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GoPets Premium Cat Scratcher by, Infinity Lounge Corrugated Cardboard is

GoPets Premium Cat Scratcher by - Infinity Lounge Corrugated Cardboard is Reversible With Additional Insert Lasts 4x Longer - Includes 1 Pack Catnip - Ergonomic Scratching Post - Cutouts to Hide Toys
Your Search For The Perfect Cat Scratcher Is Finally Over! Stop Your Cat From Destroying Your Home, Furniture, and Drapes Now!★ HELP IMPROVE AND MAINTAIN YOUR CAT'S CLAW HEALTH - Your cat doesn't claw the couch because they are a bad kitty, it's to mark territory and shed the dead layer of their claws. Scratching is a normal instinctive behavior that you don't want to discourage ★ TRAINING YOUR CAT TO USE A SCRATCHER IS EASIER THAN EVER - With our FREE packet of catnip, just sprinkle some on the cat scratcher or place some small toys in the cut outs to help attract your cat to play with it ★ PERFECT WAY FOR YOUR CAT TO RELIEVE SOME STRESS - Cats can get stressed out, giving them a place to scratch helps release stress and stretch out those muscles in their back and shoulders. It's like a good massage! ★ COMES WITH FREE CAT TOY* - Comes with a FREE cardboard box for your cat to play with! *Disclaimer-Cardboard box is just packaging material used for shipping, but your cat will probably love playing with it anyways! What Separates GoPets & Our Products From The Competition?★ OUR PRODUCTS ARE THOROUGHLY TESTED FOR QUALITY - We believe in our products and use them with our own pets. We are founded by a group of pet owners and have committed ourselves to bring you best products ★ GoPets UNCONDITIONAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We put our money where our muzzle is, because of our commitment to excellence, just contact us if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason and we will issue you a full refund ★ GIVE BACK - We donate 10% of all our profits to animal charities, no-kill shelters, and animal rescues so that you too can give back to your furry friends and their communities when you buy with GoPets Give Back and Buy Now With Confidence!
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[NEW] 4CLAWS Jute Tripod Scratching Post 30",White,30 x 21 x 21 in

[NEW] 4CLAWS Jute Tripod Scratching Post 30
A Fun Scratching Station The Tripod Scratching Post is screw mounted and sturdy enough for your cat to rest its weight on it while scratching and stretching. The package includes mounting screws to be easily assembled. The scratching post is 30" tall, allowing sufficient room for a comfortable vertical scratching position. The tripod form allows multiple scratching postures. Protect your walls, door frames or other vertical furniture and save money by offering your cats a better alternative to dig their claws in. The Scratching Post is designed to appeal to your kitty's natural instinctive need for scratching and stretching. Created with an anodized aluminum frame and natural jute, the scratcher is neat and very durable. The scratching post measures 30" tall with legs 21" apart.
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FIRSTWELL Cat Tree Condo Tower with Scratching Posts Kitty Trees House B

FIRSTWELL Cat Tree Condo Tower with Scratching Posts Kitty Trees House Bed Furniture for Kittens Brown - PCT012
Our Brand "Firstwell" Cat tree offers multiple platforms for your cats at all ages to scratch, climb, play and rest, it's great for small or medium cats under 15 lbs. The cat tower furniture is very durable with quality plush fabric, eco-friendly board, natural sisal rope. It is a very comfortable to play and perch, which is the favorite choose for your cats, especially with the hanging fun toys. And the most important is that we can avoid your furniture to be scratched by your cats with the scratching post. Specifications: - Color: Beige, Blue, Brown, Grey, Paws, Tiger Stripe Options - Material: eco-friendly Board, Plush, Sisal Rope, Paper Tubes - Base Board Size: 21 1/2"L x 12"W inches(54.6 x 30.5cm) - Condo Size: 16 1/2"L x 12 1/4" W x 13 1/8"H inches(40 x 30 x 33.5cm) - Nest Size: Dia. Inside 11" inches(28cm), Dia. Outside 11 7/8" inches(30cm) - Product Size: 21 1/2"L x 12"W x 38"H inches(54.6 x 30.5 x 96.5cm) - Product Weight: 22 lbs (10 kg) Package Contents: - 1 x Cat Tree - 1 x Instruction Manual - 1 x Tool and Screws Notes: - Place your cat tree indoor, far away from wet areas. - The cat tree is used only for cats, please keep children away. - Cat trees should be placed in the corner, in flat ground, to make sure in stability before using.
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ANG Cat Scratching Pad Toy with Inside Bell-Balls, Small-Two Balls in Si

