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Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scented Litter with the Power of Febreze, Clumping

Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scented Litter with the Power of Febreze - Clumping Cat Litter - 42 Pounds
Fresh Step Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter is powerful for even the busiest litter boxes. The litter contains carbon to inhibit bacterial odor for up to 10 days and tight clumping clay for easy litter box maintenance. The high quality, clumping clay quickly absorbs liquids and traps odors, forming tight clumps leaving virtually no stinky crumbles after scooping, making cleaning fast and easy. The paw activated fragrance is released every time your cats use the litter box, providing odor control as needed without being overpowering. To refresh and maintain your litter box, every time you scoop just add more Fresh Step scented cat litter.
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CatSpot Litter, 100% Coconut Cat Litter: All-Natural, Lightweight &

CatSpot Litter - 100% Coconut Cat Litter: All-Natural - Lightweight & Dust-Free. Non-Clumping (1 Bag)
One, 5-lb bag of CatSpot, has the same absorbency as 20 pounds of clay litter! Zero Chemicals: All-natural with no added fragrances. Hypoallergenic: Dust-free with no clumping agents or toxic clay. Lightweight: Don't lug home heavy litter ever again. Odor Elimination: Absorbs and masks unpleasant odor.
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iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat With Exclusive Urine/Waterproof Lay

iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat With Exclusive Urine Waterproof Layer. Larger Holes with Urine Puppy Pad Option for Messy Cats. Soft on Paws and Light. By (Brown Color)
XL SIZE. Highest Rated Cat LITTER Trapper with PATENT PENDING DESIGN. Traps cat litter as cats walk across mat. Allows for easy cleaning - dump good cat litter back into litter box. Puppy pad option is great for really messy cats (patent pending). The Original Cat Litter TRAPPER - Traps litter from cats paws and litter from box. Litter falls through extra large holes (larger than competition). iPrimio Trapper hole openings are 20% larger than other mats. Super smooth so cats like walking on it. Catches more litter. EZ Open edge design allows easy dumping and cleaning. Keep your clean litter. Super light. Very Dark Gray. For Really Messy Cats be sure to use Puppy Pads as they soak excessive urine;- avoid urine around nylon mesh located on perimeter of the mat. This outside nylon border may absorb urine if excessive. Our exclusive Extra Smooth and Extra Large Honey Comb Hole Openings allows litter to fall through to the bottom mat and keeps your house cleaner. Most popular size - 30 inches by 23 inches. iPrimio a Michigan based company.
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Non Toxic JUMBO Size Cat Litter Mat | 47 x 36 in | Scatter Control for L

Non Toxic JUMBO Size Cat Litter Mat | 47 x 36 in | Scatter Control for Litter Box
JUMBO SIZE, Stylish Kitty Litter Mat Prevents Messes, Protects Your Floors & Looks Great Doing It What good is a cat litter mat if it's too small to catch the scatter? Say goodbye to flimsy, flat mats that do nothing at all to protect your floors, and say hello to the Easyology Designer Cat Litter Mat. Finally, someone has created a cat litter mat that's actually big enough to catch all that mess! The deep grooves in this mat also help brush off kitty's paws as he leaves the box, so there's less embarrassing (and disgusting) scatter being tracked around your house. The JUMBO SIZE Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat measures 47" by 36", so you're getting the largest mat available. Because it has such a stylish pattern and comes in designer colors, this mat beautifully complements your existing décor. Long-Lasting, Durable PVC Plastic Cleans Up in a Snap The PVC plastic makes our mat is super easy to clean — just shake it out or give it a quick vacuum. It's also water resistant and simple to soap up and rinse down, keeping it fresh and inviting for your feline friends. The 1/2" thickness stands up to heavy traffic and sharp claws while the soft plastic loops catch and trap more scatter. It's neat for you and provides a comfortable and soft surface for your kitty's sensitive paws. Makes a Great Doormat, Too The dirt-grabbing design and stylish appearance are perfectly suited for the front and back doors, so add a few extra to your cart. If you don't love your Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat, we'll refund your money, no questions asked. Click "Add to Cart" and order yours today!.
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Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Scented Multi-Cat Litte

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Scented Multi-Cat Litter - 10 Pound - Single Pack
Cat's Pride Fresh and Light Ultimate Care Premium Scented Multi-Cat Scoop Litter, 10 pound jug. Ten day odor control because a fresh home is a happy home. And with the proprietary odor control technology of our scented multi-cat formula, both you and kitty are sure to enjoy a fresh litter box for ten days. Easy scoop clumps, we know how to keep it together. Fresh and Light Ultimate Care immediately forms extra hard clumps that are a breeze to scoop and dispose. Our 99% dust free formula eliminates dust clouds and mess around your kitty's box during use and litter changes, minimizing cleanup. Up to 50% lighter, why lug around heavy litter? Fresh & Light Ultimate Care delivers powerful performance in a lightweight package. For 75 years, Oil Dry, makers of Cat's Pride has been the expert in liquid absorption. Our clay products are used all over the world for edible oil purification, jet fuel filtration, keeping major league baseball fields dry and raising healthy crops and livestock. This expertise has been used in developing our breakthrough Cat's Pride Fresh and Light products. We're passionate about developing innovative products to keep cats and their owners happy. Formulated for multiple cats. Fresh, clean scent.
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Pack of 3 - Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets - 3.5 lb

