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JUFOYO Pet Nail Clippers/Claw Trimmer/Scissors for Small & Medium Pe

JUFOYO Pet Nail Clippers Claw Trimmer Scissors for Small & Medium Pet & Free Nail File - Comfortable Non Slip Handles - Professional At Home Grooming.
JUFOYO-Just for you! We always provide the best product JUST FOR YOU, get a better choice from JUFOYO, get a better life! 1, Trim your dogs every two weeks is necessary 1), Long and curve toenail will affect the pet's walking. 2), To protect your furniture and floors from scratching. 3), To protect your kids from hurting accidently during playing. 4), Long toenail will easy to hide dirt or bacteria. 2, Tips for clipping: 1). Suggest to do the trimming after shower, the nails will be softer for easier clipping 2). Make your dog/cat get familiar with the nail trimmer by touching before clipping. 3). Fix the palm by your hand, gently squeeze out the claw. 4). Confirm the correct site to clip, be careful of the blood vessel inside the nail, just cut the curve claw part that about 0.12inch length. 5). During the whole trimming process, you can give your pet a treat or massage to make them relax. 6). Don't forget to use the nail file to grind deburring until it become smooth. 3, Specification -Material: Premium stainless steel+ environmental PP -Nail Clipper: 3.9 inch*2.5 inch -Nail File: 5.52*0.59 inch -Weigh(file+ clipper):0.7 oz 4, Package -1 * nail clipper -1 * nail file 5, Warranty Never worry about the quality issue,you have 60 days unwanted refund. Please don't hesitate to contact us If anything unsatisfactorily, We would provide your most satisfied solution.
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JOYJULY 140pcs Pet Cat Kitty Soft Claws Caps Control Soft Paws of 4 Glit

JOYJULY 140pcs Pet Cat Kitty Soft Claws Caps Control Soft Paws of 4 Glitter Colors - 10 Colorful Cat Nails Caps Covers + 7 Adhesive Glue+7 Applicator with Instruction - Medium M
Size Reference: XS: Fit for kitten the age of 20 weeks,about 6lbs S: Fit for the age of 6 months, about 6-11lbs M: Fit for adult size cats, about 11-15lbs L: Fit for large breed cats, about 15-20lbs Apply on instruction (Better 2 people apply on) Step 1.Test the size is proper or not: Try one cap on first without the glue. If it doesn't fit, trim the open and of each nail cap until they fit your cat claws snugly. Step 2.Trimming cat nails and leave sufficient claw surface for the glue to adhere properly. (Kitten DO NOT need) Step 3.Cut the glue pipe neck, and use the applicator to help you accurately drop glue into the nail cap. Filling 1/3 nail cap with glue, not too much or too little.(Please be careful and avoid dropping glue on your hands or your cat's fur, if you do, remove it with use nail varnish remover or dispergator immediately. ) Step 4.Sliding the cap over the nail Step 5.Waiting for 5 minutes before letting your cat go Warm Tips: * For the first time wearing the claw nails, some cats will try to bite them off, please try to distract them, until they get used to their new claws. Please do not worry, this is a normal behavior. *Healthy Cat nail shell will come off Every 4-8 weeks in normal situation. So you need prune the nails and replace nail sets every eight weeks. In addition, the cats' nails have scalability, it is recommended that you leaving a little gap out when stick the nails, so that cats nails have Activity space.*If you need to remove the caps off, please use nail varnish remover or dispergator.
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Resco Pro Pack, 6 Blade Replacement Nail Clipper Blades, Fits in All Res

Resco Pro Pack - 6 Blade Replacement Nail Clipper Blades - Fits in All Resco Guillotine Trimmers
Resco’s replaceable blade fits ALL Resco guillotine style trimmers! Our blades are the sharpest in the industry and will slice through even the toughest pet nails with ease. With a Resco nail clipper, all you have to do is replace the blade and your trimmer will cut as good as new! Our micro honed blades are made of hardened American steel to ensure a smooth, clean cut every time. Stop throwing your money away with cheap trimmers that crush the nail and need replacement after every clipping. Get the trimmer preferred by professional Groomers and Veterinarians worldwide. Replacement is simple with our quick-release technology, no tools needed! Choose the original, choose Resco.
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Awaiymi Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with Safety Guard, Razor Sharp Bla

