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Milliard Thermal Cat Mat / Self Heating to keep Your Pet Warm and Revers

Milliard Thermal Cat Mat Self Heating to keep Your Pet Warm and Reversible and Washable for Easy Maintenance - 21in x 17in
The Milliard ultra-soft Thermal Cat Mat is a premium cat mat that offers the perfect combination of comfort and superior durability for a perfect pet bed. The Thermal Cat Mat has a Mylar foil core which keeps cats cozy and warm without the use of electricity, by reflecting your pet's own body heat to keep it warmer in chilly weather. This features a soft leopard print design on one side and solid black fleece on the reverse side. The cat mat is reversible and will provide warmth on either side to give you different style options. This comes with an attached hangtag, which can be used to hang it up when it’s not in use. This cat mat measures 21 inches by 17 inches.
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K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Green 27" x 11&

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Green 27
Instantly turn any window into a kitty entertainment center! The ingenious EZ Mount Window Bed attaches to virtually any window in seconds utilizing our proven suction cup mounting system. Completely open at the top, this half pod design gives cats easy access to climb in and out of. We've included a soft, warm, cushy K&H Manufacturing Amazin' Kitty Pad for hours of snoozing and watching over the household. One year limited warranty.
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Vivaglory Oval Scratching Bed Cat Scratcher Pad Durable Cardboard Lounge

Vivaglory Oval Scratching Bed Cat Scratcher Pad Durable Cardboard Lounge with Catnip
Multiple Choices: Naughty Kitty - Let home outfits come alive with us Ocean World - Take your cat to explore magic world Watermelon - Bring a cool feeling in hot summer Product Dimensions: Max Diameter: 16.9 inch (43 cm) Min Diameter: 11.8 inch (30 cm) Height: 5.9 inch (15 cm) Smart Oval Design: Oval shape will fit kitty's body perfectly, they will love it at the first sight. Like a box, this scratching bed will let your kitty feel safe when staying inside. Cats love it for scratching and also for sitting and sleeping in. Premium Quality: It is made of a premium textured cardboard, which can keep your cat's paws strong and in good health. Top quality corrugated paper ensures a longer useful life than most cat scratchers and also very eco-friendly. Great Gift for Kitty: It can not only satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts but also be used as a cat bed. Undoubtedly, this unique and distinctive scratching bed is a great gift for your kitty. For animal lover or friend who recent adopted a cat, this cat scratcher is definitely the best choice. Package Included: 1 * Oval Cat Scratching Bed 1 * Catnip
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Furhaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Plush & Décor Comfy Couch Sofa-St

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Plush & Décor Comfy Couch Sofa-Style Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats - Diamond Blue - Jumbo
Perfect for pets young and old, the Sofa-Style Orthopedic Pet Bed is designed to provide your loved one with maximum comfort for a good night’s rest. With a soft sleeping surface your dog will be more snug than a bug in a rug on his oh-so-cozy sofa dog bed! The cuddly bolstered design is purrfect for kitties as well, making the comfiest of cat beds. The orthopedic foam base supports your pet’s joints and pressure points making this pet bed ideal for arthritic pets who have trouble getting comfortable. They’ll love the suedine bolsters soft but supportive feel provided on three sides giving them a variety of cozy positions to snuggle into. The bolsters are a great pillow for your pet to lie their head on or, for pets that like to cozy into your couch, they can snuggle close to the sides for a sense of security and warmth. With the feel of a couch, your pet will love having their own space to curl into while you’ll love having your favorite spot on the couch back! No more unwanted pet fur and scratches on your furniture. It’s great for older pets who may be unable to jump on the couch and have had to lie on the floor. The sofa-style orthopedic pet bed provides the comfort of a couch without the struggle of getting up there! For your pet, we have four sizes so that you can make sure your pet has enough room to fit their preferences for maximum comfort. With a removable and washable cover, this sofa bed is easy to clean! Sleeping has never been so enjoyable for your pet in this deluxe sofa style orthopedic bed. Your pet won’t need to count sheep to fall into a sound asleep on this cozy bed! Colors: Espresso, Clay, Gray, Deep Pool Sizes and Dimensions: Small - 20" x 15" x 3.5" (sleep surface - 15.5" x 12") Medium - 30" x 20" x 3.5" (sleep surface - 22" x 15.75") Large - 36" x 27" x 3.5" (sleep surface - 27" x 22") Jumbo - 44" x 35" x 4.5" (sleep surface - 32" x 29").
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BobbyPet Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed - Collapsible Round Shape for Big cat

