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Olyeem Pet Grooming Glove,Pet Nail Clippers Trimmer, Pet Dog Cat Rabbit

Olyeem Pet Grooming Glove - Pet Nail Clippers Trimmer - Pet Dog Cat Rabbit Nail Clipper Scissors Animal Claw Groomer Trimmer Cutter with File - Gentle Efficient Grooming Bath tool kit for pets
Designed By Olyeem With Love For Pets. Brush Away The Mess And Improve Skin This flexible, slip-on grooming gloves allow you to brush away dirt, grime, dander and loose hair from cats, dogs and horses of all shapes and sizes. More importantly, it helps stimulate the healthy oils on their skin which can improve the softness and radiance of their coat Healthy And Safety Depth safety guard will prevent cutting your dog's nail quick and deep. These trimmers make grooming quick, easy, and painless for both the pet and the owner. Confidently and easily cut nails. Even large breed dogs, with our large ergonomic non-slip handle holding the clippers is comfortable and gives great leverage to make quick clean cuts Product Details: Pet Grooming Glove : Multi-function Deshedding Glove (Upgrade Version) With Enhanced Soft Rubber Tips Adjustable Wrist Strap (One Size Fits All) Lightweight and Breathable Gentle Hair Remover Machine Washable (Easy to Clean) Safe for Cats, Dogs and Other Pets Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer Material: Quality Stainless steel blade, Plastic handle Precision blade for a clean cut every time Contoured rubber handle grips for comfort and no slipping Size: 6.6 inch x 3 inch Safe and comfortable, help to reduce injury With safety guard, prevent cutting the nail too deeply Fits for all kind of animals such as cats, dogs, birds, rabbits etc. Package: 1*Pet Grooming Glove 1*Pet nail scissors 1* Nail file to smooth
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Dog Nail Clipper by PetPäl | HighGrade Claw Clipper for Cats, Dogs, Pet

Dog Nail Clipper by PetPäl | HighGrade Claw Clipper for Cats - Dogs - Pets | Cutting Nails Easily & Safe | Razor Sharp Blades - Safety Guard - Non-Slip Grip & Handle-Lock
Do your dog's claws the click-clack sound on the ground? If yes, then they are already too long. Do you feel the same? • Cutting your pet's claws annoys you? • The blunt edge squeezes the claws and the cut is not clean? • You do not want to run to the vet or dog salon every time? • Are you looking for comfortable high quality scissors for a clean cut? Look no further, PetPäl has the solution. Do the nail care of your pet easily & safely on your own - comfortably at home. Veterinarians recommend regular claw cutting with a high-quality nail clipper. Numerous pet owners already benefit from it and cut the claws of their beloved pet easily. Your benefits! • Premium quality for extreme demands and durability • Ergonomic handle - soft rubber coated handles, easy to hold for complete control • Built in safeguard prevents the claws from being cut too short • Keep it securely stored with the lock function • Perfect for medium and large dogs • Optimized angle of the long-life stainless steel precision blade Why PetPäl? The unconditional love of our pet is the most beautiful thing in our PetPäl family. Let's fill the lives of our animals together with more joy. Family is priceless. Save $$$ and be sure of veterinary approved quality. Only for a short time with this introductory price! Add your professional PetPäl Nail Clipper NOW to your basket.
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QuickFinder Small Dog Nail Clipper for dogs up to 40 Pounds

QuickFinder Small Dog Nail Clipper for dogs up to 40 Pounds
The Award winning safety QuickFinder for small dogs
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Hovinso Dog Nail Clippers, Pet Cat Nail Trimmers Professional Grooming C

Hovinso Dog Nail Clippers - Pet Cat Nail Trimmers Professional Grooming Claw Cutter For Small Animals Puppy Bunny Kitten Parrot Iguana Lizard
💓💓 Regular nail care is important for your pet's health. The long nails may affect your dog and cat's walking, and even hurt the joints, stab to the sole.Especially for the pets rarely polish their nail on outside rough ground. Hovinso Pet nail clipper is professional tools for trimming the nails of dogs cats and other small animals.The pet nail clippers will allow you to trim your pup's nails professionally at home! 💓💓 👏👏 Trimming Tips:👉 - Hold the paw securely while trimming the nails.Quickly cut off the top of the nail with a single stroke. 👉 - If there are lots of hair on the soles of dogs feet, had better cut it to prevent slide.👉 - Always touch your dogs' claws, and let dog feel that the claws are touched is a common thing.👉 - Do not cut off too much each time. If the pet's nails are very long,cut off a small amount and wait about a week to ten days before cutting again. Repeat every week or ten days until nails are at desired length. 💪💪 Designs and Features: - Sharp blades are made of high quality stainless. - Ergonomically designed non-slip handles are strong,lightweight,and comfortable. ✨✨ Warning: - Do not use for other purpose except for pets. - Keep the clipper away from kids. - Deposit it in a dry place. 👐👐 Package Include: - Professional Pets Nail Trimmer x 1- FREE Nail File x 1 💓💓 Warranty: 18 months worry-free warranty,We strive for customer service and the quality of our products. If there's any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.
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Suixian Style Cat Nail Clippers Trimmer - Safe, Sharp Angled Blade -Pet

