like the artist. Shaped like the fish.
$6.95 Show Detail
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