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Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb with Long & Short Stainless Steel Tee

Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb with Long & Short Stainless Steel Teeth for Removing Matted Fur - Knots & Tangles – Detangler Tool Accessories for Safe & Gentle DIY Dog & Cat Grooming
Our cat & dog comb for matted hair has left many pet owners delightfully stunned. Equipped with both long & short metal teeth that work together to gently, safely & efficiently tackle tangles, knots & matted fur, this dog grooming steel comb is a must-have DIY groomer tool. ✔ Dual-Action Long & Short Comb Teeth - Both Pin Lengths Team Up To Detangle, Remove Knots & Eliminated Matted Fur Unlike most dog combs for dematting, this one has been fitted with long & short pins that join together to quickly remove matted spots from your pet's undercoat, bum or back. It's a great choice for coarse hair breeds such as poodles, terriers & wire-hair pointers. ✔ Strong 100% Stainless Steel Metal Teeth - Long & Short Teeth Made Out of Super Strength Metal to Deliver Dependability The dual length teeth used to design our bestseller detangler dog comb are made out of extra durable steel metal, making it easy to rake & comb your furry pet's hair. Knotted messes & tangled tresses have nothing on the detangling powers of our pet comb for mats. ✔ Non-Slip Comb Handle For Added Safety - Plastic Handle Finished with Anti-Slip Grip to Help Prevent Slippery Accidents The reason why so many pet owners are scared to do any DIY grooming at home is because they're worried they'll hurt or harm their feline or canine companions. We've upgraded these bestselling pet combs for dogs & cats with a slip-proof handle to avoid accidents. ☆ Recommended for Groomers & Pet Parents ☆ Best Choice for Long Haired Dogs & Cats ☆ Use for Bunnies, Horses, Puppies, Kitties ☆ Pretty Poodle Pet Signature Purple Color Pet ownership shouldn't be expensive, so Poodle Pet grooming tools are designed to be used at home by pet owners. Save money by grooming your dog at home with our premium pet supplies. Click 'ADD TO CART' to order a pet comb!
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Horicon Pet 3 in 1 Dog Grooming Gloves by Five Finger Pet Hair Remover M

Horicon Pet 3 in 1 Dog Grooming Gloves by Five Finger Pet Hair Remover Mitts For Dogs - Cats - Horses | One Pair: Left & Right Hands | Gentle Massaging Curry Brush Design for Long or Short Fur
These pet grooming gloves provide a gentle relaxing massage while removing hair and dander. The unique spiral curry brush design stimulates your pet's hair follicles while cleaning. It's a win win! Your pup will love the gentle relaxing massage these gloves provide!
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Olive & Suds Scratch/Bite Resistant Protective Gloves For Bathing, G

Olive & Suds Scratch Bite Resistant Protective Gloves For Bathing - Grooming & Handling Cats - Small Dogs - Birds - Rodents & Other Small Animals
Olive & Suds Animal Handling Gloves are the only scratch-resistant, bite-resistant protective gloves specifically designed to wear while bathing and grooming cats (and other small animals). The extra-long sleeve extends over the forearm to provide protection for handling even the feistiest of felines. Our cat bath gloves are made from a very tightly-knit microfiber and reinforced with high-density foam. This allows flexibility and comfort for both you and your kitty while still being very scratch/bite resistant. Our glove material is also naturally bacteria and mold resistant, so caring for the gloves is easy. Simply wring out and hang to dry after each use. Give your kitty a clean coat and keep yourself scratch-free!
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Tera Pet Fur Grooming Shedding/Brush Comb Rake/Dog Cat Long Short Hair/M

Tera Pet Fur Grooming Shedding Brush Comb Rake Dog Cat Long Short Hair Metal Pin Comb Blue
This single sided comb has a comfort and anti-sliding handle which is made of TPE and PP. The pins are made of stainless steel metal. This tool is designed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb, or rake. This tool works effectively for hair shining and can give your pet a massage at the same time. Features: Remove loose hair, and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt. Perfectly increase blood circulation and leaves your pet's coat soft and shiny. Smooth rounded teeth prevents scratching and makes it safe on your pet's sensitive skin. Non-Slip Handle which is easy to hold without slipping that can avoid common pet injuries when used. Not only can be used as a comb for dogs & cat,it can also be used for horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, kittens, puppies, hamsters, gerbils & any other types of furry pets. Maintenance: 1. Avoid placing in a humid environment. 2.Please clean and keep it properly after use. 3.Do not touch hot water, gasoline, alcohol and other liquids. Note: Start to comb your pet from tip to the root little by little. When long time without use, please put some oil to protect the pin teeth. If the hair bond is very long, cut the knot first and then comb. Don't pull out the hair forcibly to avoid causing pain of your pet. Package Including: 1 x Tera Pet Comb
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Cestlafit Pet Cat Grooming Washing Bath Bag, Scratching Biting Restraint

Cestlafit Pet Cat Grooming Washing Bath Bag - Scratching Biting Restraint Polyester Mesh Bag For Shower - Cleaning Ear - Cutting Nails - Medicine Feeding - Yellow
Mateirial: Polyester Mesh Dimensions: Overall: 50 x 35 cm / 19.68 x 13.78 in 2 Front Zippers: 13 cm / 5.12 in & 15cm / 5.91 in Please refer to product photos for better understanding the dimensions. Packing Including: 1 x Cat Grooming Bag Note: Your pet may need sometime to adapt and get used to the bag.
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Self Cleaning Pet Slicker Brush For Grooming Dogs and Cats - Efficiently