Suixian Style Cat Nail Clippers Trimmer - Safe - Sharp Angled Blade -Pet Nail Clippers Scissors For Small Dogs - Cats - Birds - Rabbits
Features: ★ Our nail trimmers are safe enough to be used either professionally or at home. ★ The angled edge of the semi-circular steel blade ensures a clean, precise cut. ★ Featuring a windowed opening, the design of the blade keeps the nail visible. ★ A super grip handle prevents sliding or slipping while trimming your pet's nails. ★ No more painful trimmings. Only a single cut is needed with these nail clippers. Use Instructions: 1.Hold the pet's claws and then gently hold down the top of the nail and let your pet's nails come out. 2 .Use your nail clippers to cut the pet's nails, Please carefully not to cut the blood vessels and nerves, if not carefully cut into the blood vessels and nerves, please immediately with the first aid to the pet to stop bleeding.
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PetzFunny Cat Nail Clippers for Small Animals,Cat Claw Clippers Scissors

PetzFunny Cat Nail Clippers for Small Animals - Cat Claw Clippers Scissors & Nail Cutter -Professional Grooming Cat Claw Trimmer for Cats
★ QUALITY:☆These cat nail clippers are constructed with High Grade Stainless Steel for guaranteed durability.★ SAFE & CLEAN CUTS:☆ The cat nail trimmer is outfitted with a sharp Angled Semi-circular open blade for a better experience.☆ The unique design gives you full visibility of what you're cutting.☆ The unique design and the sharpness ensures nice even cuts by allowing you trimmer with just one cut★ COMFORT:☆The cat nail clipper is outfitted with a comfortable non-slip handle for safe and easy grip.☆With this design it will be comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.☆ The non-slip handle will help you avoid accidental nicks and cuts.★ IDEAL FOR SMALLER ANIMAL:☆This nail trimmer is perfect and safe to use on Kittens, Cats, Small dogs, Rabbit, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, Birds and for most other small animals.★ PET PARENTS APPROVED ★ PROFESSIONAL GROOMING CAT CLAW TRIMMER★Now you know it's possible, Start caring yourself for your pet's comfort! Add to cart and order yours today!Material: TPE / PP & Stainless SteelItem Size (L x W): 3.78 X 2.56 inItem Weight: 30g / 1.0ozHOW TO USE:Pets with white nails have a visible pink area of the nail called the quick, simply cut at a 45 degree angle and avoid cutting into the quick.For pets with dark nails simply cutting straight across from the pad, rather than attempting to cut up at a 45° angleOr apply gentle pressure with the trimmers without making a cut, if your pet reacts to the pressure you are too close to the quick, cut further down.If you accidentally cut the nails too short you can use styptic powder, or simply use a clean bar of soap and run it under the damaged nail to stop the bleeding.
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Dog Nail Clippers with Quick Sensor to Avoid Overcutting - Dog Nail Trim

Dog Nail Clippers with Quick Sensor to Avoid Overcutting - Dog Nail Trimmer for Home Grooming Kit - Professional Pet Grooming Tool for Cat Puppy Bunny Rabbit Parrot Turtle Iguana Lizard - Ebook Guide
The type of cat claw clippers or nail clippers for dogs used to trim your pet's paws can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping him or her calm & pain-free. Our doggie nail clippers can be used on just about any small ang medium animal, including shih tzu, husky, golden retriever, poodle, yorkie, chihuahua, havanese, sheltie, terrier, shitzu, maltipoo, pomeranian, chinchilla and so on. It's the #1 bestselling pet nail clipper! ★ THE ECO-FRIENDLY SELECTION: Made out of recycled materials, our dog & cat nail clipper leaves very little footprint on the environment. Safety for your precious pet. ★ ERGONOMIC SHAPE & DESIGN: The streamlined design of our toenail clippers for dogs & cats is what makes it a popular choice among pet owners who want THE best. ★ ANGLED QUICK SENSOR BLADE: Crafted out of stainless steel, angled & outfitted with a quick sensor, the blade of our nail clippers for cats & dogs are safer than others. ★ ANTI-SLIP RUBBERIZED HANDLE: We've added a rubberized grip to the handle, ensuring your hand doesn't slip or slide when trimming or cutting your pet's claws or nails. ★ EXCEPTIONALLY EASY TO CLEAN: Strong & durable enough to withstand harsh disinfectants, the pet nail cutter couldn't be easier to clean. Simply spray & wipe it down. BONUS "HOW TO" E-BOOK INCLUDED Every pair of SHINY PET dog nail trimmers (corta uñas para perro) now comes with a BONUS copy of our "how to" ebook that safely guides you through the nail trimming process. LIFETIME 100% HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE We want you to happily enjoy using your new pet nail scissors, which is why all SHINY PET® orders are backed by a full lifetime no-questions-asked guarantee. You don't want to miss out on this deal, so act now. Click 'ADD TO CART' to order your SHINY PET® dog & cat nail scissors today!
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Pro Cut Pet Nail Clippers for Dogs and Cats - Professional Pet Trimmers

