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Zero Cat Scratching Pads Cat Scratcher Cardboard Toy With Inside Bell-Ba

Zero Cat Scratching Pads Cat Scratcher Cardboard Toy With Inside Bell-Balls Fun Ball Toy To Keep Cats And Kittens Amused MT-308
Product name: corrugated paper cat scratching padsMaterial: Environmental plastic, corrugated paperSize: 30.5*30.5*5.1 cmRecommended size: suitable for any size, age cat
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Cat Mate Elite Microchip Cat Door With Timer Control

Cat Mate Elite Microchip Cat Door With Timer Control
The Cat Mate Elite Microchip Cat Door uses the latest in R.F.I.D. technology and offers major advancements in pet access control. To enter the house, the animal must have a Microchip ID from a Veterinarian implanted in the cat’s neck, or a unique Cat Mate electronic Collar I.D. Disc (ref.310, not included). However, any animal can exit through the door, provided the 4 way electronic lock is not set to ‘In Only’ or ‘Locked’. The door can be programmed for up to 9 cats, keeping all strays out. The LCD display shows selected entry and exit lock status, cat location and time since the flap was last used - for up to 3 cats. The cat door also features a timer function (e.g. to keep cats in at night), which works with the 4 way electronic locking system. Uses 4 AA batteries (6 to 9 months’) not included. Self-lining to 4” (100mm) - suitable for single/double glazing, doors and panels, excluding metal-skinned panels. Wall Liner available for wall installation (ref. 308 not included). If individual pet entry or exit control is required, this can be achieved with the Cat Mate Elite I.D. Disc control door (ref. Cat Mate 305).
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ORE Pet Pet Can Cover - Lt Blue & Blue - 2 count

ORE Pet Pet Can Cover - Lt Blue & Blue - 2 count
Pet Can Cover The Paw Can Cover Set from Ore' Pet has a smart design that's functional - fitting three standard can sizes (and more!) and is formed into a fun paw shape. Made from dishwasher-safe flexible, functional silicone, each set includes two can covers with a matte finish. Each can cover measures four inches in diameter.
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Cat Mate Elite Wall Liner

Cat Mate Elite Wall Liner
Any number of these 2 (50mm) sections may be added to any cat flap in the Elite range for easy wall installation."
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BEST 100% WATERPROOF FLEECE PET THROW DOG BLANKET; Washable - Hypoallergenic: Guaranteed Protection For Furniture & Bed Made in USA (60 x 52
Teton Dog's 100% Waterproof Pet Throw Blanket made with Waterproof Nanopore protects your carpet, furniture and bedding from dirt, water, odors, scratches, hair even URINE. It's an investment in protection that will save you money and bring you peace of mind. Why risk your possessions with other chemical sprayed on "water resistant" pet blankets, which require "Special Washing" conditions and eventually wear off. Our fabric is designed to be washed 100s of times in your washing machine, dry it in your dryer. Our waterproofing never needs to be reapplied because it never wears off from washing.
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40 Inch Navy Links Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed

40 Inch Navy Links Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed
Majestic Pet Product 40" Links Large Bagel Style Dog Bed with Sherpa Center Outside Dimensions: 40"L x 29"W Inside Dimensions: 30"L x 18"W Bolster: 9"H Cushion: 8"H Outside material: Outdoor treated polyester, sherpa center Inside material: Premium High Loft Polyester Fiber Fil Washing Instructions: Place entire dog bed or removable slipcover into washer and dryer on gentle cycle, air dry We, at Majestic Pet Products, agree with you: comfort is a must have when taking care of dogs and pets, no matter their age or size. Recovery is a big part for the dog to stay healthy and increase longevity. And that's why we offer a super comfortable round-shaped pet beds, available in FOUR different sizes. All in soft, comfortable construction for their maximum comfort. It is made with stable design on soft durable cotton / polyester material that is easy to clean and maintain. The Majestic Pet Bagel Dog Bed is available in four different sizes: Small: 24" x 19" x 7" -- Dogs 10 to 25 lbs. recommended Medium: 32" x 23" x 8" -- Dogs 25 to 40 lbs. recommended Large: 40" x 29" x 9" -- Dogs 40 to 70 lbs. recommended Oversize: 52" x 36" x 14" -- Dogs 70 to 110 lbs. recommended
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Elevated Dog and Cat Pet Feeder, Double Bowl Raised Stand Comes with Ext

Elevated Dog and Cat Pet Feeder - Double Bowl Raised Stand Comes with Extra Two Ceramics Bowls - Perfect for Medium and Large Dogs and Cats
We don't eat off the floor and neither should your beloved dog or cat! Pet bowls sitting on the floor are much dirtier than raised pet bowls since moisture underneath pet bowls is a great place for mold and bacteria to grow. Plus,not only will eating from this raised pet bowl be more comfortable, but it will also improve your pet's digestion. Keeping your pet's posture aligned while eating will help food travel down your pet's esophagus.Let's give your Pet a more comfortable place to eat!Product Package Including: Parameters:1. Material: bamboo + ceramic;2. Product size(approx.): 39.5 * 19 * 11.6cm , bowl diameter: 17.5cm, bowl depth: 5.3cm, Can hold 650ml of water and 500g of food3. It is with exquisite contour design, smooth lines, fine seams and excellent workmanship;4. The ceramic double bowls can be placed with food and water, which is easy to clean.Tips: This product is suitable for medium and large dogs and cats with various sizes.Packing list: 1 * bamboo ceramic double-bowl
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Carding Brush #308

Carding Brush #308
Popular size sweater and fur carder. Fine wire that easily takes the nap out of sweaters and fur. Wood handle is shaped for easy grip 6" length x 4-1/5 x 2-1/4 head
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Cat Mate Cat Door Adapter Kit for Walls and Glass Panels - White

Cat Mate Cat Door Adapter Kit for Walls and Glass Panels - White
This paintable adapter kit enables easy installation into walls and glass panels for the following products: Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap (Ref. 360), Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Flap (Ref. 359) and Cat Mate Rotary 4 Way Locking Cat Flap (Ref. 358). For glass installation, you will need a glazier to cut a 10 3/8" diameter hole in the panel. For wall installation, the Cat Mate Elite Wall Liner (Ref. 308) will be required (available separately). NOTE: For installation into existing double/triple glazing or toughened glass, a new panel will be required.
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Canine Soft Claws Dog and Cat Nail Caps Take Home Kit, Small, Natural

Canine Soft Claws Dog and Cat Nail Caps Take Home Kit - Small - Natural
Canine soft claws nail caps take home kit helps customers protect their homes against destructive scratching by applying soft claws nail Caps to their pets' nails. A great add-on to your routine professional nail care. These easy-to-apply caps last 4-6 weeks and will not interfere with pet's normal behavior. The Canine starter kits are ideal for in-shop use. Canine take-home kit includes 40 nail caps, adhesive, 3 applicator tips and instructions. Available in small size and natural color. Comes with 5-10-pounds weight, examples: poodle, rat terrier, shih-tzu. Measures 6-4/5-inch length by 4-4/5-inch width by 1-4/5-inch height.
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