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wangstar Pet Cat Litter Mat, Litter Trapper Mat, Food Mat, Kitty Litter

wangstar Pet Cat Litter Mat - Litter Trapper Mat - Food Mat - Kitty Litter Catcher with Scatter Control Easy to Hoover and Wipe (Grey)
Product Dimensions: 15.7x 11.8x 0.15 inches Product Weight: 0.26kg/9.1oz Product Material: PVC tufted fibres Target Audience: Small animals. Product Color: Grey, Beige, Rose red, Blue Perfect sizes covers the whole area in front of and on the sides of the litter box. Non-Slip Backing and flexible fibres that means this mat stays where you put it and really helps with removing the vat litter from the cats feet as they exit the box. Catches litter continuously and won't constantly shift around when your cat climbs in and out of the box all day long. Effectively reduce the number of times you clean up through using this lovely cat litter mat. We are aim at providing quality goods, reasonable price and better customer service, if you have any inquiry or suggestion, please feel free to contact with us directly. Pay attention: Single product size is 30X40 cm, if it is not big enough, you can choose to order the two piaces item. More affordable.
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Moonshuttle Blackhole Rectangular Cat Litter Mat, 30 X 23-Inch, Dark Gra

Dual-structure dual-structured mat prevents your kitty litter from being tracked everywhere at the first step on the upper surface the round-shaped upper mat meets the footprints of your cat softly with taking the dirt down to the lower mat. Then fallen litters remain on the lower mat stably (please refer to the pictures). Made of durable EVA foam rubber. Gentle non-toxic foam rubber EVA mat. Good strong, dynamic stability, scratch-free, price-worthy to buy black hole mat takes only water to clean up all the dirt simply to renew easy cleaning proudly black hole cat mat guarantees the easy cleaning of litter with fast and comfort its pocket-formed dual-structure only needs to shake off. Please note: Please clean up the mat on the running water to dry up on the sunny day once a quarter. Easy and even light. Only 2 lbs.-weights no struggling to move and clean. Standard size: 23" x 21”, fitting for small flat or a solo cat, cute cat head shape (see other our items). Super-size: 30" x 23”, suitable for multi cats or big living room.
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Easyology Extra Large 35" x 23" Cat Litter Mat, Traps Messes,

Easyology Extra Large 35
Extra-Large, Stylish Kitty Litter Mat Prevents Messes, Protects Your Floors & Looks Great Doing It What good is a cat litter mat if it's too small to catch the scatter? Say goodbye to flimsy, flat mats that do nothing at all to protect your floors, and say hello to the Easyology Designer Cat Litter Mat. Finally, someone has created a cat litter mat that's actually big enough to catch all that mess! And not just the stuff that gets kicked out. The deep grooves in this mat also help brush off kitty's paws as he leaves the box, so there's less embarrassing (and disgusting) scatter being tracked around your house. The extra-large Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat measures 35" by 23", so you're getting the very best floor protection available. Because it has such a stylish pattern and comes in designer colors, this mat beautifully complements your existing décor. Long-Lasting, Durable PVC Plastic Cleans Up in a Snap The PVC plastic makes our mat is super easy to clean - just shake it out or give it a quick vacuum. It's also water resistant and simple to soap up and rinse down, keeping it fresh and inviting for your feline friends. The 3/8" thickness stands up to heavy traffic and sharp claws while the soft plastic loops catch and trap more scatter. It's neat for you and provides a comfortable and soft surface for your kitty's sensitive paws. Makes a Great Doormat, Too The dirt-grabbing design and stylish appearance are perfectly suited for the front and back doors, so add a few extra to your cart. If you don't love your Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat, we'll refund your money, no questions asked. Click "Add to Cart" and order yours today!.
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Cat Litter Trapper- Cat Litter Box Mat Water Proof Layer and Puppy Pad O

Cat Litter Trapper- Cat Litter Box Mat Water Proof Layer and Puppy Pad Option - Large 30
Pre-sale Promotion Activity Prices in the Earlier ONE Month Sale Now on - Hurry!!! Purr-fect Litter-Trapping, Water-Proof Cat Paws Litter Mat for your Kitty!Dual-structure mat prevents your kitty litter from being tracked everywhere at the first step on the upper surface the rectangle upper mat meets the footprints of your cat softly with taking the dirt down to the lower mat. Then fallen litters remain on the lower mat stably. Features: Unlike other cat litter mats, the waterproof oxford mat protect your floor dry, no more urine mess. Unique 3D bumps that trap and clean litter from the cat's paws, preventing litter scatter outside of the mat, also make for a soft step for kitties, so that they do not mind walking on it. This litter mat is designed for a one entry cat litter box, also great as a placemat under food bowls. Upper and lower layers are held together by fold edge of lower mat and can be completely separated. Cat litter is trapped inside of the mat and held there until you just pour it back into the litter box on cleaning day. The 2-layer structure of the mat creates a perfect separated, just take them apart and then spread the edge of lower layer out to pour out the litter. Specifications: Made of durable EVA form rubber for the upper mat, waterproof premier oxford for the bottom matStandard size of 31" x 24", suitable for multi cats living roomWeight with 30 Oz, easy to fold in half for easy transport and storage, making it ideal for those who travel with their kittiesPlease note: If you need to clean our litter mat, wiping it off with a wet towel is the best method and then let it air dry inside your house.
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Hyper Cat 10 Counts Extra Heavy Duty Jumbo Size Cat Pan Liners With Gree

