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Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter (Medium)

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Pewter (Medium)
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Cherry-Lee Candy Detachable Cat Litter Boxes with Shovel Pet Supplies Ca

Cherry-Lee Candy Detachable Cat Litter Boxes with Shovel Pet Supplies Cat Litter Box Cat Sand Basin Environmentally-Friendly Cat Toilet
Parameters:1. Material: plastic2. Size: about 38 * 29 * 12cm / 14.96 * 11.42 * 4.72in3. Removable design for more convenient separation and cleaning4. Large capacity design for chubby cat to move freely.5. Features: high strength, durable, anti-aging.6. Use: It should be placed in a fixed quiet corner for the cats do not like to be disturbed in toilet, and regularly cleaning the cat litter is recommended.Packing List: 1 * cat sand basin set
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Cherry-Lee 10 PC Cat Litter Box Filter Net Cat Litter Filter Quick Clean

Cherry-Lee 10 PC Cat Litter Box Filter Net Cat Litter Filter Quick Cleaning for Busy Pet Owners
Product information:Name: 10PCS/Pack Cat Litter Bag Cat Litter Box With Filter Net Litter Filter Quick Cleaning For Busy Pet OwnersSize: about 37X26X13 cm/14.57X10.24X5.12 in (1 pack of 10)Weight: about 150gMaterial: Environmentally friendly PE nylon spinning materialApplication: All cat litterFeatures: 1. Trendy cat litter bag, easy to use, quick and easy to clean dirty cat litter.2. Environmentally friendly PE nylon spinning material, strong and durable.3. Cat litter bags can be recycled many times under reasonable use, more environmentally friendly.4. Suitable for busy and lazy owners and owners who have no time for cleaning.5. Quick and easy to clean cat litter.  Packing list: 10*Cat litter bag
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Omega Paw SBE Scratch Box Everest

Omega Paw SBE Scratch Box Everest
The Scratch Box Everest is a refillable, angled Scratch Box with a toy included. The base holds the cardboardscratching pad on an angle that cats prefer for scratching. Three large openings under the peak of the Everest reveal a pom pom toy that catscan play with. Once the cardboard is worn out, customers can replace it with the Omega Paw Scratch Box.
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Omega Paw Products RA20 Self Cleaning Litter Box (Large, 19-1/2 Inch W x

Omega Paw Products RA20 Self Cleaning Litter Box (Large - 19-1 2 Inch W x 22 Inch D x 20 Inch H)
Product Highlight(s): Cleans in just secounds without scooping. Effectively controls dust and contains odors Ideal for multiple-cat households Omega Paw Products RA20 Self Cleaning Litter Box (Large, 19-1/2"W x 22"D x 20"H) Ideal for big cats or multiple-cat households, this large roll-away litter box quickly self-cleans, while controlling dust and containing odors. Simply roll the litter box to the right until the top touches the floor, and then roll it back to the upright position. The unit's internal mechanism deposits the clumped waste into the pullout waste tray for easy disposal. The system works only with clumping litter, and the waste tray separates clumped waste from clean litter, so clean litter is never thrown away. The litter box makes it easy to provide the cat not only with a clean litter box, but also with privacy due to the covered pan design. The litter box also helps save money-no more scoops, liners, or filters to buy. The litter box measures 19-1/2 by 22 by 20 inches with a 9-by-9-inch opening. & *Please Note: Color specification is unavailable on this item.
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Cherry-Lee Cat Litter Boxes with Cat Litter Scoop Cat Sandbox Semi-Enclo

Cherry-Lee Cat Litter Boxes with Cat Litter Scoop Cat Sandbox Semi-Enclosed Large Environmentally-Friendly Cat Toilet Cat Pot
feature:- Green environmentally friendly ABS material- Non-toxic, non-irritating, durable- Very easy to clean, a wash on the net- There are always a variety of styles for your pet.description:Product Name: Large semi-closed litter box (including shovel)Category: litter boxMaterial: PlasticApplicable: Cat GeneralSpecifications: length x width x height (49x34x22.5cm)Net weight: 900gColor: pink, green, blue, purple, brownPackage list: 1* litter box
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Omega Paw Paw-Cleaning Litter Mat, Tan

Omega Paw Paw-Cleaning Litter Mat - Tan
Cat owners appreciate the benefits of having the Paw Cleaning Litter Mat. The litter mat is designed to remove litter that becomes lodged in cat's paws. Angled louvers that run across the mat, capture and hide the litter from view as cats walk across it. For a clean and attractive solution to cat litter mess, choose the Omega Paw, Paw Cleaning Litter mat.
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LUOER Dome Litter Box Cat Toilet Space Capsule Shaped Closed Toilet Bowl

LUOER Dome Litter Box Cat Toilet Space Capsule Shaped Closed Toilet Bowl Dog And Cat Foundation-Space Capsule Shape Box
Stable Construction: Enclosed litter pan provides pet with privacy, holds the cat litter well and odor insidePremium Quality: Premium thick PP material is lightweight and durable; side clips clamp the lid shut; large space is ideal for single cat or multi-cat households and premium product supports long validity lifespanConvenient Access: Front open is convenient to go in and out; transparent lid helps take care of petEasy Clean: Removable unity helps take down and put together easily, carrying and storage with less space
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Jumbl Cat Litter MAT Catcher - Smartgrip Paw-Shaped Innovative Grass-Lik

The Most Purrrrfect Cat Litter MatMost cat litter mats available on the market seem to always trade off between your happiness and that of your cat. This Jumbl paw-shaped mat is the ultimate cat litter mat for a variety of reasons, all of which come together to make both you and your furry friend happy. Most notably, our mat manages that perfect balance of trapping litter before it runs away with itself all around your home, while remaining soft, squishy and cushiony under your cat's paws. So go ahead: Throw out those old, rough, abrasive cat litter mats, and upgrade to the one mat that will have both of you purring in delight. Provides Comfort & Sure Footing The secret to our mat's effectiveness is the innovative weave and the superior materials used. As your cat kneads their paws and struts around the exceptionally comfortable surface, grass-like tufted fibers gently capture litter right off of them. When you place this mat right in front of your litter box, you'll prevent litter trails from forming throughout your home. In addition, the full bottom of the mat is lined with a grippy, non-slip backing that keeps it from sliding around - even if set on a slippery vinyl, tile or hardwood floor. This also provides sure footing for your cat for squatting and for getting back up. Serves 24/7. Cleans in just seconds. While cat litter mats are generally a utilitarian solution for keeping messes to a minimum, we've witnessed cats falling in love with the look and feel of our paw-shaped mat. Some owners even report their cats falling asleep - and sleeping well through the night - on it. So when you place your order, think of it like getting two products in one. And don't worry about keeping the mat clean: It actually cleans up faster than you can call 'kitty kitty'. With a simple shake or two, the Jumbl cat litter mat lets go of all the accumulated litter. Just be sure to do that over a toilet bowl or into a garbage bag.Measures 24 x 18
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Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Regular, Taupe

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Regular - Taupe
Includes: 1 x Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box
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