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Suixian Style Cat Nail Clippers for Small Animals,Cat Claw Clippers Scis

Suixian Style Cat Nail Clippers for Small Animals - Cat Claw Clippers Scissors &Pet Nail Cutter -Professional Grooming Cat Claw Trimmer for Cats
Features: ★ Our nail trimmers are safe enough to be used either professionally or at home. ★ The stainless steel blade ensures a clean, precise cut. ★ A super grip handle prevents sliding or slipping while trimming your pet's nails. ★ No more painful trimmings. Only a single cut is needed with these nail clippers. ★ Ideal for smaller animal : The nail trimmer is perfect and safe to use on Kittens, Cats, Small dogs, Rabbit, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, Birds and for most other small animals. Operation method: 1.Hold the pet's claws and then gently hold down the top of the nail and let your pet's nails come out. 2.Use your nail clippers to cut the pet's nails, Please carefully not to cut the blood vessels and nerves, if not carefully cut into the blood vessels and nerves, please immediately with the first aid to the pet to stop bleeding.
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Zen Clipper Pet Nail Clippers for Puppies, Cats and Small Animals - the

Zen Clipper Pet Nail Clippers for Puppies - Cats and Small Animals - the Worry-Free Nail Scissors - Unique Blade Clips the Tip Not the Quick - Stress Injury-Free Nail Cutting and Grooming - 2.5mm
If you are you worried about clipping your Pet's nails at home or are tired of expensive visits to the groomer, then you need the Zen Clipper: the worry-tree nail trimmer. Designed with you and your pet in mind, the uniquely designed conical blade only allows a predetermined amount of your pet's nail to be clipped, reducing the risk of you cutting the sensitive quick. The funnel-style design removes anxiety from the nail-cutting process, while providing effortless precision.Unlike other conventional clippers, the sharp, stainless-steel blade is designed to shear your pet's nail and not crush it. This leaves a clean-cut, with no damage to your pet's nail or need for you to file the nail. The Zen Clipper creates a stress-free nail-trimming experience for both you and your precious pet. The Zen Clipper comes in various sizes designed for a wide range of pets.Ergonomically designed with a cushioned, non-slip handle for your ease and convenience, the clippers will make a long-lasting addition to your pet grooming supplies.The Zen Clipper is proudly designed and assembled in the USA. A complimentary sizing guide is included with your purchase. Why not try other Zen Clipper sizes for your other pets or buy as a present for your pet loving friends and family.
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Poodle Pet Cat Nail Trimmer Clipper Scissors for Cats, Kittens, Dogs, Pu

Poodle Pet Cat Nail Trimmer Clipper Scissors for Cats - Kittens - Dogs - Puppies - Rabbits & Small Animals – Slip-Proof - Stainless Steel - Safety Guard with Quick Sensor – Professional Grooming Supplies
Pet owners tired of forking over big bucks for grooming bills are in for a surprise. Designed to be used to professionals & non-professionals, our small dog & cat nail scissors are the top rated DIY grooming supplies & available at an affordable price. We can brag because they're the best! ✔ Small, Ergonomic, Easy to Handle: Poodle Pet nail clippers for small animals have been designed to safely fit in the hand, making them super easy to use when trimming, clipping or cutting your pet's claws. Don't scare your pet with loud machines & grinders. These nail cutters are quiet. ✔ Anti-Slip Grip Prevents Accidents: We've applied a slip-proof grip to the inside of pet nail clippers trimmer holes to help avoid slippery accidents. Can't you see why these are the best pet nail trimmer clippers for those who are nervous about cutting or trimming their pet's nails? ✔ Features Quick Sensor for Safety: To give you more confidence when clipping your small pet's nails, Poodle Pet nail trimmer for cats & dogs has been upgraded with a quick sensor. The "quick" is the sensitive pink pad that bleeds when cut, but these safety scissors prevent contact with it. ✔ Best for DIY At Home Grooming: Save tons of money by ditching those groomer appointments. Easily groom your own pet using our high quality dog & cat grooming supplies. According to the pros, keeping your dog or cat's nails trimmed is essential for maintaining optimal health. These cat nail clippers with finger rest & quick sensor make it so easy to groom your pet. Use them as pet nail clippers for small dogs or use them as pet nail clippers for cats. They're our bestselling small dog & cat nail clippers with safety guard. + They're affordable. You can't beat that. Ready to experience the benefits of home grooming your pet? Order your purple Poodle Pet nail clipper scissors!
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BISSELL Cat & Dog Nail Clippers / Trimmer with Safety Guard and File

