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Dadiii Soft Cat Nail Caps, 120PCS Soft Claws Paws Nail Covers for Pet Ca

Dadiii Soft Cat Nail Caps - 120PCS Soft Claws Paws Nail Covers for Pet Cat and Dog to Protect Furniture 6 Colors + 6 Pcs Adhesive Glue and Applicators - Options of 3 Size (M)
In spring, cats and dogs enter estrus and begin to get grumpy.More and more people are accidentally scratched and bitten, even pet owners. Meanwhile, cats often catch bad furniture, sofas, floors and other items, leaving scratches and damaging the home environment.Dadiii cat nail caps are good to effectively prevention of cat scratch disease. With these soft protective rubber pet nail covers, your cat will not accidentally hurt you and your furniture even his/herself by sharp nails, make sure you have fun with your pet cat! Multifunctional:1.Protect the furniture, floor, and home environmentThe material of nail caps is environmental protection material with strong flexibility and abrasion resistance, which can effectively prevent the pet cat from scratching the furniture and leaving scratches.2.Protect the owner of the pet catsYou do not have to worry about being scratched or hooked into your clothes while playing with your kitten cats.3.Protect the sick pet catAvoid sick cat scratches the wound without hindering the free movement of cat. 4.Pet groomingDress your pet cat's nail with this cool items, and makes your pet cats more fashion, cute, special. Your cat will shining in the crowd.Instructions:STEP 1: Test the size is proper or not. If the cap is too long for the nails and reaches the nail base, please cut a little bit to prevent inflammation. STEP 2: Trim the tip of your pet's nails. And leave sufficient claw surface for the glue to adhere properly.STEP 3: Fill nail caps 1/3 full with adhesive. Let it half dry. STEP 4: Sliding the cap over the nail. Do it one by one. Size Guide: S: Fit for the age of 6 months, weight: 1.5-3kg/3.3-6.6lb; M: Fit for adult size cats, weight:3-4.5KG/6.6-9.9lb; L: Fit for large breed cats, weight: 4.5-6kg/9.9-13.2lb
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Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer, Standard

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer - Standard
Our Safari Professional Stainless Steel Dog Nail Trimmers are made from the finest quality stainless steel to give a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge. Nail trimming should be a regular part of your dog's grooming. It is important to your pet's well-being to keep the nails properly trimmed. Be sure to accustom your dog to having its nails trimmed at an early age to make the experience an enjoyable one and increase the bond between you and you dog. It is important to your dog's well-being to keep the nails properly trimmed.
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Claw Withdraw Cat Scratch Spray Deterrent - 8oz

Claw Withdraw Cat Scratch Spray Deterrent - 8oz
"Claw Withdraw" is an easy-to-use cat deterrent spray, made with safe, natural ingredients. Use daily until your cat breaks the scratching habit.
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Electric Pet Nail Grinder by Hertzko – For Gentle and Painless Paws Gr

Electric Pet Nail Grinder by Hertzko – For Gentle and Painless Paws Grooming - Trimming - Shaping - and Smoothing for Dogs - Cats - Rabbits and Birds – Portable & Rechargeable - Includes USB Wire
LET YOUR PET ENJOY THE GROOMING EXPERIENCE - The Hertzko Rechargeable Nail Grinder is great for a GENTLE and PAINLESS grooming and trimming experience. ★ There are three openings/ports in the grinder area; you can use depending on your pet's size and characteristics of their nails. Trimming, and shaping, as well as smoothing rough nails on dogs, cats, rabbits and birds. Our Electric Nail Grinder is especially designed with low noise and low vibration , making your pet no fear to trim their nails. ! Click the Add to Cart button now and treat yourself and your pet by getting the Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder TODAY! you will not regret investing in high quality products. At Hertzko, Our products are protected by copyright and trademark laws under the U.S. and international law. All rights reserved. We stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee !
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Pet Republique Professional Cat Nail Clippers - Claw Trimmer for Cat, Ki

