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4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post 26" (White) - BASICS Collection

4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post 26
A Sturdy Vertical Scratcher The Scratching Post is wall mountable and sturdy enough for your cat to rest its weight on it while scratching and stretching. The hooks are mounted with adhesive pads which are easy to install on any clean vertical surface such as a cupboard or wall. The scratching post is 26" tall, allowing sufficient room for a comfortable vertical scratching position. Protect your walls, door frames or other vertical furniture and save money by offering your cats a better alternative to dig their claws in. The Scratching Post is designed to appeal to your kitty's natural instinctive need for scratching and stretching. Get a couple and enjoy a discount! Your kitty will love it! Created with Premium Pressed Cardboard, the scratcher is dense and lasts longer than others. The scratching post measures 26" tall, 5.7" wide and 1.6" thick. 4CLAWS BASICS Collection Got extra scratching needs? Or have multiple cats to care for? Get the entire BASICS Collection scratchers that accommodate your cat's every need to scratch. Designed and tested with different profiles, each model is tailored for a specific scratching posture. From horizontal, arched, inclined, to vertical scratching needs, our collection takes cares of every one of them.
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GoPets Premium Cat Scratcher by, Wedge Shaped Corrugated Cardboard is Re

GoPets Premium Cat Scratcher by - Wedge Shaped Corrugated Cardboard is Reversible Lasts 2x Longer Includes 1 Pack Catnip - Natural Incline More Ergonomic Than Scratching Post - Cutouts to Hide Toys
Your Search For The Perfect Cat Scratcher Is Finally Over! Stop Your Cat From Destroying Your Home, Furniture, and Drapes Now!★ HELP IMPROVE AND MAINTAIN YOUR CAT'S CLAW HEALTH - Your cat doesn't claw the couch because they are a bad kitty, it's to mark territory and shed the dead layer of their claws. Scratching is a normal instinctive behavior that you don't want to discourage ★ TRAINING YOUR CAT TO USE A SCRATCHER IS EASIER THAN EVER - With our FREE packet of catnip, just sprinkle some on the cat scratcher or place some small toys in the cut outs to help attract your cat to play with it ★ PERFECT WAY FOR YOUR CAT TO RELIEVE SOME STRESS - Cats can get stressed out, giving them a place to scratch helps release stress and stretch out those muscles in their back and shoulders. It's like a good massage! ★ COMES WITH FREE CAT TOY* - Comes with a FREE cardboard box for your cat to play with! *Disclaimer-Cardboard box is just packaging material used for shipping, but your cat will probably love playing with it anyways! What Separates GoPets & Our Products From The Competition?★ OUR PRODUCTS ARE THOROUGHLY TESTED FOR QUALITY - We believe in our products and use them with our own pets. We are founded by a group of pet owners and have committed ourselves to bring you best products ★ GoPets UNCONDITIONAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We put our money where our muzzle is, because of our commitment to excellence, just contact us if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason and we will issue you a full refund ★ GIVE BACK - We donate 10% of all our profits to animal charities, no-kill shelters, and animal rescues so that you too can give back to your furry friends and their communities when you buy with GoPets Give Back and Buy Now With Confidence!
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Dipet Cat Scratching Pad, Ultimate Cardboard Refill Lounge with Catnip

Dipet Cat Scratching Pad - Ultimate Cardboard Refill Lounge with Catnip
Dipet Scratching Scratching is a natural instinct, not a behavioral problem.Dipet cat scratcher easy and convenience to carry and store. Unique design according to the cat's activity. The catnip to attract and keep kitty's interest. Corrugate cardboard scratcher is great for scratching, and encourages the cats to scratch their own furniture. Also it supports cats when they rests. This product not only avoids your furniture from being scratched but also protects the cat's nail claws. Right now giving your cat an alternative to scratching your furnishings with the super Dipet cat scratcher.
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Ultimate Cat Scratching Post | Modern Cat Tree - Tall Cat Tree for Full

