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PETMAKER Cat Scratching Posts- Adult Cat and Kitten Tree, 3 Large Scratc

PETMAKER Cat Scratching Posts- Adult Cat and Kitten Tree - 3 Large Scratching Poles - Carpeted Base Play Area and Perch - Furniture Scratch Deterrent by
Help your kitty stretch their paws and claws safely with this Cat Scratching Post-3 Poles with Perch by PETMAKER. This 3-post cat scratcher helps provide protection for your couch and other furniture by giving your favorite feline a healthy and safe outlet to pursue their natural instincts using a small vertical tower design. This rope scratching post also features a carpet perch pad and 3 playful and stimulating cat toys, giving your fur baby a large scratching area, much needed relief, and hours of fun! IMPORTANT: Avoid buying counterfeit products and transacting with unauthorized sellers. Look for our logo on the packaging for every one of our products. PETMAKER is committed to providing the consumer with the absolute best price and value on all of our products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous Quality Control process. PETMAKER is a registered trademark protected by U.S. Trademark law and will be vigorously defended.
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SUCK UK Cat Scratching DJ Deck

SUCK UK Cat Scratching DJ Deck
Cats scratch furniture to exercise, mark their territory and just for sheer pleasure, so why not mix that natural instinct with a bit of fun?The Cat Scratch Turntable comes flat packed and is easy to assemble. With a posable tone arm and a top that spins as your cat paws it, you can sit back and giggle in a "look the cat is doing human things!" way, rather than watch in horror as they shred the arm of your new sofa.Comes complete with illustrated, easy to follow instructions. A fun addition to any cat loving household!
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Cat ,Collapsible Cat Scratcher Lounge Post with Ball Toy Bell & Catn

Cat - Collapsible Cat Scratcher Lounge Post with Ball Toy Bell & Catnip - High Density Recycled Corrugated Kitty Scratching Pad Cats Turbo Toys
Why you choose YOUTHINK Cat Scratch Cardboard Toy? YOUTHINK Cat Scratch Cardboard is not just a scratch lounge or bed. It provides adorable place for cats to play,scratch and rest. The cardboard scratcher also comes with a little tinkle ball which cats can play with. For Cat Scratch we have chosen the best and most durable materials to be sure that it will be reliable even for a long time. Cats adore to scratch and soon lose habit to scratch furniture and wall paper. The texture of cardboard will make cats happy, enjoy scratching, playing, relaxing and lounging around. ●Recycled Material: Premium recycled corrugated cardboard made of eco-friendly honeycomb paper ●Bowl Shaped Design: For your cat to rest when it's tired after scratching. ●Foldable & Portable: Save space when it's not used. ●New Toy: Tinkle ball enhance his interest. ●Neutral Color: Quite fit your home decoration, it can be placed on couch or floor. ●Foldable Dimension: 11.0(L) x3.9(W) x 6.2 (H)inch ●Unfoldable Dimension: 20.5(D)X 6.2(H)inch ●Item Weight: 72.3 ounces Kindly Note: Not waterproof or fireproof. After Service Guarantee: Any damage or don't satisfied with YOUTHINK Cardboard Scratcher Toy for any reason,we promise 30 days money back or replacement.
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Kitty City Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture

Kitty City Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture
If you want only the best for your cat, then the mega kit is your answer. With multiple levels to explore and a plethora of scratching posts and plush toys, this is the ultimate Kitty City.
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OurPets The Wave Curved Catnip Cat Scratcher

OurPets The Wave Curved Catnip Cat Scratcher
The OurPet`s S Curved Scratcher is a durable and economical cardboard scratcher and catnip kit that helps train cats from scratching furniture and carpet.
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Dimaka Cat Scratching Post, 20" Tall, White Natural Sisal and Toy F

Dimaka Cat Scratching Post - 20
cat scratching post for medium size cats or kitten.
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ANG Cat Scratching Pad Toy with Inside Bell-Balls, Small-Two Balls in Si