Awaiymi Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with Safety Guard - Razor Sharp Blades - Buit-in Handle Lock - Sturdy Non Slip Handles - Free Nail File for Small - Medium and Large Breeds
Why should you pay attention to your pet's nail? Painful walking for your pet!! Long nails will cause the pressure be pushed up against pet's nail bed. There must be great pain and strain remaining on your pet's feet while they walk. Be sure not to wait until yourdogs or cats suffers from this Features 1.Quality and Sharp--Nail clippers guard with a Stainless steel sharp blade can cut clearly and never rust 2.Safe--Nail clippers for dogs have an integrated safety stop blade which serves as a quick sensor, greatlyreducing the risk of injury and bleeding as quickly cutting in 3.Comfortable--Ergonomically designed with comfortable&non-slip handles, which allows you keep thepet nail clippers for dogs safe within your grasp and apply the perfect amount of force 4.Elaborate--An exquisite nail file as a present for adding a smooth finishing touch Specifications: Product Dimension: 6.2*2.1*0.6 inch Product Weight: 4.0 oz Product Material: Stainless Steel Blade, Rubber Handle Package Includes: 1 X Green dog nail clipper 1 X Exquisite nail file 1 X Detailed instructions 1 X Packing box About us The Awaiymi company is specialized in pet-grooming related products and committed to providing a betterway of getting along with your pets for pet-lovers. All of our products are made with love & dedication andwe will be happy to serve you!
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PetsBestToys PRO PET NAIL clippers-Best for Cats,Small & Medium Dogs

PetsBestToys PRO PET NAIL clippers-Best for Cats - Small & Medium Dogs.SAFE AND CLEAN nail cut. New NONSLIP handle. Easy lock system.
PetsBestToys-PRO PET NAIL clippers Discover completely new nail clippers for dogs from PetsBestToys. We have created Pro Pet Nail Clippers not only for home use and but also for professional groomers. Our clippers have strong and strudy build, have sharp blades which are made from the finest quality stainless steel to give a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge. It lets you work faster, with less effort, and cut the nail cleanly without ragged edges that have to be filed. Our spring loaded handle is also designed for long term use. It will help you wrap your fingers comfortably around them. Furthermore, the unique non-slip rubber handle ensures a firm grip, thereby protecting your pet from accidental injure. We also have added safe and simple clipper's locking system. It will not disturb you while you cutting nails. You can easy and safe store them in shelf or hang it using special hole in handle. Our clippers allow you to cut nails for any size of dogs. Make your pet happy!!! BUY IT NOW!!! GET DIRECT SUPPORT: http://www.petsbesttoys.com/ http://www.facebook.com/petsbesttoys
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K9KONNECTION Dog Nail Clippers - With Quick Sensor & BONUS File - Pr

K9KONNECTION Dog Nail Clippers - With Quick Sensor & BONUS File - Professional Trimmers for Large - Small & Medium Breed Dogs - Safety Guard to Avoid Over Cutting Nails - Angled Sharp Blades
Looking to quickly, easily and safely trim your pet's nails? Get a professional-grade pair of pet nail trimmers from K9konnection. Your pet's nails are growing rapidly every day, and because they can't easily trim them like you and I, it's up to you to keep their trimmed down. Without regularly trimming your dog or cats' nails, the can grow so long they can scratch your skin or furniture, damage your floors, and even grow right into their paw pads and cause them pain. That's why you need [Brand Name] Pet Nail Clippers made to clip, trim and groom your pet's nails quickly and safely so you can help your pet lead a happier, healthier life. Safe, Clean Trimming Our advanced nail clippers for dogs and cats are ultra-sharp, boast a built-in safety guard to protect nail wicks, and help you better maintain your pet's nail health. And because they help you save money while preventing under or overgrowth, you'll find they're the best nail clippers for your favorite four-legged friend. Product Details:Premium-Grade Stainless Steel Adjustable Safety Guard Non-Slip, Ergonomic Grip Clean, Crisp Cutting ActionErgonomic, User-Friendly Design Safe for Puppies, Kittens and Adults Dogs and Cats Satisfaction Guaranteed Click 'Add to Cart' above to get groomer quality pet nail clippers you can use right at home!
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DELE Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer for Small/Medium/Large Breed - Razor