ANG Cat Scratching Pad Toy with Inside Bell-Balls - Small-Two Balls in Single Side
This scratcher toy with bell-balls inside will brings more fun for your cats! It is made of non-toxic corrugated paper, which is safe for cat's playing. Allows two or more cats to play at the same time, perfectly meet your need if you have more pet cats. It's not only a scratcher! Catnip and inside bell-balls makes cat more happier and enjoy the palying. Specifications: S size: dimension/11*9.4*7 in, net weight/480g L size: dimension/11.4*11*7.9 in, net weight/654g Attentions: Better not to use catnip for kittens younger than 6 months. It's natural plant with distinctive smell which will arouse cat's strong interest to chase the smell, but is not harmful for use, and will not make your cats be addicted. Please know that different cats may have different response to catnip, some may feel exciting but some may show no interests at all. The large size has two bell-balls in different two sides, which allows same time and same playing; The small size has two bell-balls in the same side, the other visible side has no ball inside. This allows one cat play and srcatch on one side, another cat can only scratch on the opposite side. You can chose the perfect size for your cats.
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Paws & Pals Cat Scratcher Lounge Post 32”x11”x11” Inches Cardb

Paws & Pals Cat Scratcher Lounge Post 32”x11”x11” Inches Cardboard Furniture Construction with Catnip
Paws & Pal's Cat Scratcher Post Lounger is the purrfect way to prevent your cat from scratching, ripping, and tearing your furniture apart. It serves double duty as both a lounge and scratcher, so your pet can play, chill, scratch, or sleep. Made from 100% recycled cardboard, you can now keep your feline occupied for hours with this cardboard cat scratcher. The lounge is designed to fit cats of all sizes, and can even hold more than one kitten at a time! A truly terrific source of exercise, a tremendous stress reliever, and a fun way to promote healthy claws through natural scratching. After all, kitty's love the feel of cardboard on their paws and claws. The cat scratcher post features a unique stylish design and is available in three distinct colors to match your home décor. Choose from Charcoal, Light Blue, and Beige to please pets and parents alike. No assembly required.
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Matty's Pet Stop 10" Sisal Cat Scratching Post with Play Ball

Matty's Pet Stop 10
Matty's Pet Stop 10" Sisal Cat Scratching Post with Play Ball and Carpet Covered Base - Tan and Brown, is AWESOME! The natural sisal fiber rope of the central post has the scent and rough texture that encourages scratching, the ball toy swings to keep your pet interested in swatting it around, and the base is covered with soft, plush carpeting that's ideal for taking a nap on. Cats with good scratching posts are less likely to claw furniture or curtains, and fun, engaging toys can prevent other behavioral problems as well. So treat your both kitty and yourself to this great gift! This sturdy 10 inch tall scratching post with a hanging play ball is easily assembled in seconds. It comes in 2 parts for easy storage. Scratching Post Measures 10" Tall x 9.75" Wide x 9.75" Deep
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PGFUN 46" Cat Tree Cat Scratching Post Cat Furniture Grey