Pet Republique Professional Cat Nail Clippers - Claw Trimmer for Cat - Kitten - Puppy - Dog - Hamster - & Small Breed Animals (Mini Clipper)
30 Days money back guarantee, and 2 years warranty! When you buy any product from the Pet Republique (Seller), we will donate 15% of the profits to the American Animal Rescue Society, where rescued abandoned dogs and cats are homed and loved. So make sure you are purchasing from the Pet Republique (Seller) before pressing the buy box to support our donation and receive the described product. One of the best cat nail clippers / professional dog nail clippers for small dogs & medium dogs on the market, now (from Feb 24, 2016) comes with Protective Guard to prevent overcut. These nail clippers are designed for small breeds: kittens, cats, small dogs, and medium dogs. Works well as large bird nail clippers too. Optimized design as cat nail cilppers for adult cats and dog nail clippers for small dogs. Our thick stainless steel blades is strong and sharp to last for years. These nail clippers are quality controlled during the process of manufacturing. Parts will not loose or fall apart. The non-slip handles and built-in spring provide fast effortless cuts. With its unique angled blade, these clippers put you in the most comfortable and safe position to reduce the risk of pet injury. A safety blade lock is installed to allow safe and convenient storage. Apply baby oil to make the quick of the pet's nail visible. If pet's nails are very long, cut off a small amount and wait a week before cutting again. Clear instructions are printed at the back of the nail clippers package. Keep the nail clippers away from children and pets when no adults are supervising. Enter code LZ3ZVEDF at checkout to save an additional 15% on your order now when you purchase any 2 or more items from Pet Republique. To view all our products, simply search our brand in Amazon or click the brand link under this page's product name.
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Nature's Way Cat's Claw Bark Caps, 100 ct

Nature's Way Cat's Claw Bark Caps - 100 ct
Nature's Way Cat's Claw
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Soft Claws for Cats, Size Large, Color Gold Glitter

Soft Claws for Cats - Size Large - Color Gold Glitter
Soft Claws nail caps for cats are a great alternative to declawing and will help prevent problem scratching. Each Soft Claws Nail Cap Kit includes: •40 nail caps •2 tubes of adhesive •6 applicator tips Note: The new CLS (Cleat Lock System) Soft Claws are an improved design from the manufacturer. CLS nail caps have "cleats" that help the nail cap adhere to the nail. The result is a better fitting nail cap and longer lasting application. A small area at the base of each colored CLS nail cap is left clear so you can see part of the cleat system. (When your cat is wearing CLS Soft Claws, you probably won't notice the clear base, since the tip is usually the only part of the nail cap that’s seen once it's fitted onto a claw.) Currently, the following colors and sizes are made with the new CLS design
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100 PCS Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps VICTHY Cats Paws Grooming Nail Claws Caps

100 PCS Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps VICTHY Cats Paws Grooming Nail Claws Caps Covers of 5 Kinds Different Colors + 5Pcs Adhesive Glue Medium Size
Size Guide XS - Kitten: Fit for 1 lb to 5.5 lb cats Soft Cat Nail Caps will fit most kittens by the time they reach the age of 16 weeks. Some kittens can wear them as early as age 12 weeks. To test, try a nail cap on first without the adhesive. If it looks too big, don't glue it on. The nail cap should fit snugly, like a glove. To accommodate younger kittens, you can trim the base of the nail cap making it smaller so it will fit your kitten's nail. Kittens up to about 5.5 pounds or 5 months generally fit the kitten size. S - Small : Fit for 5.5 lb to 11 lb cats Some kittens at 5 months may need the small size if they are growing fast or are large-breed cats. Small-boned adult cats often wear the small size. If your cat seems smaller than an average full-grown cat, choose small. M - Medium : Fit for 11 lb to 16.5 lb cats Most adult average size cats wear medium. L - Large : Fit for 16.5 lb to 22 lb cats Very large-boned and large-breed cats wear large. For example, Maine Coons, are very large cats and generally wear large.
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Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel - With Safety Guard to Avoid Ove

Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel - With Safety Guard to Avoid Over-cutting Nails & Free Nail File - Razor Sharp Blades - Sturdy Non Slip Handles - For Safe - Professional At Home Grooming
Color:Deep blueFinally a Safe, Simple Way to Trim Your Dogs Nails at HomeTired of regularly scheduling appointments and visiting the groomer for a trim?The Boshel® pet Nail Clippers for dogs and cats, is your solution!The Boshel pet nail clippers will allow you to trim your pup's nails professionally at home!★ QUALITY- The Clippers are produced to the quality standards demanded by professional dog groomers.★ EASE OF USE- Uniquely designed to ensure perfect results when used by anyone, even first timers.★ SAFE- Clippers have an integrated safety stop, which serves as a quick sensor.This unique yet powerful feature makes it virtually impossible for you to make too deep of a cut, greatly reducing the risk of injury and bleeding by cutting in to their quick.★ SHARP- Designed with a heavy-duty 3.5-mm stainless steel blade to cut through nails cleanly and easily with just one squeeze.★ PROFESSIONAL EVEN CUT- sharpness ensures that you never do uneven cuts that can lead to breakage.★ QUICK & CLEAN- sharpness enables you to trim all of your dogs nails cleanly & quickly.★ COMFORTABLE- Ergonomically designed with comfortable non-slip handles, which allows you to:☆Keep the clipper safely within your grasp ☆Apply the perfect amount of forceSo you won't accidentally slip and harm your dog during trimming.★ BONUS- Free nail file included, stores compactly and handy into the handle of the nail clipper.★ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE- The Boshel pet nail clippers has been marked as the best pet nail clippers by thousands of satisfied customers, with an average rating of 5/5 stars by more then 1,100 reviewers.Don't be fooled by all the knockoff brands who copy our product. They can copy the look of the clippers but not the experience of it!Start grooming your pet at home the safe, simple way today.Click add to cart and Order yours today
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JOYJULY 140pcs Pet Cat Kitty Soft Claws Caps Control Soft Paws of 4 Glit

JOYJULY 140pcs Pet Cat Kitty Soft Claws Caps Control Soft Paws of 4 Glitter Colors - 10 Colorful Cat Nails Caps Covers + 7 Adhesive Glue+7 Applicator with Instruction - Medium M
Size Reference: XS: Fit for kitten the age of 20 weeks,about 6lbs S: Fit for the age of 6 months, about 6-11lbs M: Fit for adult size cats, about 11-15lbs L: Fit for large breed cats, about 15-20lbs Apply on instruction (Better 2 people apply on) Step 1.Test the size is proper or not: Try one cap on first without the glue. If it doesn't fit, trim the open and of each nail cap until they fit your cat claws snugly. Step 2.Trimming cat nails and leave sufficient claw surface for the glue to adhere properly. (Kitten DO NOT need) Step 3.Cut the glue pipe neck, and use the applicator to help you accurately drop glue into the nail cap. Filling 1/3 nail cap with glue, not too much or too little.(Please be careful and avoid dropping glue on your hands or your cat's fur, if you do, remove it with use nail varnish remover or dispergator immediately. ) Step 4.Sliding the cap over the nail Step 5.Waiting for 5 minutes before letting your cat go Warm Tips: * For the first time wearing the claw nails, some cats will try to bite them off, please try to distract them, until they get used to their new claws. Please do not worry, this is a normal behavior. *Healthy Cat nail shell will come off Every 4-8 weeks in normal situation. So you need prune the nails and replace nail sets every eight weeks. In addition, the cats' nails have scalability, it is recommended that you leaving a little gap out when stick the nails, so that cats nails have Activity space.
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