Ultimate Cat Scratching Post | Modern Cat Tree - Tall Cat Tree for Full Stretch | Ideal Cat Scratcher WITH Soft Cosy Cat Perch Cat Bed | Elegant Cat Scratching Post for Large Cats and Kittens Alike
Beautiful stylish elegant cat tree cat furniture both you AND your cats will love! At Art of Paws we pride ourselves on making not only our furry friends happy but also their human companions. We have combined our cats favourite occupations with stylish designs and high quality material resulting in beautiful cat scratching post humans will appreciate. OUR CAT SCRATCH POST IS EXTRA TALL at 90cm / 35.5 inches, one of the tallest standing cat scratcher posts you will ever find! This height is important for our cats health and flexibility to really give them the opportunity to stretch and extend as much as they feel they need to. OUR ART OF PAWS CAT SCRATCHER SISAL FABRIC IS HEAVY DUTY, yet softer than sisal rope, more comfortable for cats to scratch as it is a continuous surface and not bumpy like with sisal rope. The material we use is not your usual cheap sisal rope, which looks raggedy in no time or even uncoiling and falling off the post completely! THE EXTRA FEATURE your cats will appreciate, after their stretching and scratching exercise, is the cat perch bed at the top of the cat post. It has a soft wooly cushion for a cozy warm comfortable nap. It is a particularly popular napping place if placed in front of a sunny window. WE HAVE ALSO INCLUDED ENTERTAINMENT for your cats whilst you assemble the scratching post in form of the packing box the cat tower arrives in. Since it is possible to assemble the cat scratcher in under 10 minutes, you will probably be done with the assembly, prepared and eaten dinner by the time your cats get bored of the Art of Paws packing box. What can we say? We choose the most irresistible cardboard material. Contact us with any questions or queries, we love hearing from you!
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XFasten Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape 2.5-Inches x 15 Yards, Clear

XFasten Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape 2.5-Inches x 15 Yards - Clear
When your pets, especially your cat starts scratching and chewing on your expensive furniture, which of the two would you choose and consider? Well, you can choose both with the XFasten Anti-Scratch Cat and Pet Training Tape. The XFasten Pet Scratch Deterrent and Trainer EMPOWERS you to train your pets not to scratch the surfaces of your home as the sticky feeling of the adhesive tape repels them and eventually makes them develop the habit of not scratching your expensive furniture. Why Choose The XFasten Cat Training Tape? ●Cats and pets are deterred by the sticky feeling on their paws. With this tape installed on any of your desired surfaces, your pet would be deterred from scratching the said surface because of the sticky feeling that it would induce on their paws, thus training them in the long run not to scratch the applied surface. ●100% safe and non-toxic to pets. Hypo-allergenic tape that is safe for both pets and humans, making this tape an ideal training tape for your cat. Will not irritate your skin or your pet's paws. ●Acts as a strong scratch guard to your couch, leather seat, car seat, door and other precious surfaces. ●It will also not damage any surfaces. NOTE: Adhesives may react differently to various types of surfaces, so it is recommended to test out a short strip to a small and obscure corner of the surface to verify how the furniture will react with the adhesive. Why Choose the XFasten brand?We follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards which are accredited by ISO 9001. Also, our customer service team will accommodate you any time of the day on your inquiries-even for products which have been purchased many months ago.
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Aoneky Replacement Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope - Hemp Rope for Cat Tr

Aoneky Replacement Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope - Hemp Rope for Cat Tree and Tower (1 4'' 131 Ft)
Aoneky Cat Scratching Sisal Rope - Replacement Cat Scratching Post Rope This cat scratching sisal rope can be a very durable replacement to refurbish your cat scratch post and make it seemed like a new one. Your cats won't get strange to the repaired post tree and will enjoy it more. You can tie it to the place that your cats always like to go. This will decorate your furniture well and highly protect them Five tips DIY re-covering a cat scratching post: 1. Get more rope than you think you need. The 10 metres aren't quite enough for a tall post, though they should suffice for a small one. 2. You'll need lots of glue, so make sure you have enough. I recommend Uhu. 3. If possible, remove the old rope. But if it doesn't come off, you can glue the new rope on top .of the old 4. While you do the job, stand the post on the table, but put a wad of old newspapers or a towel underneath, otherwise the scratching post's feet/base may damage the table surface. 5. Keep your cat out of the room until the glue has dried. Make him/her surprised with his/ her new post Specification: Brand name: Aoneky Length : 33 Ft / 66 Ft / 164 Ft Dia: 1/4" / 5/16" Color:Brown Material: natural sisal
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Yangbaga Cat Natural Sisal Rope for Scratching Post Tree Replacement, He