BISSELL Cat & Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer with Safety Guard and File for Large and Small Animal Grooming - 2055A
Professional quality nail clippers will help you feel comfortable trimming your pet’s nails. The built in angled safety guard prevents overcutting and the sharp stainless steel blades clip nails easily and cleanly. Also includes a nail File that stores in the handle that is great for smoothing rough edges. Works great for all sizes of dogs and for cats too.
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GoPets Professional Pet Nail Clipper for Medium or Small Dogs and Cats,

GoPets Professional Pet Nail Clipper for Medium or Small Dogs and Cats - Stainless Steel Trimmer Blades Include 1 Nail File - Angled Blades for Quick Safety
Your Search For The Perfect Pet Nail Clippers Is Finally Over! Safely & Quickly Get Clean Cuts For Your Pet's Mani/Pedi Every Time ★ YEARS OF WORRY FREE USE - high quality stainless steel stays sharp making clean and quick cuts ★ NEW 2015 MODEL - Brings the newest innovations and safety designs for you and your best buddy ★ REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY - With our angled blade design you will easily see your cuts and never overcut their nails again ★ BONUS - Free nail file to round off the edges after cutting to prevent scratching floors and furniture ★ CONFIDENTLY AND EASILY CUT NAILS - With our large ergonomic non-slip handle holding the clippers is comfortable and gives great leverage to make quick clean cuts. Benefits of pet grooming go beyond just looking great. It improves your pets mental state and behavior. It's also important for their health! What Separates GoPets & Our Products From The Competition? ★ OUR PRODUCTS ARE THOROUGHLY TESTED FOR QUALITY - We believe in our products and use them with our own pets. We are founded by a group of pet owners and have committed ourselves to bring you the best products. ★ GoPets UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We put our money where our muzzle is, because of our commitment to excellence, just contact us if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason and we will replace it or issue you a full refund. ★ GIVE BACK - We donate 10% of all our profits to animal charities, no-kill shelters, and animal rescues so that you too can give back to your furry friends and their communities when you buy with GoPets. Buy Now With Confidence and Give Back!
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Niubow Professional Cat Nail Clippers Trimmer Scissors for Small Breeds,

Niubow Professional Cat Nail Clippers Trimmer Scissors for Small Breeds - Puppies - Rabbits - and More - Safe Sharp Stainless Steel Blades - Non-Slip Big Handles - Easy At Home Grooming
Nail trimming should be a regular part of your cat's grooming. Make trimming your cat's nails easier and safer at home with Niubow Cat Nail Clipper. Scissors-like design. Durable, long lasting. Excellent stainless steel blades for precise, clean and fast cut. Soft comfort rubberized big handle gives you a firm precision grip. Tips: 1, Ideal for small breeds: kittens, cats, rabbits, puppy, chinchilla, guinea pig, hamster, bird and more. 2, The angle of the distance between nail clippers and toenail to also want at least upcountry 45 degrees of above. 3, If the nails are long or you're unfamiliar with their nails, only trim the very tip. 4, Don't cut too short, or you may hurt your pet.
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Bonve Pet Dog Nail Grinder, 2 Speed Electric Pet Dog Nail Clippers Recha

Bonve Pet Dog Nail Grinder - 2 Speed Electric Pet Dog Nail Clippers Rechargeable with USB Charging &3 Port Best Pro Dog Nail Trimmer Grooming Tools for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats Pets Paws Trimming
Are you annoyed with unwanted scratch? Now, here comes our Electric Pet Nail Grinder, helps you solve this problems with ease. Feature: ●Material: Made with high quality ABS resin and PS resin, durable and ensure a long service time. ●Pet Nail Grinder Tools provide a simple and precise trim, polish the nails to prevent rough edges, effectively avoid snagging and scratches. ●Pet paw trimmer maintains the health of the nail, which is safety enough to reduce the chance of breakages, cracks and pressure on the nails. ●Rotating speed switchable, entering low speed mode when press the power button for the first time, entering high speed mode when press the power button for the second time. ●Lower vibration and low noise, which is effective and less stressful alternative to clipping, makes your pets enjoy a relaxing trimming environment. ●Convenient and easy to carry with the cordless and rechargeable design. Note: Do not tear down the nail grinder. Please keep away from children, babies, clothing,hair, skin of you or pets. Please clean the impurities on the nail grinding wheel surface after using. Please keep away from liquid or any damp place. Specifications: Net Weight: 0.25 Ib Size: 1.4"*1.4"*6.3" Charging time: 5 hours Running time: Over 5 hours Input: AC100V-240V 50HZ/60HZ Output: 5V/800mAh Powered By: 800mAh rechargeable battery Packaging includes: 1 X nail grinder 1 X user manual 1 X USB cord 1 X Built-in Li-ion Battery If you have any problem with our product or service, please feel free to contact us.
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Cat Claw Clippers - Professional Grade Nail Trimmer for Cats - Great for

