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Petronics Mousr Interactive Robotic cat Toy | Plays Automatically or by

Petronics Mousr Interactive Robotic cat Toy | Plays Automatically or by Smartphone Control | Voted Best cat Toy 2018
Mousr is the first fully autonomous mouse for your cat. Choose from three automatic play styles or connect your smart phone to remote control.Mousr has been designed from the ground up to be perfect for cats, including a quiet high quality gearbox, the ability to work on any household surface, and the ability to handle floor transitions effortlessly.Mousr has been play tested with Bengals, Maine Coons, and Savannahs to ensure he can withstand any abuse your cat can dish out.Mousr features a motorized tail gearbox and a variety of tail attachments that can be customized to your cat's personality and mood, including springy Bounce Tails and string based Flick Tails. Mousr's tails are replaceable, so simply pop on a new one as they wear out.
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Zenes Butterfly Cat Toy - Electric Flutter Rotating Butterfly, Funny Cat

Zenes Butterfly Cat Toy - Electric Flutter Rotating Butterfly - Funny Cat Teaser Toy Two Replacement - White
Your cat will have hours of fun playing with this little shiny butterfly that keep flying away under his paws. This ultimate exercise stimulator will push your cat to exercise therefore reducing his stress.With a fluttering butterfly: brightly coloured, battery-operated butterfly flies in a circle and imitates natural preyStimulates your cat's natural hunting instincts: flying and fluttering movement encourages games of chaseEasy to use: activated by the touch of a button and a gentle pushSecure base: broad, heavy base ensures stabilityGreat fun: fluttering action keeps your cat engaged and on its toesBatteries: 3 x AA (1.5V), not includedColours: Butterfly: shimmering purple or yellowMaterial:PlasticDimensions: Butterfly: 2.8 x 5.3 inches (L x W)Wire: approx. L 9.5 inchesBase: 8.2 x 8.2 x 3.5 inches (L x W x H)Packages Includes:1x Butterfly Interactive Cat Toy Base(battery not included)2x Butterfly Heads for ReplacementPlease note:No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.
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HEXBUG Deluxe Nano Cat Toy Pack Plus Remote Control

HEXBUG Deluxe Nano Cat Toy Pack Plus Remote Control
Introducing the playfully energetic HEXBUG Deluxe Nano Cat Toy Pack Plus Remote Control. This pack includes two HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toys, one HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy, one HEXBUG Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy, and a pack of HEXBUG batteries (12 batteries included). Enjoy a variety of cat toys for your cat. Sit back and watch your cat playfully pounce on the HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toy / HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy or use the remote control to drive the HEXBUG Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy. With the included batteries, the fun doesn't stop. Styles and colors are selected randomly at time of shipment based on availability. Only works on hard surfaces. WARNING: Remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose, damaged, or detached. Intended for pets only. Not a toy for children. Pets should be supervised when playing with this or any other toy. Product packaging may vary. Do not allow any pet to eat this toy.
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Friends Forever Kitten Toys Variety Pack, Cute Kitty Toys for Cats 20 Pi

Friends Forever Kitten Toys Variety Pack - Cute Kitty Toys for Cats 20 Pieces - Cat Toys Set Including Cat Fishing Pole - Catnip Pillow & Lot More
Friends Forever™ Assorted Cat Toys For cats, the only thing better than 1 toy is 20 toys. This variety pack includes mouse, ball, bell, feathers and catnip, sure to provide your cat with endless hours of fun. These toys also provide a healthy outlet for your cats' natural instinct to hunt. Designed with interactivity and physical exercise in mind. Featuring feathers, balls and catnip, mice and more Allow your cat to release energy with this combo pack of entertaining toys. Watch your kitties go crazy with the rattling sounds these toys make when pouncing on them. Warning: Please note the possibility of a cat ripping toys apart and eating them. The safest way is to supervise your cats when your cats play with toys. -----If you like our product, please share your experience with other customers. We welcome the feedback!If you are not 100% satisfied in our service or product quality, please contact us for rectification. We would love the chance to make things right for you! Have questions or suggestions? Please email us at customercare@jlapets.comOur mission is to be the unparalleled leader in creating pet products that meet the highest level of quality, innovation, and function. To offer superior customer service that results in a premium shopping experience.
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Animmo 2X Cat Light Pointers Batteries Included for Both Plus Individual

Animmo 2X Cat Light Pointers Batteries Included for Both Plus Individually Tested for Proper Function - Stays On (with One Click) - Interactive Bright Exercise Training Tool Fun Cat Dog Chaser Toy
INCLUDES: 2x cat pointers with batteries (3 sets) The “STAY ON” cat light pointer is a perfect tool to EFFORTLESSLY play with your furry friend! With just ONE CLICK, the red light turns and stays on! Just one more click and it turns off! No more of that unnecessary thumb pain from constantly holding down the button. These cat light pointers not only provide the convenience of only having to press the button once, but are also SUPER BRIGHT and the button never gets jammed! Unlike competitors, we have tested to guarantee the light will be more than visible to your furriend!
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Bascolor Retractable Cat Toys Interactive Feather Teaser Wand Toy with 7