Yangbaga Cat Natural Sisal Rope for Scratching Post Tree Replacement - Hemp Rope for Repairing - Recovering or DIY Scratcher - 6mm Diameter - Come with a Sisal Ball 33FT
Yangbaga Cat Scratching Post Sisal Rope You may trouble with how fast your lovely cats destroyed the rope on the  scratching post but the structure is still good. Or you may worry about that  your cats will get strange and unhappy if you throw away the old ones. But now with the rope and some glue, you can make the old ones as new. There are 3 ways to do the repair to a scratching post. You can choose one that you like 1. You could make a secure knot at the bottom of the post's tube, and then TIGHTLY, spiral the rope around the tube. This should end in another Tight knot  to finish off. 2. For this one you will also need to purchase/use a hot glue gun. Attach the end of the rope to the bottom of the cardboard tube, this should be placed  on the hot glue. A good helping of glue will need to be used at the start  and finish, this is to cover the beginning and end, 360°round the poll. Once you are happy with how it looks, cut the rope and leave one  night to dry. 3.Using only a few small nails every 5 inches or so. No need to use glue. This way it's easy to replace again in the future You can also use the rope to DIY the sisal post for your cats 1. Try to find a suitable medium structure like a tube or a branch 2. stapled and glued the ends of the rope at start and finish 3. Use hot glue at intervals throughout the length of the tube 4. Once you are happy with how it looks, cut the rope and leave one night to dry. 5. Your cats can play his/ her new toy Tips: 1. Recommend wearing gloves 2.If you have catnip, add a cat nip under the rope as you wind it around the support. It drives them crazy and helps stop scratching elsewhere Package contains: 1×Sisal Rope 1×Sisal Ball
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Sofa-Scratcher' Cat Scratching Post & Couch-Corner / Furniture

Sofa-Scratcher' Cat Scratching Post & Couch-Corner Furniture Protector (Brown)
The Sofa-Scratcher** is a contoured, sisal-covered scratch-panel designed to safeguard your furniture against even the most aggressive cat. Simply attach the low-profile base, slide it under the leg of a sofa to anchor it in place, and you've got instant scratch protection...and one scratch-happy cat! Scratching is a natural and healthy activity for cats. Don't discourage it, redirect it! And no matter what, don't ever, ever, declaw! Scratching is great for exercise and stretching, for relieving stress or boredom, and for marking territory. It can be extremely pleasure-inducing and it's also the natural way to condition and promote healthy nails. A good scratcher is tall enough for a cat to get a full stretch and flex, which is why furniture is often the object of desire. The Sofa-Scratcher provides an enticing alternative in an already scratch-friendly location, while at the same time offering needed protection for valuable possessions...and it looks good too! This scratcher isn't an eyesore like so many other options out there. With nine different neutral colors available, matching or accenting the décor of any room is never a problem. Product Features: • 24" x 10" sisal-covered panel • 8" x 10" transparent polycarbonate base • Carpeted backing to protect furniture (carpet color may differ from image shown) Product Specifications: • Weight: 7 Lbs. • Dimensions (assembled): 24" H x 10" W x 10" D • Light assembly (3 screws) with a Phillips Head Screwdriver required Production Materials/Process: • Exterior: Pure, unoiled/untreated, odor-free/toxin-free woven sisal fabric • Backing: Residential quality cut-pile carpeting • Interior: Heavy-duty 1/2" thick fiber core • Assembled using well-hidden hardware (never glue/adhesives) **formerly 'The Duchess of Sofa-Savers'
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Four Paws Super Catnip Cat Scratching Post, 21" Tall Sisal and Carp

Four Paws Super Catnip Cat Scratching Post - 21
Cats love a good scratch, and the Four Paws Super Catnip Cat Scratching Post does the trick! This sisal cat scratching post satisfies your cat's inherent need to scratch while preventing damage to your home. It's a sturdy carpeted scratching post that cats love to scratch, and it keeps your furniture from becoming a go-to scratching spot. Even better, it comes with a hanging plush catnip rattle ball that provides extra entertainment during scratching time. The sisal and carpet material combination also gives your cat multiple textures and surfaces to enjoy. This cat scratching post is 21" tall and assembles in seconds.
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Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray - Natural Training Solution To Effectively S

Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray - Natural Training Solution To Effectively Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture and Household Items - 8oz
STOP YOUR CAT FROM SCRATCHING YOUR FURNITURE AND ITEMS WITHIN THE HOUSE! The Mindful PetsTM Anti Scratch Deterrent Spray is formulated with the best additives known for deterring cats from clawing unwanted scratch posts. If your cat does not have a proper scratch post, they will form a bad habit of scratching on furniture, flooring, drapes, carpet, and practically anything they can grab their claws onto. Easily spray the repellent solution on the specific area where you're having scratching issues, and your cat will not return! After endless tests to make our formulation just right, you can be rest assured that your cat will not be able to stand the scent. (However, you will not mind it one bit!) Deter your kitty cat now from scratching on unwanted posts and items around the household! Perfect Solution To Spray On: ✓Furniture ✓Drapes ✓Flooring ✓Cords ✓Walls ✓Other Household Items GET YOUR MINDFUL PETS ANTI - SCRATCH AROMA SPRAY NOW! At Mindful PetsTM we stand behind all of our products. If our spray does not help you train your kitten from scratching on un-wanted scratch posts, you may return the product for a full refund. You have nothing to lose, and all to gain! Stop Your Cats From Scratching! Buy now!
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