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CO-Z 4 in 1 Multi-functional Cat Tree Condo Furniture, Super Stable Cat

CO-Z 4 in 1 Multi-functional Cat Tree Condo Furniture - Super Stable Cat Tower House - Combined with Cat Bed - Cat Climber - Peek Holes - Scratching Post & Dangling Toy
Always get engaged in tons of work and little time for your feline friends? And this cat tree is a fabulous gift to make up your cuties. Constructed of 100% chemical-free materials, our cat condo is safe for your cats. Soft plush cushion keeps cat warm and comfortable throughout the year, so they won't perch on your sofa or bed and make so much mess. Both the dangling toy and scratching post help to entertain your cuties and saves your furniture from becoming a scratching spot. Now, get one for your little kitty.
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19" Natural Sisal Cat Scratching Post with Ball Toy by Weebo Pets

Cats scratch. It may be frustrating, but it's completely natural, and there is something you can do about it! But first, let's examine why cats do scratch. They aren't trying to be destructive or vindictive. A lot of comes down to instinct. Why do cats scratch? --Scratching removes the dead outer layer of their claws, keeping them healthy --Scratching marks territory by leaving both a visual mark and a scent (they have scent glands on their paws!) --Scratching stretches their bodies and flexes their feet and claws --Scratching relieves stress and expresses excitement (like how happy they are that you're home!) So, scratching isn't a habit you want to break. The trick to saving your furniture is teaching your cat what she can scratch, and what is off-limits. And that's where we come in. Our scratching posts are wrapped in stiff, sturdy, eco-friendly sisal fibers that can withstand years of satisfying scratching sessions and stand 19" tall on a stable 12" square base. Often all it takes to wean the cat from your favorite furniture is by placing a scratching post right next to it. We've even included a dangly sisal-wrapped ball at the top to make the post even more appealing! If your cat requires more of a nudge, try covering the furniture or applying some double-sided tape. This post is comprised of just two pieces and a single, sturdy screw, so assembly is quick and simple, and should you need to store it, it is just as simple to take apart!
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Aoneky Replacement Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope - Hemp Rope for Cat Tr

Aoneky Replacement Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope - Hemp Rope for Cat Tree and Tower (1 4'' 164 Ft)
Aoneky Cat Scratching Sisal Rope - Replacement Cat Scratching Post Rope This cat scratching sisal rope can be a very durable replacement to refurbish your cat scratch post and make it seemed like a new one. Your cats won't get strange to the repaired post tree and will enjoy it more. You can tie it to the place that your cats always like to go. This will decorate your furniture well and highly protect them Five tips DIY re-covering a cat scratching post: 1. Get more rope than you think you need. The 10 metres aren't quite enough for a tall post, though they should suffice for a small one. 2. You'll need lots of glue, so make sure you have enough. I recommend Uhu. 3. If possible, remove the old rope. But if it doesn't come off, you can glue the new rope on top .of the old 4. While you do the job, stand the post on the table, but put a wad of old newspapers or a towel underneath, otherwise the scratching post's feet/base may damage the table surface. 5. Keep your cat out of the room until the glue has dried. Make him/her surprised with his/ her new post Specification: Brand name: Aoneky Length : 33 Ft / 66 Ft / 164 Ft Dia: 1/4" / 5/16" Color:Brown Material: natural sisal
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Ollieroo 48" H Cat Climbing Tree Tower Condo Scratcher Furniture Ki

Ollieroo 48
Ollieroo 48"H Cat Climbing Tree Tower Condo Scratcher Furniture Kitten House Hammock with Scratching Post and Toys for Cats Kittens Playhouse Gray
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CO-Z 3-Level Purplish Grey Lint-Covered Cat Tree Chipboard Construction

CO-Z 3-Level Purplish Grey Lint-Covered Cat Tree Chipboard Construction with Hemp-Rope-Wrapped Scratching Post and Dome Hideaway
A dream-come-true home for your feline friend! With its ingenious multifunctional design and sturdy construction covered with comfortable lint, this cat tree is undoubtedly the most ideal present for your cat! Specification: Dimensions: 15.7''*13.4''*26'' Weight: 10.3/8.8lbs Package List: 2X Bed 1X Condo House 2X Crow's Nest 1X Scratching Posts 1X Dangling Toy
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TRIXIE Pet Products Murcia Cat Tree