Hyper Cat 10 Counts Extra Heavy Duty Jumbo Size Cat Pan Liners With Green Drawsting Cat Box Liners Anti-Microbial Tear Resistant
Hyper Cat liners help you clean your cat litter easier with more fun! Why Hyper Cat ?  -You can get all you wanted from cat pan liners in Hyper Cat. Jumbo size:  36"*18" Jumbo size which fits most cat litter pan, cat litter box. Extra heavy duty:  Hyper Cat liners are made of durable plastic with 60 microns thick which is the thickest cat liners  you can find on Amazon. No shredding guarantee!  Anti-microbial:  We add anti-microbial addictive to our bags, more hygienic for your cat.  Unique packing: Each liner is folded and placed individually, not rolled or connected to each other, very easy pull one liner out at a time. Earth-Friendly:  EPI technology helps bags begin to break-down in as little as 18 months, keeping parks and landfills plastic free. What we can do if you are not satisfied with us ?  As long as our service and products did not meet your expectation, we PET N PET cat liners come with a 365 days money back guarantee! Too expensive for each bag?  No.1 thick, No.1 size, No shredding promise, most unique packing. And 365 days money back guarantee! Still too expensive?  What else use of our hyper Cat liners? Well, here are some more tips for your convenience. You can use these strong bags to pick up house waste, fruit peels or scraps of food  and other stuff while traveling.
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Fresh Kitty 15ct Super Thick Jumbo Drawstring Litter Box Liners

Fresh Kitty 15ct Super Thick Jumbo Drawstring Litter Box Liners
Royal Pet Inc. pre18sents the 15 Count Jumbo Litter Box Liners from their "Fresh Kitty" collection. These scratch-guard Jumbo Liners prevent kitty claws from ripping through; designed and scented to prevent yucky cat box odor. No more messes! No more scrubbing! When ready for changing, simply lift and tie the liner to dispose of properly Saver Pack includes 15 Jumbo Liners with Ties and fits most litter boxes up to 36" x 19" 2.0 Mil. Since establishing in 1996, Royal Pet, Inc. has become a cooperative global supplier of products that enhance the lives of pets and their humans. Core Values include: Adaptability, Honesty, Innovation, Knowledge, Results, and the Global Viewpoint. Recognizing the important role that pets play in people's lives, all products and brands are developed via the simple principle of delivering maximum-grade items which enhance your and your pets' quality of life. Royal Pet Inc. understands pets are "Family." They also understand there are about 2.7 million healthy shelter-animals that remain un-adopted each year, and only about 30 percent of pets in the homes come from shelters or rescues. Royal Pet, Inc. does all it can to help shelters and rescue groups. In 2015 alone the company donated almost $75,000 worth of items for consumption to numerous shelters and rescues in the company’s home State of Minnesota. The Royal Pet, Inc. broad spectrum of products includes everything from waste management solutions, toys, rawhide and extruded treats, plus excellent pet apparel.
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IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit with Shield and Scoop, Blue

IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit with Shield and Scoop - Blue
The IRIS Cat Litter Box with Shield and Scoop has extra-tall walls on three sides to help contain litter and spray while keeping dirt out. Open top cat litter container provides quick and easy access, while the deep litter pan design gives your cat a semi-private space. The high-polished interior surfaces and included cat litter scoop make the litter box easy to clean. Recessed bottoms and molded-in feet keep the IRIS cat litter box in place and the molded-in rims around the pan add strength and stability to the litter box tray. The cat litter container comes with a matching litter scoop for easy cleaning, and the scoop is designed to fit anywhere in the litter pan. Made in the USA.
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Nature's Miracle Odor Control Jumbo Litter Box Liners, 27 Count

Nature's Miracle Odor Control Jumbo Litter Box Liners - 27 Count
Nature's Miracle Litter Pan Liners have Antimicrobial protection which guards against bacteria odors and an odor controlling fragrance. Each liner has a thickness of 3 Mil, making it heavy duty/tear resistant. Easy pull draw strings make clean up quick & easy. Ideal for multi-cat households. Jumbo liners fit most jumbo litter pans. 39inx22in.
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Breeze Tidy Cat Litter Pads 16.9"x11.4" - 2 pack of 4 pads (2-

Breeze Tidy Cat Litter Pads 16.9
Breeze cat pads are easy to maintain and odor free. The specially-designed Breeze litter pellets allow urine to pass through to the Breeze cat pad underneath, while leaving solid waste on top for quick, easy removal.
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Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets - 3.5 lbs

Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets - 3.5 lbs
Litter Cleaning Made Easy Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets is a unique litter option for houses with multiple cats. The pellets are designed to allow urine to pass through into a different compartment. You can use this pellet litter replacement pack with Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box, with separate litter box compartments for solid and liquid waste. Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets - Superior odor protection - Lets liquid to pass through - Can be used with Breeze litter box - Long-lasting Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets come in an attractive package thats 99.9 percent dust free. A Closer Look: You can also reduce tracking with the help of Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets to keep carpets and floors safe. These pellets are designed to suit your lifestyle and help you control odor and tracking. Made Specially for: Cats of all ages
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