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Sunline Purrfect Pet | Professional Strength All Natural Pet Stain &

We get it. All pets are purrfect. But not all of their messes are created equal. That's why we've created Purrfect Pet -- a concentrated cleaner that puts the decision making power in your paws; dilute it down all the way for a long lasting, every day cleaner, or keep it strong for those messes that have impressive resilience. Purrfect Pet gets to the source of the problem by using an advanced bio-enzyme formula that eliminates the mess rather than just covering it up. It's safe and effective for almost every kind of surface, just in case your pet is particularly creative or loves to give you a challenge. Purrfect Pet is all natural, safe for both humans and pets, and is useful against all organic stains including urine, feces, vomit, blood, drool, and about any other gross, sticky, or weird thing pet (and human) parents might run into. -- *Listing is for 32 oz bottle of Purrfect Pet. Gallon size coming soon to Amazon, visit our website to for more info! Also be sure to check out our Amazon store for more commercial grade cleaning products including Spray Away & Orange Blossom Multi-Surface Cleaner.

Sunline Purrfect Pet | Professional Strength All Natural Pet Stain & Odor Enzyme Eliminator | Removes Dog Cat Urine Smells from Carpet - Furniture - & Other Surfaces | Discourages Repetition (32 oz) Features

  1. USE IT FOR EVERYTHING pet related, but Purrfect Pet can be applied to much more! Any organic stain -- coffee, wine, drool, blood, food -- will be destroyed with the versatile, bio-enzyme fighting power of Purrfect Pet.
  2. USE IT EVERYWHERE you might need it -- the carpet, the kitchen, the car, sealed wood floors, or an unlimited variety of places -- without worrying about harsh chemicals.
  3. TOUGH, BUT SAFE to use around pets and children. Purrfect Pet is completely non-toxic and all natural, without sacrificing the quality of using an industrial cleaner the professionals use!
  4. DESTROYS STAINS AND ODORS AT THEIR SOURCE to discourage repetitive behaviors, rather than just covering them up.

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