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Soft Cat Toothbrush with 360-degree Head | Safe, Effective and Deep Pet

Soft Cat Toothbrush with 360-degree Head | Safe - Effective and Deep Pet Teeth Cleaning | Brush Away Bad Breath (Mint Green) | Food Grade Silicone
The Cateeth Kitten Toothbrush features a unique design, combining the effective and safe cleansing experience of a Silicone Cat Finger Toothbrush, with the reach and stability of a Handle Toothbrush. Plus, Cateeth is the only cat toothbrush on the market with 360 Bristles that cover the ENTIRE surface area of the toothbrush head, including the tip of the brush - making it easier to get into those difficult to reach areas of the mouth. This Feline Toothbrush won't hurt a cat if they bite down on the head as it is made of soft silicone, compared to other toothbrushes that have a hard plastic backing that can hurt cat's teeth. Why Should you Brush your Cat's Teeth? ✓ Cleaner and Whiter Teeth ✓ Dental Health - Reduce the risk of Dental and Gum Pathologies ✓ Dental Care - Eliminate Plaque and Tartar Buildup ✓ Dental Hygiene - Remove Grime and Food Debris from Cat Food ✓ Oral Care - Eliminate your Cat's Bad Breath ✓ Minimize the risk of Tooth Loss Why should you choose the Cateeth Cat Toothbrush? ✓ BPA Free, Natural, Nontoxic, and Odorless Silicone ✓ Soft Bristles that Surround the Pet Dental Brush Head ✓ Stainless Steel Handle covered with Food Grade Silicone How to Use the Cateeth Pet Toothbrush Apply a small amount of your favorite Cat Toothpaste to your Cateeth Kitty Toothbrush Gently pull up your cat's lip to expose teeth Brush along the gumline and teeth Wash Cateeth Teeth Cleaner thoroughly after each use Inspect your Cateeth Cat Dental Brush for wear and damage regularly and replace materials as needed Designed and Built by Cat Lovers for Cat Lovers - Heartsetpet Brand
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