Self Cleaning Pet Slicker Brush For Grooming Dogs and Cats - Efficiently Reduces Shedding And Removes Mats - Tangles - Knots - Dander And Loose Hair
No more tangles or mats Our top quality slicker brush will remove nasty mats out of your pet's fur and makes your pet look beautiful! That's how you get that super neat and pretty coat show dogs have. Mats will stop building into a grooming headache and removing undercoat and loose dog or cat hair will only take 10 minutes, leaving your doggy waggling its tail and your kitty purring happily! No more loose pet dead hair floating in the air! Sick of your puppy's loose hair all over your floor? Tired of thick layer of kitty hair on your clothes? Our high-end cat and dog shedding brush will put an end to your headache. It makes your grooming fast, easy and safe from the convenience of your home! We are offering you a high-end dog and cat deshedding tool to make your pet grooming more efficient, effortless and effective from the convenience of your home! No more expensive visit to vet for grooming service It works efficiently reducing shedding up to 95% and keeps your pet comfortable. Lets you keep coat neat and healthy. Also helps stop tangles and painful knots before they get started. You can use it to groom your puppy, dog, kitten, cat, bunny, rabbit, guinea pig or horse. Not matter it is short or long hair, single or double coated. Easy to hold and use We are making removing burrs, leaves and weeds off your dog's coat a one-handed operation. You love your pet. Now show them your love with this very fine and easy to use tool. It's so effective it even goes down to undercoat on double coat dogs. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your finest bet for a no-risk purchase. This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers - anyone with a dog, cat, or other pet. Click To Add To Cart While Supplies Last!
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SZHSR Pet Grooming Glove, Pet Hair Remover Mitt Deshedding Brush Gentle

SZHSR Pet Grooming Glove - Pet Hair Remover Mitt Deshedding Brush Gentle and Efficient Fur Deshedding Tool for Dog Cat Horses Livestock Small Pets
Hate those pets hair that shedding in large numbers on your furniture, clothes, or in cars?We have a great solution to your and your pet's problems! Try our Pet Grooming Gloves and forget about pet hair shedding nightmare. Get rid of dander and allergens in the air!Grooming Has Never Be So Easy! Our high-quality Grooming Gloves were designed to be extremely gentle with your pet bringing only satisfaction and pleasure.You will achieve great grooming results while just petting and stroking your pet. It will not only effectively help your pet fall off, make your pet's daily grooming easier and happier, but also be able for you to manage your pet's hair easily. Give Your Pet A Cheery Massage!The soft rubber material ensures gentle massage and beauty without the need to painfully remove fur or irritation. After that, your pet will have shiny, healthy and soft coats that will make your pet look healthier, happier and more beautiful. Creating A Cleaner Home And A Healthier Life!Daily combing your pet with our pet gloves means less fur on your furniture, clothing or car, less dander and allergens in the air, creating a cleaner home and a healthier life. Provides you and your pet with a healthier, happier and stress-free life! Product Details: 1. Multifunctional beauty gloves 2. Five-finger design 3. Enhanced 255 soft rubber tips 4. Breathable quick-drying mesh lining 5. Adjustable Velcro wrist strap (one size fits all) 6. Lightweight and machine washable, easy to clean 7. Flexible and sliding, easy to use. What do you get: 2 × A Pet Hair Removal Glove 1 × 45 days money back guarantee for any reason 1 × 18 months warranty on quality related issues 1 × 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Now add SZHSR pet grooming gloves to your shopping cart to keep your pets and your home clean and healthy.
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HARTZ Slicker Brush for Cats

HARTZ Slicker Brush for Cats
Designed especially for small dogs and cats. Proper sizing and design ensure the ultimate grooming experience for your pet. Removes loose hair and undercoat to reduce shedding and leave your dog’s coat healthy, shiny and tangle-free.
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PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit - Rechargeable, Cordless Pet Groom

PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit - Rechargeable - Cordless Pet Grooming Clippers & Complete Set of Dog Grooming Tools. Low Noise & Suitable For Dogs - Cats and Other Pets
EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE KIT - If you're looking for the complete grooming kit for your dog, cat or other furry friend, look no further! PetTech's premium dog grooming supplies contain everything you need to groom your pet at home as good as the pros! WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION - Have an anxious pet? Have no fear! PetTech's low-vibration, precision motor ensures whisper-quiet operation and a stress-free grooming experience. COMFORT-FIT & CORDLESS OPERATION - Thanks to the clipper's ergonomic design & rechargeable battery, grooming is a breeze for even the hardest-to-reach areas. ADJUSTABLE, PRECISION-CUT BLADES & COMFORT COMBS - PetTech's grooming combs are contoured for the most skin-friendly grooming experience, and thanks to the Precision-cut titanium blades, there's no uncomfortable pulling at your pet's hair. Just a safe, easy and comfortable grooming experience! LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - We're so proud of the quality of products we manufacture, that we're proud to stand by our unparalleled lifetime replacement guarantee. If you ever have any issues with your pet grooming kit, simply contact us for a free replacement or refund.
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Furminator deShedding Tool for Dogs, Small, Long Hair

Furminator deShedding Tool for Dogs - Small - Long Hair
By reducing shedding up to 90%, the FURminator® deShedding Tool enables you to share your home with your dog, without surrendering it to his hair. The NEW Long Hair deShedding Tool for Toy Dogs is specially designed for dogs that are 10-20 pounds with hair that is longer than 2 inches. The long hair stainless steel edge reaches deep beneath your dogâ€TMs long topcoat to safely remove undercoat and loose hair, The FURejector button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease.
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