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Ruff 'n Ruffus Automatic Laser Cat Toy + Free Bonus 3-in-1 Chase To

Ruff 'n Ruffus Automatic Laser Cat Toy + Free Bonus 3-in-1 Chase Toy | Interactive Cat Chase Toy | 3 Rotating Modes | Auto Shut-Off | AA Battery Operated | Kitten Cat Owner’s Gift Idea
A LASER TOY YOUR KITTY WILL SIMPLY LOVE Purr-fect Entertainment Keep your adorable furry buddy prancing and purring in delight! This isn't just any laser cat toy. We've designed it with both you and your kitty in mind. No more getting tired waving a wand around; everything is automatic and hands-free. So you can do some chores as your cat has a blast or just sit back and watch them play. No more dealing with laser toys that your kitty quickly tires of. Ours has 3 modes intelligently designed to cater to all activity levels while appealing to your pet's natural hunting skills. This means your cat stays intrigued and engaged day in, day out. Enjoy Amazing Value At Ruff n Ruffus, we're all about giving our cherished customers the best bang for their buck. With every laser cat tower toy, you'll get a hand-held laser pointer toy completely free ($10 value). It produces a red laser dot that you can wave and wiggle on floors and walls to entertain your kitty and also produces a bright LED light and UV light when switched into a second position. Want a laser toy for fun on the go? This mini laser pointer comes with a carabiner clip for hassle-free portability. Here are more reasons to love the automatic laser cat toy: - Conveniently powered by 3 x AA batteries. - 3 Play Modes (Slow, Fast, Random) - Has a 15-minute auto shut-off timer (Random Mode) for safe play. - Encourages healthy exercise and active play. - The bright laser can be easily seen even during the day. - Works for cats of all ages; kittens or older pets. - Makes a great gift idea for any cat lover. Click 'Add to Cart' now to get your laser cat toy and bonus completely risk-free!
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Cat's Meow- Motorized Wand Cat Toy, Automatic 30 Minute Shut Off, 3

Cat's Meow- Motorized Wand Cat Toy - Automatic 30 Minute Shut Off - 3 Speed Settings - The Toy Your Cat Can't Resist
Cat’s meow is a playful solution for your cat’s clawing and scratching! Just press thebutton and your cat will be endlessly entertained with this motion activated toy. It is fun exercise for cats of all ages. Cat’s meow includes one cat’s meow cat toy, onedurable skirt, and one mouse wand. Requires three 3 (C) batteries (not included).
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OurPets 100-Percent Catnip Filled Chili Pepper Cat Toy, Hot Stuff

OurPets 100-Percent Catnip Filled Chili Pepper Cat Toy - Hot Stuff
OurPets Cosmic Catnip has been grown to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip ever produced! When catnip is pinched, the aroma stored in the dried leaves is released, driving cats wild! Catnip is a 100% natural herb that stimulates a harmless, playful reaction in most cats. The action of a cat playing with this catnip-stuffed toy will release an energizing aroma for long-lasting play.
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Penn Plax Play Fur Mice Cat Toys – Mixed Bag of 12 Play Mice with Ratt

Penn Plax Play Fur Mice Cat Toys – Mixed Bag of 12 Play Mice with Rattling Sounds – 3 Color Variety Pack - CAT531 - black and white
The Penn Plax Mice Cat Toys are a mixed bag of 12 play mice with rattling sounds.  The rattling noise that these toy mice make is enough to keep your cat intrigued, but not bother you.  These toys measure 2 inches and come in black, grey and white.  Keep your pets from ruining your expensive furniture.  Your cat will play, scratch and chew on these fun toys instead of your home furnishings!  These mice toys will look very real to your kitten.  Right away you’ll see how much fun they have playing around with them.  It is important to find a pet toy that your cat not only enjoys playing with, but will keep them active.  They will not want to stop messing around with these mice cat toys once they get their paws on them.  The durable design means that they are built to last and can withstand lots of wear and tear.
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AikoPets Cat Arch Self Groomer Massager Groom Toy Dog Brushes Pet Puppy

AikoPets Cat Arch Self Groomer Massager Groom Toy Dog Brushes Pet Puppy Cat Scratcher Toys Fur Grooming Cat Toy Brush Controls Shedding with Scratch Pad and Catnip Interactive Kitten Toys
Dimension:13.8 x 3.93 x 12.2 in. Item weight :1.72 lbs. Features: As seen on tv purrfect arch self groomer massager.  Helps stop shedding scratching to keep your home hair free. Durable bristles.  Designed to remove loose shedding hair while stimulating your cat with a massage.  Super sturdy. Carpet base is perfect for scratching. Easy setup.  As seen on tv purrfect arch self groomer & massager, all in 1 for cats, helps stop shedding & scratching to keep your home hair free, durable bristles,  designed to remove loose, shedding hair while stimulating your cat with a massage.
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Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower, 20.25 x 13.75 x 25.

Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower - 20.25 x 13.75 x 25.5 - Gray Light Gray
The unique design of our Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower make it ideal for small spaces. Simply fold shut for quick and easy storage. While in use, it will provide endless opportunities for cats to play, explore, scratch or just relax. Felines can sharpen their claws on the durable sisal scratching surface instead of on your furniture or carpet, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts. Spunky cats can jump, climb or perch in the plush hammock and lie in wait for unsuspecting prey or just relax and enjoy the view. For a cozy retreat, they can crawl inside the soft sided condo with a plush insert. Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels. One year warranty. Color: gray/light gray. Dimensions 20.25 L x 13.75 W x 25.5 H inches. Scratching pad: 16 x 10 inches. Condo opening: 7 inches in diameter. Weight: 11 pounds.
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6-Pack Ethical Pet Colorful Springs Cat Toys * 10 Toys per Pack

6-Pack Ethical Pet Colorful Springs Cat Toys * 10 Toys per Pack
Six brand new packages of cat toy springs, in manufacturer's packaging. 10 toys per pack. Spot Brand Colorful Springs will make your cat SPRING into action with these colorful, bouncy, plastic spring cat toys. Perfect impulse item for your pet. Your cat will have fun chasing them around while their unpredictable bounce will drive them nuts. This is a great toy for your ferret, too.
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Pawsome Pets Automatic Cat Laser Toy - Pet Laser Light for Cats, Interac

Pawsome Pets Automatic Cat Laser Toy - Pet Laser Light for Cats - Interactive Cat Chase Toy With 3 Rotating Modes - Auto Shut Off
This stylish cat toy will provide your cat much needed healthy exercises and look like a sleek modern decorative accessory in your home. Appeal to the natural hunting instinct of your cats with specially designed, rotating patterned laser light which moves randomly across your floors Cats need frequent stimulation to be happy and healthy. The Pawsome Pets Rotating Cat Laser Toy is an innovative source of challenging engagement for your pet. The interactive laser toy keeps your cat engaged with the unique diamond shaped spinning head. Once switched on, the rotating cat toy laser rotates in a randomized 360 circular motion across your floor. Every cat is unique thats why the automatic laser toy was programmed with 3 different speeds for you to choose from; fast slow and random . Equipped with 15 minute automatic shut-off timer to prolong battery life (only in random mode). 3x AA batteries required (sold seperately) Product Details ✪ Interactive Rotating Laser Cat Toy ✪ Encourages Exercise and Promotes Health ✪ Stylish and Modern Design with Blue Diamond Shaped Spinning Head ✪ Auto Timer - Shuts Off After 15 Minutes (Only in Random Mode) Package Includes ✪ Interactive Rotating Cat Laser Toy and Instruction Pamphlet Warranty: 12-Month No Questions asked warranty. ----- If you like our product, share your experience! We appreciate your feedback! If you are not 100% satisfied in our service or product quality, please contact us for rectification. We would love the chance to make things right!
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PETOY Cat Toys Set, Cat Retractable Teaser Wand, Catnip Fish, Interactiv

PETOY Cat Toys Set - Cat Retractable Teaser Wand - Catnip Fish - Interactive Cat Feather Toy - Mylar Crincle Balls - Two Cotton Mice - Two Fluffy Mouse
What's in the package? ----1x cat teaser wand with a dangling fish and a feather strip to replace; Lightweight:15g Three length option: Max:40IN Min:15IN Feather with a bell to stimulate the most of your cat's hunting instincts, helping your cats stay fit and healthy ----1x catnip fish; Catnip fish stuffed with crystal PP cotton and built-in organic fresh catnip. Size:7.5''L About 70 percent of cats will respond to the active but harmless chemical catnip herb, by miaowing and rolling. ----1x mouse-in-a-rolling-cage ball; Super tough iron ball with a feather mouse in it. ----2x cotton mice (2 colors sent at random); ----2x feather mice with feather tails or strip tails(2 colors sent at random); ----2x mylar crincle balls; Color would not fade at all. Reasons why play with your cat---- It provides physical and mental exercise. It prevents and relieves boredom. It's a potent stress reliever. It channels restlessness and is a hedge against destructive behavior. It aids in weight maintenance. It's a distraction from frightening noises or situations (may help lessen fear). It's pleasurable. It strengthens the cat-human bond. Tips on how to play with your cat---- Play for a few short sessions every day. Allow your cat to catch and grab the toy at the end of each game. Provide a variety of toys At the end of each session tidy away toys with string, or anything that might present a danger to your cat. Never force your cat to play or be trained.
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Our Pets Batting Practice Interactive Cat Toy

Our Pets Batting Practice Interactive Cat Toy
Pet Zone Batting Practice - Whether you're home or away, indulge your cat's preying instincts. The tethered mouse is suspended from the top of a door and will dance and bounce with each swat of your cat's paw.
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