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PetSafe Easy Walk Harness, Extra Large, APPLE GREEN/GREY for Dogs

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness - Extra Large - APPLE GREEN GREY for Dogs
Discourage your dog from leash pulling with the PetSafe Easy Walk No-Pull Harness for Dogs. Easy to fit and comfortable to wear, the adjustable Easy Walk No-Pull Dog Harness makes outdoor walks more enjoyable for you and your furry friend. The harness features a front chest leash attachment to help steer your dog and redirect his attention back to you if he starts to pull. The harness straps rest across your dog’s chest and belly-not the delicate throat area-so there is no choking, gagging or coughing if your pet tries to pull Finding the perfect size for your pooch is quick and easy by measuring the width of your dog’s chest (including one inch behind the front legs) while standing and then wrapping your measuring tape around your dog’s body to find the girth measurement. To view how to measure your pet, please refer to the 30 second video. When you have your dog’s measurements, using the sizing chart near the top of the page to find the size your dog wears. Please know the sizing chart on the product packaging may not match the size chart near the top of the page. For the most up-to-date sizing info, please refer to the sizing chart near the top of the page. If you have any questions about measuring your dog, please contact PetSafe Customer Care at 1-800-845-3274 and we’ll be happy to assist you!
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UV Flashlight,51 LED Ultraviolet Light,Black Light Flashlight,Detector f

UV Flashlight - 51 LED Ultraviolet Light - Black Light Flashlight - Detector for Dog Cat Urine - Pet Stains - Bed Bug - Scorpion Hunting
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YourSweetPet Chew Toy for Large, Medium Dogs, 3-Knotted Dog Rope with Ha

YourSweetPet Chew Toy for Large - Medium Dogs - 3-Knotted Dog Rope with Handle - 100% Cotton - Play Tug of War - Aggressive Chewers - Nearly Indestructible - Dental Chew - Indoor and Outdoor Pet Toy
Super strength chew rope toy size:26.5" (length) x 3.5" (each knot) x 2.5" (rope diameter) - machine washable (delicate recommended) - 100% durable cotton threads - safe and non-toxic - worry free - cotton fringe ends cleans dogs' teeth as they chew and play - perfect pet gift - buy one more rope toy to keep on hand - made of quality, thick twisted rope with large handle for tug-of-war - heavy duty construction can handle even the most aggressive dog - large 3-knotted rope dog toy for chewing, fetching, tugging and bonding - perfect for large and medium dogs (even some smaller dogs, with your supervision) - your pet will enjoy playing outside or inside (on a rainy day) with rope toy - navy blue (& white) or deep pink (& gray) colors--we choose for you your dog will love you even more, when you buy this toy. We all want the best and safest chew toys for our beloved pet. This thick, knotted 26-inch cotton rope is as fun inside for your dog, as it is outdoors. And you know what else? When your pet is happy, you are happy remember to observe your pet when playing with new toys. Better yet, join your best pal for some fun in the sun at the dog park--enjoy healthy exercise for both of you if durability of our rope does not live up to you and your dog's expectations. This is over 1.3 lbs. Rope that stands up to the test of time. Tough enough for aggressive chewers and gentle enough for dogs more laid-back. Thank you for buying a quality pet toy from your sweet pet. You and your pet's mean everything to us.
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