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Pedy Cat Scratching Post, Sisal Scratching Post Wall Mounted (Scratcher)

Pedy Cat Scratching Post - Sisal Scratching Post Wall Mounted (Scratcher)
Do you worry about cat who likes digging its paws on your wall or expensive furniture? Are you bothered to choose what kind of feline scratching posts?PEDY wall mounted cat sisal scratching post are designed to meet your cats' natural instinctive need for scratching and make your cats healthier.ECO-FRIENDLY & NATURAL STUFFPEDY feline scratching posts are made of durable natural sisal without chemical smelling, safe for both you and your pets.INIMITABLE QUALITY & STRENGTHAluminum alloy frame is close to or more than high quality steel with good plasticity and corrosion resistance, rope scratching post twined around pure natural high-quality thicken sisal by increasing strength.DISTINCTIVE&STUNNING DESIGNWall mounting design is very space efficient, both the height and angle of sisal fabric scratching post can be installed according to your pets' habit, it is sturdy enough and big enough for cats of any weight.SIMPLE INSTALLATION & REPLACEABLE POSTCat rope scratching postist is very easy to install by taking a few minutes, it comes with a metal support and set of screws. The tall scratching post can be replaced if it is damaged by your lovely cat for longer using.SERVICE&RELIABLEWARRANTYWe will provide 7/24 online Customer Service, 1-Year Warranty and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you have any issue with cat toys scratching post contact us and our team will respond to you within 24 hours!Specification&Details: Aluminum alloy frame Color : gray Dimensions: 4.13 x 2.75 x 17.51inches Sisal scratching post Color: beige Dimensions: 2.75 x 2.75 x 17.32 inches Net Weight: 1.6 lbs/710 g Note:Keep the natural scratching post away from children and fire.
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Easyology Cat Scratcher Cardboard Lounge - No Messy Shavings Reinforced

Easyology Cat Scratcher Cardboard Lounge - No Messy Shavings Reinforced Eco-Cardboard - 2 Sides - Goes Where Cat Scratching Post Can't - Cardboard Cat Scratcher Pad as a Cat Scratch Deterrent
Cats need something to scratch besides your rugs & sofas, but aren't cardboard cat scratchers messy? Easyology cat scratcher lounge is made from Reinforced Eco-Cardboard for all the comfort with none of the messy shavings. Click ADD TO CART now to induce some PUUURRRS with the only stress relieving cat nap spot today WHERE TO PUT MY CAT LOUNGE? On Window Sills Overlooking the Kingdom On Fireplace Mantles to Watch Over the Living Room On the Floor in the LIving Room to Keep Them Off the Couch On Hardwood Floors to Create a Warm, Comfortable Spot for Cats Mounted on the Wall so Kitty can Climb (mounting hardware not included) HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? SHEDS CARDBOARD? Made of Reinforced Eco-Cardboard, the Easyology Cat Scratching Pad lasts 23% longer than traditional cardboard scratchers, and does NOT create a giant mess of shavings. It's also reversible so when side wears out, flip it over for double the life. Acts as a great Cat Scratch Deterrent to protect furniture & carpets. DIMENSIONS Purr in peace, you're covered by our 100% Money Back "Long Lasting" Guarantee, no questions asked. Click Add to Cart now to induce some PUUURRRS with the only stress relieving cat nap spot today
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PAWZ Road 57" Multi-Level Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Po

PAWZ Road 57
"PAWZ Road 57" Multi-Level Cat Tree" is the best solution for your cats.This cat tree features one condo scratching post and toys. It has plenty of room for your cats to play and lounge. Specification Material: Faux fur and high quality of MDF Overall Size:57" Top Platform Size:11.8"X9.8" Condo Size:12"x12"x12" Bottom Size"19.3"X19.3" Scratching Post: Each post is wrapped in durable sisal, providing your cat with irresistible scratching posts Cozy Condo: Condo lined with soft plush, give your cat a secure place to rest Apply To: Ideal for all cats and two cats Description: Overall Dimensions: 11.8"w x 11.8"d x 22.4"h Color: Gray Biege Material: soft plush, no harmful substances Board material: Pressed wood
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PETMAKER Cat Tree 3 Tier 2 Hanging Toys A 3 Ball Play Area and Scratchin

PETMAKER Cat Tree 3 Tier 2 Hanging Toys A 3 Ball Play Area and Scratching Post - 27.5
The PETMAKER Sleep and Play 3 tier Cat Tree with 2 hanging toys, 3 ball playing wheel and scratching post will provide hours or fun and adventure for cats and kittens while also offering a comfortable place to sleep. This attractive cat tree comes with three 12inch platforms, 2 hanging mouse toys and a cheese wheel containing 3 balls for extra fun play time. There is also a scratching post and raised sides on two of the platforms for comfort and snuggling. It is easy to assemble, is covered in soft plush fabric and will look great in any home.“IMPORTANT: Avoid buying counterfeit products and transacting with unauthorized sellers. Look for our logo on the packaging for every one of our products. PETMAKER is committed to providing the consumer with the absolute best price and value on all of our products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous Quality Control process. Spot clean or hand vacuum Particle board construction covered in 100% polyester plush fabric, sisal scratching post 19.5 inches L x 19.5 inches D x 27.5 inches H Recommended for all cats and kittens 10 weeks or older Tan
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Lean-it Scratching Post 25"

