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Furminator Nail Grinder Professional Grooming Tool for Pets

Furminator Nail Grinder Professional Grooming Tool for Pets
As creators of the FURminator deShedding Tool, FURminator continues to raise the bar with innovative, proprietary shedding solutions. The FURminator lineup of deShedding tools, grooming tools, hair care products, bathing and hygiene solutions broadens and enhances the FURminator deShedding experience for pet parents and their pets. Simply put, there is no pet care solution on the market like the FURminator product line. Nail care can be one of the most important, and misunderstood areas of pet care. The FURminator Nail Grinder uses a high performance motor to grind your pets nails. Get professional results from your own home with FURminator grooming products. The LEd light and easy grip handle make trimming your pet's nails easier than before. This two speed, cordless grinder is lightweight and quiet, providing a comfortable experience for both you and your pet. Use this tool for safe and effective nail care at home. Keep grinding bands functioning properly with our replacement pack.
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Greensen Electric Dog Nail Grinder,Low Noise and Rechargeable Pet Nail C

Greensen Electric Dog Nail Grinder - Low Noise and Rechargeable Pet Nail Clippers For Gentle and Painless Paws Grooming Trimming Shaping Smoothing for Pets Dogs Cats with USB Wire
Designed for professional groomers and Pet Owners Greensen Pet Nail Grinder Grooming Tools - Giving your lovely pet the most GENTLE and PAINLESS Trimming Experience, since it will not hurt the sensitive part of fingers and pets' toenail as usual nail clippers. The main reason to choose Greensen pet nail grinder: 1. Mute and low noise, making your pet trim their nails without fear. 2. Can reduces the chance of breakages, cracks and pressure on the nails. 3. Upgrade 3.7V motor and diamond Bit Grinder provide 100% quality guarantee. 4. Three different size,2 adjustable speed and nail guard can meet all pets of different size. 5.With it, you don't need to worry about damage to floors, carpets, ,furniture and your family's skin caused by your pet's sharp nails. Features: ★3 ports & 2 speeds:The small diamond wheel port is for small pet, big port is for medium and large pet.For fast grinding,the entire protective cover should be removed. ★There is a replacement head ★40 DB low noise, silent vibration avoids scaring your pets. ★Non-slip machine design, comfortable to grip and not easy to slide down. ★USB Rechargeable is great for on-the-go use thanks to its cordless design and longer working time. ★cordless design grinder can let you use it anywhere without worrying about a power source. ★The red indicator light is in the charging status. When it turns green, it means that it is full of electricity. When it is working, it is displayed in green. ★We kindly suggest you clip them first if your pet has long nails. Then use the nail grinder to grind, it would work better. Parameter: - Color: White - Material: ABS - Size: 5.79 x 1.2 x 1.2 inch - Charging Time: 5 hours - Running Time: 6 hours Package Including: 1 x Greensen Pet Nail Grinder 2 x Grinding Wheel 1 x USB Wire 1 x Manual
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Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs and Cats Grooming Clipp

Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs and Cats Grooming Clippers - Professional Pet Hair Clippers with Comb Guides for Dogs Cats and Other House Animals - Pet Grooming Kit
Update-To avoid misleading,the Charging light will not turn from red green after fully charged.The charging time is estimated to be 5hours. Also the battery is lithium batter that has no battery memory effect, which means there is no negative effect if you charge half of the battery capacity. Sminiker Rechargeable Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers Sminiker clipper set keeps your pets always looking good, it's very useful both in home and profession salon use! Complete new user friendly, with limiting comb this clipper ensure you a safe cutting and neat and tidy hair result. No more expensive bills for pet grooming and you can do it in an easy way. Specification: Input Power: 100V-240V 50/60Hz Dimension: 45*175mm Charging time: 4-5 hours Using time: 60-70 mins Net weight: 650g Color: gold Power cord length: about 175cm Accessories: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm Limiting combs (used for adjusting hair length), an adapter, a cleaning brush Package Includes: 1 x Sminiker Pet clipper 1 x US AC Power Adapter 1 x Rechargeable Battery 1 x Cleaning Brush for Clipper 2 x Stainless teeth scissors(Flat & Teeth scissors) 4 x Limiting Combs 1 x Manual1 × Nail Clipper Kit 1 × Nail File
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Pawyep Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper Rust Resistant Sharp Blade Non S