PGFUN (Pets Go Fun) belief that pets are one of the closest members to humans, and we are donating to making and selling fun pet products, creating more joyful time for your pets. This 46 inch cat tree is made of soft plush, strengthened MDF and natural sisal, premium and eco-friendly material offering you a sturdy, cozy, durable cat house and keeping your lovely pets in health. Meanwhile, this multi-functional cat tree suit for different personality cats, it is ideal for your cats to scratch, play, climb and rest, so whatever your cat is active or gentle, she/he will love it. Activity tree structure and function: Top round perch with ball on the bottom: suit for small cats or kitten to rest and play Cat hammock: suit for small and medium cat to rest Cat cube: suit for small and medium cat to rest Ladder: suit for small, medium and large cat to climb back and forth between bottom board and cube Bottom board with standing spring ball: suit for small medium and large cat to play and rest Scratching post: 15.5 inch fully sisal wrapped scratching posts allow small, medium and large cat to scratch from bottom to the top. Simple assembly-come with screw-together package and particular instruction, do not need to worry missing screws or tools and easy to assemble. You will be impressed by this 46 inch cat tree.
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Aoneky Replacement Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope - Hemp Rope for Cat Tr

Aoneky Replacement Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope - Hemp Rope for Cat Tree and Tower (6 mm x 164 Ft)
Aoneky Cat Scratching Sisal Rope - Replacement Cat Scratching Post Rope This cat scratching sisal rope can be a very durable replacement to refurbish your cat scratch post and make it seemed like a new one. Your cats won't get strange to the repaired post tree and will enjoy it more. You can tie it to the place that your cats always like to go. This will decorate your furniture well and highly protect them Five tips DIY re-covering a cat scratching post: 1. Get more rope than you think you need. The 10 metres aren't quite enough for a tall post, though they should suffice for a small one. 2. You'll need lots of glue, so make sure you have enough. I recommend Uhu. 3. If possible, remove the old rope. But if it doesn't come off, you can glue the new rope on top .of the old 4. While you do the job, stand the post on the table, but put a wad of old newspapers or a towel underneath, otherwise the scratching post's feet/base may damage the table surface. 5. Keep your cat out of the room until the glue has dried. Make him/her surprised with his/ her new post Specification: Brand name: Aoneky Length : 33 Ft / 66 Ft / 164 Ft Dia: 1/4" / 5/16" Color:Brown Material: natural sisal
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SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Posts Kitty Tower Furniture Pet

SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Posts Kitty Tower Furniture Pet Play House Bed Grey UPCT85G
This SONGMICS multi-tier Cat Tree can help you keep your cats from scratching your furniture. Constructed with high-quality plush fabric and CARB-certified board, the kitten tower furniture is durable and skin-friendly. Natural sisal rope covered posts, hanging fun interactive toys, padded perches and comfortable hammock, offer multiple platforms for your cats at all ages to scratch, climb, play and rest. Play Condo House features amusement, comfort and safety, and will be the favorite of your cats. Specifications: - Color: Smoky Grey  - Material: CARB-certified Board, Plush, Sisal Rope, Paper Tubes  - Base Board Size: 24.1''L x 21.3''W (61 x 54cm)  - Condo Size: 16.1"L x 14.1"W x 11.4"H (41 x 36 x 29cm) - Product Size: 23.6"L x 20.9"W x 59.1"H (60 x 53 x 150cm)  - Product Weight: 40.34lb (18.3kg) Package Contents: - 1 x Cat Tree  - 1 x Instruction Manual Notes: - Place your cat tree indoors, away from damp areas.  - This cat tree is intended for cat use only. Please keep children away.  - Cat trees should be placed against wall corner, parallel to the ground for stability. - If your cat starts to chew or eat the furry balls or elastic band, please remove the toys and keep them out of the reach of your cat.
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PetEnjoy Cat Scratching Post Kitty Scratch Pad Pet Scratcher Cardboard L

PetEnjoy Cat Scratching Post Kitty Scratch Pad Pet Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Bed Puppy Dog Toys with Cat Bell(Triangle)
Dimension of Cat Scratching Cardboard: 9 inch x 16.9 inch x6.4 inch - 230mm x 430mm x 163mm - L x W x H Cat Scratching Post Material: Corrugated cardboard Features: Comfortable natural incline scratcher for your cat is more ergonomic than other cat scratching products such as a cat scratching post, cat tree, or cat tower. There is a bell in the cat scratching post.It can make the cat play for a long time. This prodouct entices cats with catnip, promote them to scratch, attracts them to play inside bell-balls.
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