TRIXIE Pet Products Murcia Cat Tree
The Murcia Scratching Post will provide endless opportunities for cats to play, explore, scratch or just relax. Felines can sharpen their claws on the sisal scratching post instead of on your furniture or carpet, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts. The post is covered in durable sisal. If a nap or place to hide is in order, the cat can crawl inside the kitty condo. It’s covered with plush both inside and out, making it the perfect cozy retreat. Feeling a little spunky? Jump atop the condo and play with the dangling pom-pom toy or play a game of peek-a-boo inside the condo. Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels. One year warranty. Color: dark gray with cream paw print. Dimensions (inches): 26 x 18 /18 x 27; condo 18 x 18 x 9; post 3 x 3. Weight: 10 pounds.
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FIRIK Cat Scratching Post 2-in-1 Sisal with Hanging Interactive Cat Toy

FIRIK Cat Scratching Post 2-in-1 Sisal with Hanging Interactive Cat Toy for Small Medium Large Cats
Elegant design. Strong materials. It's the perfect feline product with which they can sharpen their claws on the scratching post instead of on your things, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts. Suitable and recommended for cats of all ages and activity levels, this product is completely free of any harmful chemicals, artificial dyers, or loose ends that may cause stress or injuries to your kittens. Healthy and Necessary. Healthy for them. Necessary for you. The post - as much as the platform - is covered in durable sisal fiber that will allow them to get a full stretch, and its height allows them to stretch vertically while using the post, which is important for territorial marking purposes and muscle toning. You can place it anywhere at home so they'll use it while you make your chores or while the family sits together for watching TV. Lightweight and with a convenient size to store it away, you can also easily disassemble it o take it with you on road trips or for longer vacations where the cat's also invited to go.
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SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber

Why didn't someone think of this sooner? Designed to hang on any standard door in your home the Cat Climber from SmartCat is the perfect choice for smaller homes or people who dont want to swap an end table for a traditional cat tree. Now your cat can scratch play sleep and exercise safely on this patented product. The climber is easily moved from door to door because of its spring loaded bracket system. The natural sisal post is ideal for scratching. Made of durable wood the climber will withstand years of use. "I have three in my house one for each cat " says designer Angela Moser. Our cats love it when we move them around the house its like a new adventure for them." Rigid construction for years of use Patented technology Easy assembly & disassembly Provides hours of entertainment Great source of exercise Enhances home decor Space saving - fits on virtually any door
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Cyttengo Cat Scratching Post Durable with Cat Interactive Toys Cat Scrat

Cyttengo Cat Scratching Post Durable with Cat Interactive Toys Cat Scratch Post Plush and Sisal Cat Scratcher Eco-Friendly Design Maintain Healthy Cat Claws Protect Furniture from Harm
Cat scratcher post
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Paws & Pals 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratcher Post - Different Cardboar

Paws & Pals 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratcher Post - Different Cardboard Scratching Triangle Angles with Catnip - Gray
The 3-sided cat scratcher from Paws & Pal's is the purrfect way to prevent your cat from scratching, ripping, and tearing your furniture apart. It serves double duty as both a hangout spot and scratcher, so your pet can play, chill, scratch, stretch, hide, and explore. Made from 100% recycled cardboard, you can now keep your feline occupied for hours with this durable and safe cardboard cat scratcher. The triangle scratcher is designed to fit cats of all sizes, and with three (3) scratching surfaces, more than one kitten can play on it at the same time! It's a truly terrific source of exercise, a tremendous stress reliever, and a fun way to promote healthy claws through natural scratching. After all, kitties love the feel of cardboard on their paws & claws, and scratching helps stretch their paws and removes debris as well as the old outer layer of their nail, which will pave the way for new healthy layers of the nail which lie underneath. The cat scratcher features a unique stylish design and is available in two distinct colors to match your home décor. Choose from gray and beige to please pets and parents alike. Each purchase will include one (1) cat cardboard scratcher and one (1) pack of catnip. No assembly required.
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