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Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip Tiger

Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip Tiger
The latest addition to the wild animal print collection, the catit style white tiger patterned scratcher is a modern twist on conventional scratchers. A cat's need to scratch is instinctive. It helps them to sharpen and remove the dead layer of their claws, stretch and flex their bodies and work off energy. This lounge-shaped corrugated cardboard scratcher with catnip provides your cat with a corrugated scratching surface, while helping to protect your furniture from claw damage. Catit style offers matching accessories sold separately to complete this collection. This scratcher is the purr-fect way to help satisfies your cats natural scratching desire.
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PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post (Large Size, Warm Gray).

PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post (Large Size - Warm Gray). [Multiple Scratching Angles to match your cat's preference]
Tired of purchasing cat products that your feline loved ones get bored of, quickly? PetFusion's vertical scratcher serves double duty as both a cat scratcher and play area that promises to keep your finicky companions coming back for more! Custom made for cats who enjoy scratching, playing and lounging around (what cats don't :)! Cats love the feel of cardboard, recalling their days as kittens and are natural scratchers. PetFusion's vertical scratcher offers your cats a comfortable place to play and scratch at the same time. Designed for owners looking to reclaim their homes! Finally a pet product with a stylish design that flows with your home decor. Instead of scratching your furniture, your cats will be more than happy to scratch the less expensive and better feeling cardboard. A win situation for all! Happier cat and owner guaranteed. No assembly required. All materials tested using international safety standards.
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Petstages Cat Scratcher Cat Hammock Cat Scratching Post

Petstages Cat Scratcher Cat Hammock Cat Scratching Post
It’s easy living with the Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher by Petstages. This sturdy, basic hammock is sure to be your kitty’s favorite perch and scratching post. Corrugate material is great for scratching, and encourages kitty to scratch their own furniture, not yours. Best of all, it’s infused with catnip, so your kitty will love the scent! Most cats stay inside all of their lives, separated from the stimulating, engaging activities that are naturally available outside of the house. To help address your cat's instinctual needs, Invironment products offer a variety of natural materials, textures and activities to provide the Invironment that kitty craves, making them a safe and happy cat!
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Evalan Cat Scratching Post Arch Self Groomer and Massage Durable Bristle

Evalan Cat Scratching Post Arch Self Groomer and Massage Durable Bristles with Mouse Moving Cats Toy
Design for small cat, design for Kitty, Evalan Cat Scratching post provides your cat with a carpet scratching surface and brush massager, while helping to protect your furniture from claw damage. Specification: -Color: Beige and Brown Note: -This scratching pody is designed for Cat Package Includes: -Scratching pad, mouse toy, brush massager
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North American Pet Classy Kitty 32" Cat Carpet Scratching Post 16.5

North American Pet Classy Kitty 32
North American Pet Products is an established manufacturer of quality pet products. Our mission is to offer environmentally responsible products that improve the lives of pets through ingenuity and value.
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Fat Cat Big Mama's Scratch 'n Play Ramp for Cats with Catnip

Fat Cat Big Mama's Scratch 'n Play Ramp for Cats with Catnip
Big Mama's Scratch 'n Play Ramp is natural and recyclable. The ramp comes with a supply of Zoom Around the Room high-test organic catnip and toy to keep up the fun and enjoyment. Reversible cardboard block lasts twice as long for double the scratchin' fun.
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Evalan Cat Scratching Post Sisal Wrapped, Ultimate Cat Scratcher 22"

Evalan Cat Scratching Post Sisal Wrapped - Ultimate Cat Scratcher 22
Evalan scratching post provides fun place for cat to play, scratch and relax. Offers hours of fun and exercise for your cat while reducing potential furniture damage due to play with scratching post Specification: -Color: Beige and Brown -Size:12x12x22" Note: -This scratching post is designed for Cat Package Includes: -Scratching pad, scratching post, mouse toy  
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Dimaka Tall Cat Scratching Post [Screws included], 37" Height Sisal

Dimaka Tall Cat Scratching Post [Screws included] - 37
Cat Post
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Cat Scratching Post | "Forte" Huge Cat Scratching Post w/ Extr

Cat Scratching Post |
MidWest Homes for Pets is proud to offer Feline Nuvo Grand Fine (&Fun) Feline Cat Furniture & Cat Scratching Post. Feline Nuvo Grand is oversized furniture ideal for large or multiple cats. Designed with a cat's lifestyle in mind, the extra strong Feline Nuvo Grand Forte Cat Scratching Post offers the sturdiest scratching surface for your cat's scratching and grooming needs. This sturdy & extra thick cat scratching post / cat furniture features attractive, ultra-soft brown faux fur. The plush dark fur easily wipes clean from cat hair and accidents. This hefty sisal-wrapped post provides a perfect place for scratching & grooming. When researching cats' behavior, MidWest found that cats require areas to scratch & groom. Otherwise they will make feeble attempts to do so on furniture and other household items. All cats will enjoy the stout and strong Feline Nuvo Grand Forte. For cat tree care; spot clean soiled areas w/ mild detergent or soap. Blot rinse and air dry. We at MidWest Homes for Pets understand that your cat is a part of your family and that's why we ensure our cat condos / cat houses / cat trees / cat scratching posts are manufactured with the highest quality control standards creating a safe product for your pet that you can feel confident with. MidWest Homes for Pets stands behind the quality of our products with a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty. If you have any questions about our cat products, our award-winning customer service department would be glad to help you. MidWest customer service can be contacted at: 1-800-428-8560, available 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday.
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Sofisti-Cat Cat Scratching Deterrent Tape, Scratch Control Aid | Double

Sofisti-Cat Cat Scratching Deterrent Tape - Scratch Control Aid | Double Sided Cat Training Sticky Tape | Biggest on the Market - 5 XL sheets 12
Remember the last time you were frustrated because your cat was destroying your furniture? We're sure you love your furry friend just as we love Peaches. When we took him home we were not expecting however the disaster caused to our furniture. Declawing was of course not an option. We consulted with experts and learned that cats do not like sticky surfaces. Hence, double sided sticky adhesive sheets are great behavior corrector and control method for our feline friends. So... Simply apply these specially designed adhesive sheets to any fabric surface (sofa, curtains etc.), and see how your cat stops scratching that area. Offer your cat a nearby appropriate place to scratch on (there are great scratching posts on Amazon to choose from :). Praise and reward your cat for scratching in the appropriate area. After a while, when your cat learns NOT to scratch in the area you don't want it to, you can simply remove the adhesive sheets...
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