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VIVOO Cat Teeth Grinding Chew Toy Catnip Stick Natural Matatabi 6 Pack,

VIVOO Cat Teeth Grinding Chew Toy Catnip Stick Natural Matatabi 6 Pack - Healthy Care Organic Silver Vine Bully Sticks for Kitty
Reaction after feed: Typical behaviors include rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, drooling, and licking. The effect usually lasts between five and 30 minutes Dosage: Every time one stick is used  about 30 minutes, No more than 3 times a week. After your cat is finished, put the CatTwig silver vine stick back into the resealable bag.  Notice: Just as some cats are not interested in catnip, not all cats love CatTwig.  PRO TIP: Rub the stick a little before giving it to you cat to release some of the natural oils Package: 6 x Matatabi sticks What are Catnip Sticks ?  Catnip Sticks are 100% natural wood from the silver vine plant. The silver vine plant is grown in mountainous regions of Asia and has long been known as a cat attractant.  How does is use?  Feed the stick to your cat and let them play with it by themselves. Or you can hold it and move it quickly and let cat chase it. We have strict quality control with our suppliers and growers they ensure the cleanest, highest quality silver vine. There are no preservatives or chemicals added to our product. We want the best feed for our kitties
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SHUYUE Foam Soccer Balls Cat Toys - Pack of 12

SHUYUE Foam Soccer Balls Cat Toys - Pack of 12
SHUYUE foam soccer balls made with non-toxic high quality foam material, light and soft but very durable, 100% safe for all pets 1.5'' in diameter, high-visibility colors designed for cat exercise, interactive playing with your kitty. Your kitties will enjoy and even go crazy with bouncing these balls down the stairs or flipping them through the air and chasing them. Even when you get tired, just throw these sponge cat balls and your kittens also can stay entertained with them for a long time. You and your cats can all get fun from them. There won't be easier cat toys for your cats, especially for fat cats.
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Catit Treat Ball, Blue

Catit Treat Ball - Blue
The catit treat ball is a toy and treat dispenser in one. As the cat plays, chases and swats the ball, treats are released for a yummy surprise. When you turn the lid fully closed, it becomes a regular play ball, so your cat can still have hours of entertainment. The catit treat ball is available in either pink or blue, and will make your cat work and play for its treats.
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Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Cat Toy - Interactive, Fun For Cats & D

Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Cat Toy - Interactive - Fun For Cats & Dogs - Exercise Entertainment Training Tool 360º Training Pointer
😻Are you looking for a fun and enjoyable toy for your pet that will keep both your pet and you entertained? If yes, then you've found it! This Automatic Rotating Toy is one of the best pet toys on the market that provides your furry little feline and canine friend with endless hours of fun and entertainment while making sure that even you have a great time.
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Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Toy for Cats

Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Toy for Cats
Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit takes fun and action to breathtakingly new heights. This large 8-piece circuit has alternating high and low sections with an enticing motion-activated illuminated ball the zips around inside, enticing cats to chase and swipe at it. There are large openings along the circuit that allow curious felines to safely reach in and touch the ball. It's the ultimate exercise stimulator for cats.
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DrPawPrints 14 Fish 3 Large Refillable Realistic Toy for Pet Cats Or Kit

DrPawPrints 14 Fish 3 Large Refillable Realistic Toy for Pet Cats Or Kittens – Big Plush Shaped Pillow Stuffed with Real Catnip –
The fish cat toy is the answer you've been looking for! You've waited long enough to have the perfect cat toy or fish prop! It's safest cat toy in the market! - Order Now! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If your cat doesn't have the time of their life playing with these cat toys, contact us and we will make it right.
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Catit Play 'n Scratch Cat Toy, Purple

Catit Play 'n Scratch Cat Toy - Purple
Catit Play 'n Scratch provides cats with a safe place for exercise and scratching. Play 'n Scratch is a scratcher-and-toy-in-one consisting of a durable plastic platform with a scratch pad located at the center and a tracking ball that rolls around the perimeter. There's also a spring toy with a fluffy pom-pom for additional fun and enticement. The scratch pad is made of corrugated cardboard, which provides felines with a safe surface to put their claws into. When they're finished scratching, they can swat at the pom-pom or chase the ball around the track. By providing a satisfying outlet for cats to scratch, Play 'n Scratch is also an effective and practical way to divert attention from valuable household furniture and fixtures, which are often targets of scratching. It's a cost-efficient way to preserve household assets. Besides having a good time, cats will enjoy many excellent health benefits as a result of playing with this fun and stimulating toy.
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Petmate Jackson Galaxy Air Wand with 1 Toy

Petmate Jackson Galaxy Air Wand with 1 Toy
Petmate's innovative new product line has been created in partnership with Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy. His inspired product designs and insights use colors cats can easily see, materials cats prefer for play and stimulating sounds. This unique product line incorporates his philosophy, built on over 20 years' experience as a trusted expert cat behaviorist, for the ideal cat lifestyle: Innovation, Effective Cat Play interaction, Ease of use and Fun for both people and pets.
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Peroom 3 Piece Catnip Toys, Pet Toys for Cats, Cat Toy, Simulation Fish

Peroom 3 Piece Catnip Toys - Pet Toys for Cats - Cat Toy - Simulation Fish Plush Cat Interactive Toy Pillow Chew Bite Kick Supplies for Cat Pets
We, Peroom, mainly sell pet toys accessories items, all of the products will be double checked or tested before shipped. Offering customers with the best products with best price and best services is our target. Features: Super simulation, and pretty soft, best toys for your cats Well-made size for cats to bring and scratch. Made of durable fabric &PP elastic cotton, promise the safety for your cats, ideal items for cat to chew and bite Good fragrance will help your cats pay much more attention on them, and enjoy time. Size: -Salmon: 7*2.55 inch -Grass carp: 8 * 3.14 inch -Carp:8.6*4.33 inch Package:6 pack catnip toys Carp X 1 Salmon X 1 Grass carp Why choose Peroom? Quality guarantee! All the products we sell are the top quality items Service guarantee! Professional customers team, we will reply you at our first time Solution guarantee! If you have any problem with your purchase. We will give you the best solution. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are always here for you
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The Giddy Kitty 5 Pack Cat Feather Interactive Toy with Small Bells and

The Giddy Kitty 5 Pack Cat Feather Interactive Toy with Small Bells and Extra Long Wand with Red Handle - Best Teaser Toys for Exercising Kitten or Cats
Have a blast while exercising your cat, get more for your money with 5 different feathers, the giddy kitty package includes: 1 beautiful red and black feather with small bell. 1 beautiful green and black feather with small bell. 1. Beautiful yellow and black feather with small bell. 1. Beautiful blue and black feather with small bell. 1. Beautiful pink and black feather with small bell. 1. Wand with red handle: At almost 3ft this wand gives you the room to play while sitting down and relaxing at the same time. Comes in two pieces for easy storage. Makes the perfect gift for yourself or any cat lover. Have fun while keeping your cat fit, active and healthy. Click the buy button now for a fun and long lasting cat toy.
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