Lean-it Scratching Post 25
The Lean-it Anywhere Scratching Post™ is the only cat scratching post that can be leaned against a wall at any angle and used on any floor surface, be it carpet, vinyl or hardwood! The Lean-it Anywhere Scratching Post™ comes with an attractive carpeted post and stylish end cap. The Lean-it Anywhere Scratching Post™ is sold in both regular and extra wide . The regular size Lean-it Anywhere Scratching Post™ is available in 19” and 25” lengths and the Wide is available in lengths of 20”, 26” and 38”.
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TRIXIE Pet Products Altea Cat Tree (Gray)

TRIXIE Pet Products Altea Cat Tree (Gray)
The Altea Cat Tree will provide endless opportunities for cats to play, explore, scratch or just relax. Felines can sharpen their claws on any one of the five scratching posts instead of on your furniture or carpet, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts. All posts are covered in durable sisal. Feeling a little spunky? Jump, climb or perch atop one of the three plush platforms and lie in wait for unsuspecting prey or just enjoy the view. We’ve also included a dangling pom-pom toy for added appeal. Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels. Assembly required. One year warranty. Dimensions (inches): 16 x 16 x 46; platforms 15 x 11 / 20 x 13 / 13 x 13; posts 3.5 diameter. Weight 26 pounds.
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Gsisee Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Toy& Plush Base, Cat Bed, Na

Gsisee Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Toy& Plush Base - Cat Bed - Natural Sisal Rope healthy for cats. (Beige)
Color: Beige REST + PLAY + GRIND THE PAW, it's me! Are you still in trouble, masters: The sofa was scratched by cats. They are sad in its cage alone. Cat's claws are too long and crooked, and even stab their pads. ... Cats have very sharp claws and they grow very fast. The long claws begin to bend and deform and the tips of the claws affect the cat's walk and even the pads on the feet. In order to keep the claws sharp and suitable, they have a habit of sharpening their claws. This is also a necessary process of the cat's physiological and psychological adjustment. The importance of cat climber: Cat climbing was invented to relieve the growing depression of cats!Most cats now live in homes for long periods of time.Cats tend to be fat and very lonely, which can have an effect on both their physiology and their psyche. Product features: BIRD NEST TYPE: soft plush, the cat is comfortable in it. After grinding paws or playing with the toy, cats can sleep directly on it. OCCUPATION SPACE: it's for small family space design specially, small volume, do not take up space. PLUSH TOYS: toys can let the cats play for a long time. It can be used as a toy for the cats, also can fully exercise the limbs of the cats and add fun to the life. NATURAL SISAL: the pillars are wrapped in strong sisal. It is safe to grind the paws and grind the teeth for cats. COMFORTABLE VELVETEEN: all the materials are screened, it's safe and nontoxic. The feeling is delicate, soft and mild. Protect the health of cats. Tip: this product is for pet cat only. Please do not put in the high temperature and humid place, keep away from the fire source. Keep out of reach of children.
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Aoneky Replacement Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope - Hemp Rope for Cat Tr

Aoneky Replacement Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope - Hemp Rope for Cat Tree and Tower (1 4'' 66 Ft)
Aoneky Cat Scratching Sisal Rope - Replacement Cat Scratching Post Rope This cat scratching sisal rope can be a very durable replacement to refurbish your cat scratch post and make it seemed like a new one. Your cats won't get strange to the repaired post tree and will enjoy it more. You can tie it to the place that your cats always like to go. This will decorate your furniture well and highly protect them Five tips DIY re-covering a cat scratching post: 1. Get more rope than you think you need. The 10 metres aren't quite enough for a tall post, though they should suffice for a small one. 2. You'll need lots of glue, so make sure you have enough. I recommend Uhu. 3. If possible, remove the old rope. But if it doesn't come off, you can glue the new rope on top .of the old 4. While you do the job, stand the post on the table, but put a wad of old newspapers or a towel underneath, otherwise the scratching post's feet/base may damage the table surface. 5. Keep your cat out of the room until the glue has dried. Make him/her surprised with his/ her new post Specification: Brand name: Aoneky Length : 33 Ft / 66 Ft / 164 Ft Dia: 1/4" / 5/16" Color:Brown Material: natural sisal
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Paws & Pals 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratcher Post - Different Cardboar

Paws & Pals 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratcher Post - Different Cardboard Scratching Triangle Angles with Catnip - Gray
The 3-sided cat scratcher from Paws & Pal's is the purrfect way to prevent your cat from scratching, ripping, and tearing your furniture apart. It serves double duty as both a hangout spot and scratcher, so your pet can play, chill, scratch, stretch, hide, and explore. Made from 100% recycled cardboard, you can now keep your feline occupied for hours with this durable and safe cardboard cat scratcher. The triangle scratcher is designed to fit cats of all sizes, and with three (3) scratching surfaces, more than one kitten can play on it at the same time! It's a truly terrific source of exercise, a tremendous stress reliever, and a fun way to promote healthy claws through natural scratching. After all, kitties love the feel of cardboard on their paws & claws, and scratching helps stretch their paws and removes debris as well as the old outer layer of their nail, which will pave the way for new healthy layers of the nail which lie underneath. The cat scratcher features a unique stylish design and is available in two distinct colors to match your home décor. Choose from gray and beige to please pets and parents alike. Each purchase will include one (1) cat cardboard scratcher and one (1) pack of catnip. No assembly required.
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Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color
*Color : Beige * Overall Size : 19"W x 19"L x 51"H * Base Board Size : 16"W x 16"L* Top Perch Size : 13.75"W x 13.75"L* Size of House : 16"W x 16"L x 9.5"H* Posts covered by natural sisal rope* Covering Material : Faux Fur* Board Material : Wood.This cat play complex features an included lounging house, relaxing perch for sunning, and sisal covered scratching posts.
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