Pawyep Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper Rust Resistant Sharp Blade Non Slip Handle Nail Trimmer for All Dogs and Cats
UPGRADE NOW TO THE CLIPPER TRIMMER SET.The dogs and cats nail clipper tool from Pawyep: -Purchasing with no risk, 30 days money back guarantee, and 1 year quality guarantee. -For all of size cats and dogs.
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2 Speed Pet Nail Grinder for Dog and Cat Electric Rechargeable Nail File

2 Speed Pet Nail Grinder for Dog and Cat Electric Rechargeable Nail Filer - Pet Nail Grooming Kit(Grinder Trimmer File)
ENJOY PET 2 Speed Pet Nail Grinder for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Birds Upgraded Powerful Motor Easier grinding with professional finer diamond grinder bit and powerful motor, giving the pet a quickly Trimming without struggling and yelping. Sweet Color and Bijou Look Special color and face. As small and light as a baseball that it'll sit almost unnoticed in any pocket or bag. Quiet operation without Scared It combines low noise with powerful motor, quiet operation within 60 db, giving your pet a nail trimming with ease. Mobile Portable Design Unique USB charging port, compatible with Android smart phones, tablets and portable chargers to solve the problem of no power on the go. Tips: -It is recommended that the sharp nail or long wear parts should be grinded firstly. But in order to avoid causing bleeding, please don't grind too much if it is the first time for the pet to use nail grinder. -It should not be grinded over 5 seconds for pet's safe. Please be careful to adjust the grooming angle to polish pet nails. Exquisite Box Package Includes: -1 x rechargeable pet nail grinder -1 x nail clipper -1 x Nail File -2 x openings ports -1 x USB Charging Cable -1 X User Manual
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T.H. Deluxe Dogs, Cats, and Pets Nail/Claw Clippers

T.H. Deluxe Dogs - Cats - and Pets Nail Claw Clippers
Trimming Tip - Most dogs will need to have their nails trimmed every 1-2 months. Your dog's nails need to be trimmed if they are clicking on the floor when your dog walks.- Hold the paw steady, but hold it gently. Quickly cut off the top of the nail with a single stroke. Do not cut off too much each time.- For maintenance, cut every two weeks. To shorten, cut every week. Once the insensitive nail is thinned out and isn't supporting the quick, the quick will dry up and recede. This will allow you to cut your dog's nails even shorter.
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ZOTO Dog Nail Grinder, Electric Pet Clipper Grooming Tool with Claw Care

ZOTO Dog Nail Grinder - Electric Pet Clipper Grooming Tool with Claw Care File Trimmer - Rechargeable Nail Grinder Kit for Dogs - Cats - Rabbits - Monkey and Birds
Warm Tip: For large pets or long nails, please use the clipper to cut the long nail and the grinder to trim the nail, smooth the edges, it will shorten time. > Feature: √ The Grinder head is made from silicon carbide, which is highly durable with great hardness, perfect choice to make the grinder. √ Three size ports for different size pet's nails. Small and medium pets are suitable for small and medium-sized openings. For large pets, the entire lid can be changed into to large nails port easily. √ Ultra-quiet motor with high quality brass shaft- low noise, low vibration. Let your pet have a great grooming experience. √ Universal USB charging port, more convenient to carry and use. √ 4 hours power supply with 4 hours charge . How to use ZOTO pet nail grinder? 1)For the first use, should give your pet a short time to adapt this grinder, you can let your pet smell and listen to the sound of the operation to avoid fear. 2)For long nails, use the According to the pet's nails, the clipper to cut the long nail and the grinder to trim the nail, smooth the edges. 3)Choose the suitable port for your pet. For large-sized pet and grinding fast, you can take out the cover, use the grinder side. 4)Holding nail grinder with one of your hands, switch on the nail grinder. Holding the pet pads with the other hand, put pet's nail gently into a hole, and then begin to grind the pet nail. Package Included: 1 X Pet nail grinder 1 X Nail Clipper 1 X Nail File 1x USB charging cord 1x User manual
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CEESC Pet Nail Cutter Scissors Set with Professional Nail File Kit, Comf

