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Binkies Pet Supply Elevated Cat Bowl - Raised Porcelain Dish - Perfect f

The only cat dish designed with the all the benefits your cat needs. Don't settle for a standard bowl, or the dish that only provides a single benefit. The Binkies Pet Supply Raised Cat Dish was designed with cats in mind.

The wide shallow dish allows whiskers to comfortably span across the eating surface unobstructed, alleviating them of uncomfortable whisker fatigue. This wide and shallow surface also ensures that food stays centered, allowing your cat to easily find and enjoy their food. Food along the corners of a traditional bowl or dish give cats a hard time to finish up the last bits of their meal.

Standard eating platforms cause your cat to excessively hunch over and crunch their stomach into their chest. A raised eating position is optimal for all cats as it relaxes the body and promotes better digestion. Not only is raised eating easier on the joints of older cats, flat faced cats greatly benefit from eating at an elevated position as well. Elevated eating allows the most optimal angle to eat which eliminates the sucking and gulping of air as food is swallowed, greatly reducing the risk of vomiting especially for cats with medical conditions.

The structure is made of durable porcelain which is not only beautiful, but also ensures a bacteria-free surface after each clean. Your cat will not only prefer it over other eating platforms but they will love you for it too.

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Binkies Pet Supply Elevated Cat Bowl - Raised Porcelain Dish - Perfect for Wet and Dry Cat Food (White) Features

  1. Your pets health is important to us. Our bowls are third party tested and are lead and cadmium free. They are produced to better than FDA standard quality.
  2. Elevated height reduces strain on the body by alleviating stress in the muscles, bones and joints. Advocates an increase in appetite and helps prevents vomiting.
  3. With extensive study, we carefully engineered the only raised dish specifically designed to prevent whisker fatigue. The dish edge features a subtle ergonomic lip that reduces spills and also acts as a scoop assist.
  4. Brilliant design allows a full days feeding. Minimalistic style looks great in any space.

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