Bascolor Retractable Cat Toys Interactive Feather Teaser Wand Toy with 7 Refills Feathers Birds Worms Catcher for Cats Kitten
Welcome to Bascolor Retractable Cat Toys Wand! --Item Name-- 7 Refills Retractable Cat Toys Teaser Wand --Brand-- Bascolor --Package Includes-- 1* Teaser Wand with Fishing Line 6* Colorful Feather Attachments 1* Worm Attachment --Weight-- 40g --Material-- Handle:foam Rod: plastic Fish Wire: nylon --Recommended by veterinarians-- The wand is retractable - the rod extends out, and locks into place.And it’s essential for easily storing the toy; The extended wand and string are long - keeping your fingers away from very sharp claws; The end is flexible which allows the human to just gently move hand or wrist to easily get some great movement at the play end of the toy; The wand is strong & flexible enough to withstand a large cat catching it in the air then dropping to the floor while hanging onto the toy without breaking; These feather toys have a bell which keeps the cats attention; Cat will flip, jump, pounce, chase, and prowl these teaser toys, which can keep your cat healthy and fit for life. The cat teaser is an interactive toy to strengthen the relationships between you and your cat, just enjoy hours of fun for the whole family! Tell us directly if there is any problem with you cat toys!
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Homewinner Motion Cat Toys Catch The Mouse Interactive Plush Scratching

Homewinner Motion Cat Toys Catch The Mouse Interactive Plush Scratching Claw Mat
Shadowless mouse is a new type of cat toy, disc design, composed of chassis, spring rod, plush mouse, cat pad. With the novel design. The top is the cat scratch board, can be used for the cat scratch during the playing, it's the most favorite toy for your lovely cat. The cat will love it obviously. The Plush mice placed in the disc device will circle around the disc as long as the cat touch it lightly. They can't catch the mouse and it's will make the cat play crazy. The cat can see and attack the mouse by opening three windows at the edge of the disc, but the mouse runs to other windows as soon as the paw touches the mouse, attracting the cat to continue catching. It can be used for both claw and entertainment. Super practical cat toys.
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BlackHole Litter Mat Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy for Cat/Dog wit

BlackHole Litter Mat Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy for Cat Dog with LED Light (4 pcs) - Cat & Dog Toy to Stimulate Your Pet's Hunter Instincts
Does your cat/dog hate water? Not drinking enough water and hate bath time? Robot Fish can be a great toy to introduce water activities to your cat/dog and encourages him/her t to feel more comfortable around the water. It is made with durable material, safe for pets, and very easy to use. With a convenient auto turn on/off feature, it is a perfect gift for your cat/dog and any other cat/dog owners. *This is not a toy for children. *This is a toy for cats and dogs only. *Batteries are included. It will last approximately 30 minutes (to maximize battery life, avoid using it continuously). * Automatically turns on/off in response to water with a sensor. * In case the toy does not stop automatically when you remove it from the water, please use the included tool to remove the battery. * Make sure the toy is completely dry when replacing the battery. *Colors vary. Components: 4 fish, 8 batteries (LR44), 1 battery replacement tool
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Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser and Exerciser For Cat and Kitten -

Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser and Exerciser For Cat and Kitten - Cat Toy Interactive Cat Wand
Pet Fit For Life 2 Feather Cat Toy Interactive Wand Are you looking for a great way to play with your cat? Does your cat ignore other cat toys? Does your cat prefer to lay in the sun all day? Well not anymore! Our cat wand is: 1. Guaranteed for hours of fun 2. Guaranteed great exercise for your cat 3. Guaranteed to unleash their hunter instinct Product Features Extra long 33 inch wand made of flexible, indestructible, non-toxic, polycarbonate Exclusive soft but durable foam handle for easy gripping Strong, extra long, 33 inch string for extra bounce and fun Light weight but durable for hours of play 2 interchangeable feather attachments included so you can change up the action Read a book or watch T.V. while you entertain and exercising your little fur ball. Great for cats, young and old. Keeps them fit and active. Your cat won't be able to resist chasing these feathers (birds) around the house. Great value and great product. You can't go wrong with the 2 Piece Feather Cat Wand from Pet Fit For Life. Click *Add To Cart* above...Get your free bonus, "A Cat's Tale", an informative pdf with every order. Learn about the advantages of exercising your cat as well as some great ideas on ways to help your cat get the exercise they need. Get your cat or kitten on the path to a healthy mind and body with your new Pet Fit For Life 2 Piece Feather Cat Wand. And remember, all Pet Fit For Life products come with an exclusive 100% money back guarantee. Our success is measured by ensuring you, (and your cat) are completely satisfied.
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PetSafe SlimCat Meal-Dispensing Cat Toy, Great for Food or Treats

PetSafe SlimCat Meal-Dispensing Cat Toy - Great for Food or Treats
The PetSafe SlimCat is a fun, interactive toy that combines playtime with mealtime to help control your cat's weight. You can choose to put treats or dry food in the SlimCat. The openings are adjustable so you can tailor the challenge to your cat's needs.
$6.95 Show Detail
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