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Purina ONE Hairball Formula Adult Premium Cat Food

Show your cat the love she deserves at mealtime by setting out a nutritious dish of Purina ONE Hairball Formula premium adult dry cat food. Starting with real chicken as the number one ingredient, this everyday dry food provides 38 grams of protein per cup for your adult cat. This easily digestible formula contains 0% fillers, which means that every ingredient has a purpose. This dry cat food contains vitamins and minerals for well-rounded nutrition that meets 100% of your adult cat’s daily dietary requirements. This special blend, which has a taste cats love, uses natural fiber to help minimize and control hairballs. As a responsible and caring pet owner, show your cat how much her health and happiness mean to you by feeding her 1/3 to a full cup of Purina ONE Hairball Formula premium adult dry cat food every day, depending on her size and weight.

Purina ONE Hairball Formula Adult Premium Cat Food Features

  1. Purina ONE is veterinarian recommended
  2. Natural fiber helps minimize hairballs
  3. Omega-6 fatty acids help keep skin and coat healthy
  4. Vitamins add purposeful nutrition for lifelong health
  5. Starts with real chicken as the #1 ingredient
  6. One (1) 16 lb. bag Purina ONE Hairball Formula

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