Pro Cut Pet Nail Clippers for Dogs and Cats - Professional Pet Trimmers Made with Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Blades for Smooth and Easy Nail Cutting - Suitable for Small - Medium - and Large Pets
FINALLY, a pair of quality dog nail clippers that make trimming your pet's nails quick & easy? Introducing the Pro Cut Pet Nail Clippers from the team at HappyDogz. The Pro Cut Pet Nail Clippers were designed by a professional dog groomer and are one of the easiest to use nail trimmers on the market. Free dog grooming ebook Made from quality stainless steel, the Pro Cut clippers take the stress out of nail clipping by cutting your pets nails in one smooth motion that is easy for both your and your pet. Some of the benefits for you and your pet include: * "They make clipping your pet's nails easy" - used by groomers, vets and everyday pet owners * Leaves your dogs nails neat with no jagged edges * Your pet now won't mind having their nails trimmed * Suitable for small to large dogs, or cats * Properly cut nails will help prevent walking issues * Save money on grooming costs Other features: * Comfortable non slip ergonomic handle * Premium quality stainless blades provide a quick smooth straight neat cut * Very easy to use * Long lasting sturdy tool *BONUS*: Includes FREE downloadable dog grooming ebook with tips for pain-free dog grooming. GUARANTEE Includes a manufacturer 10 year 100% money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with our nail clippers for any reason, just let us know and we will happily refund your money. Click The Add To Cart Button Above To Invest Now in the Pro Cut Pet Nail Clippers from the team at HappyDogz
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Professional Pet Nail Clipper and Trimmer By Hertzko - Suitable for Medi

Professional Pet Nail Clipper and Trimmer By Hertzko - Suitable for Medium to Large Dogs and Cats - Includes Safety Guard to Avoid Overcutting - Bonus! Free Nail File Included!
LET THE PEDI & MANI BE A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE! SAVE TIME AND MONEY FROM TAKING YOUR PET TO THE GROOMER! - Hertzko's Professional Nail Clippers are manufactured with Sharp Stainless Steel Blades and a Safety Guard to prevent over-trimming, these nail clippers allow you to safely and conveniently trim your pet's nails at home What is your risk? Nothing. If you are not happy with our product we will refund 100% of your money. Our products are always backed by 100% Money Back No Question Asked Guarantee! Get the Hertzko Nail Clipper today. You will not regret investing in high quality products. Click the Add to Cart button now and treat yourself and your pet by getting the Hertzko Nail Clipper TODAY! At Hertzko, our products are protected by copyright and trademark laws under the U.S. and international law. All rights reserved. We stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
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Dog Nail Clipper Kit Medium/Large Breed - Professional Cat Paw Grooming

Dog Nail Clipper Kit Medium Large Breed - Professional Cat Paw Grooming Trimmer - FDA Approved - Includes Deluxe Travel Pouch - Illustrated Instructions - Scissor - Nail File - Frustration Free Packaging
Let's face it, most nail clippers aren't very good. They're either made of cheaply made materials, making them hard to use or they're made out of cheap carbon steel that dulls quickly and eventually rusts.So we made it our mission to make a better clipper and we did just that with Unkies Dog Nail Clippers From using high-grade surgical stainless steel to refining the design until we had it just right, we made sure the Unkies Dog Nail Clippers would deliver a world-class clip every time.What else makes our clippers so awesome:✔ Unkies Nail Clippers Are FDA Approved ✔ Frustration Free Packaging ✔ Detailed Illustrated Instructions That Have Been Approved By Professional Academy Trained Dog/Cat Stylists ✔ Better Ergonomics - Our Unique Handle Design Allows You To Grip The Nail Clippers Firmly Delivering A More Confident Clip UnkiesTM Package Includes: 🐾 Box 🐾 Storage Pouch 🐾 Illustrated Instructions 🐾 Free Bonus Mini Nail Filer 🐾 Professional Pet Paw Clippers "Their care is our care" - In case of overcutting our safety certified professionals say to apply cornstarch or flour to stop the bleeding★★★Warranty★★★ & 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If your clipper fails due to manufacturer defect, simply return it or replace it. It's that simple. We also want you to be happy, so if you're not 100% satisfied with Unkies Dog Nail Clippers,let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll issue a full refund. Easy peasy!
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