ANG Cat Scratching Pad Toy with Inside Bell-Balls - Small-Two Balls in Single Side
This scratcher toy with bell-balls inside will brings more fun for your cats! It is made of non-toxic corrugated paper, which is safe for cat's playing. Allows two or more cats to play at the same time, perfectly meet your need if you have more pet cats. It's not only a scratcher! Catnip and inside bell-balls makes cat more happier and enjoy the palying. Specifications: S size: dimension/11*9.4*7 in, net weight/480g L size: dimension/11.4*11*7.9 in, net weight/654g Attentions: Better not to use catnip for kittens younger than 6 months. It's natural plant with distinctive smell which will arouse cat's strong interest to chase the smell, but is not harmful for use, and will not make your cats be addicted. Please know that different cats may have different response to catnip, some may feel exciting but some may show no interests at all. The large size has two bell-balls in different two sides, which allows same time and same playing; The small size has two bell-balls in the same side, the other visible side has no ball inside. This allows one cat play and srcatch on one side, another cat can only scratch on the opposite side. You can chose the perfect size for your cats.
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Lean-it Scratching Post Wide 20-Inch, Colors May Vary

Lean-it Scratching Post Wide 20-Inch - Colors May Vary
The Lean-it Anywhere Scratching Post is the only cat scratching post that can be leaned against a wall at any angle and used on any floor surface, be it carpet, vinyl or hardwood. The Lean-it Anywhere Scratching Post comes with an attractive carpeted post and stylish end cap. The Lean-it Anywhere Scratching Post is sold in both regular and extra wide . The regular size Lean-it Anywhere Scratching Post is available in 19-inch and 25-inch lengths and the Wide is available in lengths of 20-inch, 26-inch and 38-inch.
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G GEEKEEP Pet Cat Scratch Prevention Tape, Door,Furniture,Couch and Leat

G GEEKEEP Pet Cat Scratch Prevention Tape - Door - Furniture - Couch and Leather Scratch Guard Protector Tape For Cats and Pets - 3 Inches x 30 Yards
  If your cat is clawing away at your patience and leaving the edges of your furniture in tatters,G GEEKEEP  cat training tape gives you a quick and easy solution to your cat's scratching problem. While scratching is a  natural instinct that needs to be fulfilled, it should be done on scratching posts, not your valuable furniture.  To deter kitty from scratching your couch, chairs, drapes and more, simply roll this scratch protection  film onto any surface and cut to your desired length with the dispenser. Press down firmly, then remove  the white contact paper for an invisible scratch barrier! How it works? Cats' paws are extremely sensitive to touch, having evolved to detect the slightest vibrations of prey rustling through leaves and brush. This acute sensitivity makes "sticky" surfaces exceptionally annoying, and cats will avoid scratching any place so uninviting. Both options are nearly invisible to the human eye or nose, yet they yield clearly visible results. Material: Plastic Dimensions (Overall): 98 feet (L) x3 inches (W) Intended Pet Type: Cat,Dog Crystal Clear: Yes Pet Lifestage: All Ages
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PetEnjoy Cat Scratching Post Kitty Scratch Pad Pet Scratcher Cardboard L

PetEnjoy Cat Scratching Post Kitty Scratch Pad Pet Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Bed Puppy Dog Toys with Cat Bell (Triangle)
Dimension of Cat Scratching Cardboard: 9 inch x 16.9 inch x6.4 inch - 230mm x 430mm x 163mm - L x W x H Cat Scratching Post Material: Corrugated cardboard Features: Comfortable natural incline scratcher for your cat is more ergonomic than other cat scratching products such as a cat scratching post, cat tree, or cat tower. There is a bell in the cat scratching post.It can make the cat play for a long time. This prodouct entices cats with catnip, promote them to scratch, attracts them to play inside bell-balls.
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