Cat Claw Clippers - Professional Grade Nail Trimmer for Cats - Great for All Clawed Pets - Safe - Easy - Comfortable - by bogo Brands (Red)
When you're done trimming your kitty's nails, move on to the puppy, bird, reptile, and bunny! Quality tested and designed for beginner use on multiple animals. Clippers will remain sharp even after many uses. Sharp, sturdy, efficient. Reduces risk of injury to you and your beloved pet. Smooth, ergonomic grip ensures a non-tiring clipping experience.
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Professional Cat Nail Clippers Pet Nail Trimmers-Suitable for Cat, Puppy

Professional Cat Nail Clippers Pet Nail Trimmers-Suitable for Cat - Puppy - ferrets - birds and even rabbits - Small Animals Nails Clippers Scissors Tool(Mini Clipper)
Helps Pets Avoid The Pain, Protect Your PetWhen pet's nails begin to grow too long, they can start to cause pain in their paw pads, keep them from being active, or even scratch up furniture or floors. Our nail trimmer lets you cut back to just the right length so you can maintain your pet's nail health without hitting the wick! Features:1. Our thick stainless steel blades is strong is manufactured with High grade, Sharp, Stainless Steel Blade which ensures that you never do uneven cuts and will stay sharp for stress-free, smooth, quick.2. The pet nail clipper is safely outfitted with a safety stop blade to ensure you do not hurt your pet and greatly reduces the risk of deep cuts leading to bleeding or serious injury.3. Our Pet Nail Scissors Handles feature an ergonomically designed rubber handle for a comfortable grip. The sharp rustless stainless steel one-cut blades are perfect for nails of all shapes and sizes.4.Our dog nail clippers Suitable for Cat, Puppy, Small, Medium, & Large Dog, Large Bird Claws Nails Trimmer Tool. Operation method:1.Hold the pet's claws and then gently hold down the top of the nail and let your pet's nails come out.2.Use your nail clippers to cut the pet's nails, Please carefully not to cut the blood vessels and nerves, if not carefully cut into the blood vessels and nerves, please immediately with the first aid to the pet to stop bleeding.
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GASKY Pet Nail Grinder for Dog Cat, Paws Clippers &Trimmer Cordless

GASKY Pet Nail Grinder for Dog Cat - Paws Clippers &Trimmer Cordless for Fast Cutting Small Medium Large Cat Dog
Description: We are a shop dedicated to pet supplies, lovely pets always give us intimate companionship, so choosing a reliable product for them is not only your expectation but also our pursuit, GAKSY hope to give you a satisfying shopping experience and the most careful for your pet baby.Now let us give your lovely pet a kindly grooming and trimming experience! How to use:❤Remove the protective cover and choose the proper port for pet nails.❤Remove the inner cover by rotating rightward for quick nail grinding (quick nail grinding is suitable for pets with long and hard nails).❤Gently wide the grindstone with an eraser or cloth for cleaning after usage.User Tips:❤For safety, please do not grind for more than 5 seconds at a time, and remember to adjust the grinding angle for better effect.❤If you have never used a pet nail grinder on your pet, it's recommended to grind the sharp or overly long part of the nails first, but do not grind excessively to avoid bloodshed, while allowing the pet to adapt to the nail grinder gradually.❤Let your pet see and smell the nail grinder, and listen to its working noise, which help decrease the sense of scare.❤You can place your pet on a high place when grinding its nail cause pet is always tamer on a high place.❤Please clean the surface of the grindstone promptly after usage. Product Features:❤This pet nail grinder is battery-powered, and 2 batteries are included.❤The are 3 optional ports for pets of different sizes.❤There inner cover can be removed for fast nail grinding.❤The cutter works with low noise (≈60dB)
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