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Claw Withdraw Cat Scratch Spray Deterrent - 8oz

"Claw Withdraw" is an easy-to-use cat deterrent spray, made with safe, natural ingredients. Use daily until your cat breaks the scratching habit.

Claw Withdraw Cat Scratch Spray Deterrent - 8oz Features

  1. SPRAY DAILY UNTIL THE SCRATCHING HABIT STOPS AND PROVIDE YOUR CAT WITH A FUN ALTERNATIVE. Offer your frisky Felis catus with a clawing alternative that it loves, such as a popular scratching post, as the behavior is innate, even in jungle cats! Otherwise, you may find that if you just try to shoo your cat away with the spray without an adjacent scratching alternative, the cat will either stubbornly try to get the spray off or find a new expensive showpiece that they see as theirs to re-purpose.
  2. NON STAIN FORMULA is pet and furniture-friendly! Its key ingredients are gentle, plant-based and have been formulated to achieve the best results you've been wishing for.
  3. A UNIQUE SOLUTION to tried-and-failed options of covering your couch with tape, tinfoil, or sitting on the floor. The spray creates an invisible liquid shield with an ultra-protective properties, which makes the cat seriously reconsider clawing its way through your belongings.
  4. A SAFE AND NATURAL SCRATCH-PROTECTION SPRAY that CURBS YOUR CAT'S DESIRE TO "redecorate" your house by mischievously clawing at the furniture, carving the carpets, liberating the feathers from the pillows, swinging from the curtains, trimming the Christmas tree...So, really anything that you wish to safeguard in your home.

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