BobbyPet Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed - Collapsible Round Shape for Big cat
It's a cat scratcher and lounger in one! It is designed for owners looking to reclaim their homes from expensive furniture scratches, misplaced cat hair, and unattractive pet products.. Cats instinctually scratch to hone their claws, stretch their muscles and relieve stress; scratching also releases a special scent from glands in their paws to "mark" their home turf. Help direct that natural behavior away from your expensive furniture and toward this durable, adorable scratcher and sleep inside. The collapsible design can save space.Easy to put in bag if you go travel and easy to store it at drawer if you don't need it .No one wants to pay for the hotel's furniture because cat scratching . * NOTE: Not waterproof or fireproof. Specification: Fold Dimension: 6.2 (L) x 5.1 (W) x 2.9(H) inch (16 x 13 x 7.5 centimeter ) Product Diameter: 20 inch(50 centimeter) Item Weight: 38.8 ounces(1100 gram)
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PAWZ Road Cat Sleeping Bag Self-Warming Kitty Sack Grey

PAWZ Road Cat Sleeping Bag Self-Warming Kitty Sack Grey
PAWZ Road Seller Sweet Pet Best Seller Best Price Best Customer Service Pending The Best Orders
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Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed cat hammock Pet Save Space

Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed cat hammock Pet Save Space
Cats! Now we bring you the Sunny Seat Cat Bed. It easily mounts to any window to allow your cat to enjoy the nice sun and stay off of your furniture . Easily mounts to window using industrial strength suction cups and braces. Cat bed holds up to 50 pounds. So now even the 'fat cats' will have somewhere to lodge.It instantly suctions to any window, offering a comfy, secure place for your cat to sleep. Instructions Use and installation make sure that the safety of people and cats, please note pet's safety. Exclude wet, oil, dirt, wax, convex, rough, flaky surface plane. Decide where to install, set aside a large enough size, the guarantor, the cat's safety. Clean and dry the suction cup and the surface of the adhesive surface, adhesions do not touch again. Please determine blocking position pressed hard, as far as possible out of the air inside. When the four ranking in the square when the sucker, then maximum force, not falling.
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Armarkat Cat Bed, Laurel Green and Beige

Armarkat Cat Bed - Laurel Green and Beige
Armarkat(R) Covered Laurel Green/Beige Cat Bed The Armarkat Covered Laurel Green/Beige Cat Bed is a plush, covered hideaway bed that your cat is guaranteed to love. Made from soft velvet fabric and filled with extra-thick 100% poly fill for maximum comfort, this attractive cat bed will soon become your cat's favorite place to hideaway for a restful sleep. Features: Covered and bolstered Soft velvet fabric Extra-thick 100% poly fill for maxi mum comfort Waterproof and skid-free base 100% machine washable Perfect for cats and x-small dogs Item Specifications: Color: Laurel Green/Beige Item Specifications: (20" L x 20" W x 14" H)
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Plush Cat Bed, Fits MidWest Cat Playpen Model 130, Machine Washable

Plush Cat Bed - Fits MidWest Cat Playpen Model 130 - Machine Washable
The Plush Cat Bed by Mid West Homes for Pets is designed to fit the Cat Playpen (40336) to create a comfortable resting place on one of the three cat perches in the cat cage. The plush Cat Bed features a thick cushioned based surrounded by ultra-soft chenille fur in a camel color, and 4 Velcro straps used to attach to bed to one of the perches in the Cat Playpen. The comfortable cat bed is machine washable and dry friendly and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
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PetFusion Small Pet Bed w/Solid 2.5" Memory Foam, Waterproof liner,

PetFusion Small Pet Bed w Solid 2.5
Tired of cheap pet beds that easily tear, are difficult to clean and don't provide your pet the comfort they deserve? The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge was designed with all these features in mind with an attractive, modern touch that blends in seamlessly to your home. Premium materials, quality construction and smart features set the Ultimate Dog Lounge apart from the crowd and provide excellent value for your money.
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