DELE Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer for Small Medium Large Breed - Razor Sharp Blades - Safety Guard to Avoid Overcutting - Free Nail File - Start Professional & Safe Pet Grooming at Home (Blue)
Product description: Color:Deep BlueThis handy set of pet nail cutter will allow you to trim your pup's nails professionally at home! QUALITY- The pet nail cutter are produced to the quality standards demanded by professional dog groomers. EASE OF USE- Uniquely engineered to ensure perfect results when used by anyone--even first timers. SAFE- The pet nail cutter have an integrated safety stop. This unique feature makes it virtually impossible for you to make too deep of a cut, greatly reducing the risk of injury and bleeding. SHARP- Designed with a heavy-duty 0.15-inch stainless steel blade to cut through nails cleanly and easily with just one squeeze. PROFESSIONAL EVEN CUT- sharpness ensures that You never do uneven cuts that can lead to breakage. QUICK & CLEAN- sharpness ensures that You can trim all of your dog's nails cleanly & quickly. COMFORTABLE- Ergonomically designed with comfortable non-slip handles which allows you to:     Keep the tool safely within your grasp    Apply the perfect amount of force    So you won't accidentally slip and harm your dog during trimming. STYLE--At DELE we not only care on quality but also on style, therefore, we offer our products in various colors to fit every style & taste. BONUS- Free nail file included, stores compactly and handy into the handle.
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PetPäl Dog Nail Clipper by HighGrade Claw Clipper for Cats, Dogs, Pets

PetPäl Dog Nail Clipper by HighGrade Claw Clipper for Cats - Dogs - Pets | Cutting Nails Easily & Safe | Razor Sharp Blades - Safety Guard - Non-Slip Grip & Handle-Lock
Do your dog's claws the click-clack sound on the ground? If yes, then they are already too long. Do you feel the same? • Cutting your pet's claws annoys you? • The blunt edge squeezes the claws and the cut is not clean? • You do not want to run to the vet or dog salon every time? • Are you looking for comfortable high quality scissors for a clean cut? Look no further, PetPäl has the solution. Do the nail care of your pet easily & safely on your own - comfortably at home. Veterinarians recommend regular claw cutting with a high-quality nail clipper. Numerous pet owners already benefit from it and cut the claws of their beloved pet easily. Your benefits! • Premium quality for extreme demands and durability • Ergonomic handle - soft rubber coated handles, easy to hold for complete control • Built in safeguard prevents the claws from being cut too short • Keep it securely stored with the lock function • Perfect for medium and large dogs • Optimized angle of the long-life stainless steel precision blade Why PetPäl? The unconditional love of our pet is the most beautiful thing in our PetPäl family. Let's fill the lives of our animals together with more joy. Family is priceless. Save $$$ and be sure of veterinary approved quality. Only for a short time with this introductory price! Add your professional PetPäl Nail Clipper NOW to your basket.
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Andis Pet Animal Nail Clipper, White/Green (65700)

Andis Pet Animal Nail Clipper - White Green (65700)
The Andis Nail Clipper - Pet Grooming Tool is ideal for all size dogs. It has heavy-duty, stainless-steel blades and spring loaded action. The blades come sharpened and heat treated for strength and optimum cutting. It has an anti-slip, easy grip handle for safe and comfortable grooming and a safety stop to prevent over-cutting. Safety lock on handle for safe storage.
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ManTTa Pet Nail Clippers- Professional Grooming Nail Cutter For Large Or

ManTTa Pet Nail Clippers- Professional Grooming Nail Cutter For Large Or Small Dogs & Cats - Safety Guard That Prevents Overcutting - Ergonomic Handles - Sharp Blades - Easy & Quiet Nail Trimming
Are You A Dog Or A Cat Owner? Do You Want To Keep Your Beloved Pet Happy, Healthy And Well Taken Care Of? These Professional Pet Nail Clippers Are A Must Have Grooming Accessory For You! Wagging tails, purring, countless hours of playing and unforgettable, unique moments of love and companionship. If you are a pet owner, you are lucky enough to enjoy all of the above on a daily basis! Dogs and cats are a true family member and providing them with the best is a top goal. Apart from high quality, nutritional food and excellent health care, beauty and grooming are just as important for an animal's wellbeing. This is where we step in! ManTTa presents you with the ultimate pet nail clippers which are a must have for every pet owner. Professional Quality, Sturdy Construction And Safe, Easy, Precision Cutting This nail cutter is nothing like the ones you have tried so far! Featuring durable, thick, sharp stainless steel blades, these clippers can easily and cleanly cut your pet's nails without crushing them. In addition, the special, quick sensor safety guard will prevent overcutting and injuries, keeping your pet safe and happy. The ergonomic handles will make the whole process even easier, providing you with a firm, non-slip grip. Now, your furry friend can enjoy professional grooming services at home! Bonus Built-In File This amazing cats and dogs' nail cutter comes with a built in file! This means that you clean your best buddy's nails from rough edges. 100% Satisfaction In case using these pet nail clippers ends up in anything different than smiles and wagging tails, we will offer you a full refund. Click Add To Cart Now!
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