Pack of 3 - Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets - 3.5 lb
Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets - 3.5 lbs 3-Pack ...
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Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box, Extra Large, Teal

Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box - Extra Large - Teal
WHEN IT COMES TO CATS, NO TWO ARE ALIKE BUT ONE THING THEY ALL HAVE IN COMMON. THEY ALL DO THEIR BUSINESS IN STYLE.The Petphabet The Best Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box Side Entry without Gate is an exceptionally handy cat necessity that allows cat owners to be rest assured that their furry feline friends do not mess the house when indoors. This hooded cat litter box comes with a removable top provides hassle free cleaning. Its b plastic material can tolerate frequent use. The Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box is equipped with a deep pan which provide leak protection and odor control that is more effective than clay or clumping litters. It is built without a gate which gives effortless access for senior or elder cats, one cat or several kittens alike.By Petphabet The Best Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box Side Entry without Gate You Can Enjoy The Following Key BenefitsRemovable lid for easy cleaningNo gate for convenient access for catsBuilt with strong and durable material to withstand continuous useEquipped with a deep pan for odor control and protection from urine sprayGives pet privacyComes in different attractive colorsIdeal for both young and older catsMaterial Details : PP - known as polypropene, a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications including:packaging and labelingtextiles (ropes, thermal underwear and carpets)stationeryplastic partsreusable containers of various typeslaboratory equipmentloudspeakersautomotive parts100% Money Back GuaranteeNot Satisfied? Let us know and we will gladly refund your money in full with no questions asked.What Are You Waiting for?Click the "Add to Cart" button now and experience the best product that you and your cat will be happy with.
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Petlinks Purr-fect Paws Litter Mat, X-Large, Grey

Petlinks Purr-fect Paws Litter Mat - X-Large - Grey
The best way to control litter scatter is to stop it before it starts. With a patented design that effectively removes and captures litter from cat paws, Petlinks Purr-fect Paws litter mats are a flexible, easy clean solution. The extra large mat measures 36 by 27 Inch making it a great choice for multi-cat litter boxes and large cats. Petlinks is known for innovative, solution-based and environmentally responsible products that fulfill all of your pet's needs - from play and interaction to rest and privacy and more. A member of the Worldwise family of pet products, Petlinks is grounded in the principles of pet safety, customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. Petlinks products are designed to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. They are then tested against those standards to ensure they meet our strict quality and safety requirements – ensuring they're safe for all members of your family. Petlinks offers a complete satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is dissatisfied with a Petlinks product for any reason, they will replace it or refund it - no questions asked. Since 1990, Worldwise and its brands have been committed to using environmentally responsible materials in its products. Whenever possible, Petlinks products are made with recycled, reclaimed, organic and sustainable materials.
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Favorite 2-Pack Jumbo Covered Enclosed Extra Large Cat Litter Box Beige

Favorite 2-Pack Jumbo Covered Enclosed Extra Large Cat Litter Box Beige & Blue
Product Details and Features:Dimensions: exterior size: 25" L X 19" W X 16.5" H; entry size: 8.5" W X 8.5" H; Interior size: bottom: 18" L X 12.5" W, waist: 25" L X 19" W, top: 18" L X 12.5" WWeight: 3.13 lbsColor: 1 x Navy Blue & 1 x BeigeManufacturer: FavoriteRecommendation: Cats of all agesDescription:Favorite 2-Pack jumbo enclosed cat litter box supplies to a household owning several cats, or people choose it to share with relative and friend, or just take it as a backup. If you meet the above conditions, take it since there is a ten percent discount and the product is of premium quality. It is worthwhile for both pet and you trying it.About usFavorite is a large manufacturer of pet supplies, devoted to improving the lives of pets on a daily basis.  With a professional pet focused design team, the best product materials, and the productive insight of veterinarians and pet experts, we are focused on helping your pets lead healthier and happier lives.  We hope to ensure your satisfaction with great customer service and wonderful array of quality pet products! 
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NonScents Odor Control Cat Litter Deodorizer - Professional Strength Odo

NonScents Odor Control Cat Litter Deodorizer - Professional Strength Odor Neutralizer - 16oz
NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer is a revolutionary odor control product that uses patented cutting-edge technology to destroy odor compounds at the molecular level. This makes it far more effective than products relying on baking soda, charcoal, or enzymes. No overpowering fragrances are used to try to overpower odors - this product simply makes them go away. It works like magic, but is powered by science. Despite its potency, NonScents litter deodorizer is completely safe for you and your pet. It's easy to use too, just sprinkle a thin layer over the litter each time you change it (or periodically as needed). Scoop solid waste regularly, and kitty litter odors will disappear! This deodorizer works best with traditional (clumping or non-clumping) kitty litter. If your cat uses non-traditional gel, newspaper, or wood litters, or a litter pad system, we recommend spraying the top of the litter with NonScents Pet Odor Spray instead. Each 16oz bottle is sufficient for a month of use in most 1-2 cat households. Bulk packaging is also available to save you money.
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