CEESC Pet Nail Cutter Scissors Set with Professional Nail File Kit - Comfortable Cutting for Kittens - Puppies - Rabbits and Your Other Small Pets
Warm tips for pet nail clip: You must have a professional dog nail clippers for cutting nails to your dogs. If cut with ordinary nail clippers for people, it will hurt your dog and makes it bleed. The nail file is the best kit! Operation method of cutting nails: 1). Put the cat or dog on your lap and gently stroke its head to make it quiet. 2). The angle between the nail scissors and the toenail should be 45 degrees. 3). Pick up one of the feet and cut the long toe nails one by one with this special scissors. 4). Do not cut too close to the toe skin (deep in color, not clear), otherwise it will bleed. 5). If bleed, you should immediately apply cotton and hemostatic to stop bleeding. 6). After cutting the toenail, cut the soles fur to be line with the foot pad. Too long will cause pets to slip, too short, is easy to be stabbed and wounded by hard substance. Note: 1). When cutting pet nails, first of all, keep the pet and stabilize it., you can find a friend to help hold it, in order to relieve its tension and fear. 2). Keep your eye on the growth of the pet nails, the regular intervals is 3-4 weeks. As a parent, don't forget to cut your pet nails for a couple of months. 3). When trimming, just cut the transparent part of the front of the toenail . The best way to cut is to trim the nail cap a little bit, so that you can avoid cutting the pets skin.
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UEETEK Pet Nail Grinder,Rechargeable and Low Noise Nail Clippers for Gen

UEETEK Pet Nail Grinder - Rechargeable and Low Noise Nail Clippers for Gentle Painless Paws Trimming Shaping Grooming for Pets Dogs Cats - with USB Wire
★INSTRUCTIONS According to pet size and its nail size, select the following appropriate port: 1.The Vertical Port for small pets. 2.The Horizontal Port for medium and large pets. 3.The Whole Port(take off the protective cover) for fast trimming or longer nails. ★HOW TO USE 1.If your pet's nails are too long, please cut short them with nail clippers before using this grinder.2.Long press the power button to turn on or turn off the nail grinder. Press the power button to switch mode between LOW-SPEED mode and HIGH-SPEED mode. 3.Hold your pet's paw and make its nail gently into the appropriate port, then you can trim it. ★TIPS1.For pet's safety, it should not last for more than 5 seconds each time, and adjust the grooming angle to polish pet's nail. 2.If it's the first time for the pet to use nail grinder, it's recommended that do not trimmed nails too much to avoid bleeding. ★HOW TO CLEAN 1.Turn the protective inner cover to the right side. 2.Remove upward the protetive inner cover 3.Finally, wipe the foreign object on the grinder stone gently with tissue or towel. ★DESIGNED for PET OWNERSFor pet owners, every little care is necessary for their lovely pets. This item is a speed regulating nail grinder, which is designed and manufactued especially for pets of all sizes. The contour of our grinder is designed according to human body enginee. It's comfortable to use, since it will not hurt the sensitive part of fingers as usual nail clippers. A rechargeable lithium battery is attached for convenient use. Size:Approx. 14.7 x 3 x 3cm/ 5.79 x 1.2 x 1.2 inch (LxWxH). ★BUY with CONFIDENCE If this pet nail grinder is not suitable for your pets to use, broken or doesn't work, please contact us and we will refund or provide replacement for you. Click Add to Cart now or Buy Now !
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inslife Pets Nail Grinder for Dogs Electric Paw Grooming File Light up N

inslife Pets Nail Grinder for Dogs Electric Paw Grooming File Light up Nail Trimmer Pet Claw Clipper Cordless Rechargeable - Shaping & Smoothing for Cats Dogs Rabbit with USB Port White
MENTION --Pet's nail need to be trimmed regularly, usually 3 to 4 weeks.It will be harmful to their health and make them feel uncomfortable when their nails too long. --Nail trimming might make your pet feel anxious and panic. But familiar environment will make them feel relaxed. So we suggest that you can use our product to trim your pet. --Pets, such as dog, cats rabbit, their nails are different from us, using the traditional nail clipper may hurt them unconsciously. Then it will bring a painful trimming experience to them. --Our INSLIFE nail grinder can groom and smooth. It is not only a nail grinder ,but also a electric nail file. You can trim your pets nails professionally at home without any stress. SPECIFICATION Size :15.8 x 3.3cm (6.2" x 1.3") Speed :4000rpm-6300rpm Battery capacity : 2000mAH Running time :8 hours Package Include :1 x Nail Grinder, 1 x USB Wire, 2 x Grinding Head, 1 x Instruction, 1 x Warranty Card (Please retain this as proof of your purchase and your guarantee).
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