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PetFusion SmartGrip EXTRA LARGE Cat Litter Mat, Gray, (35 x 24). [Easy c

PetFusion SmartGrip EXTRA LARGE Cat Litter Mat - Gray - (35 x 24). [Easy cleaning - Stylish Pattern - Soft on Paws for Finicky Cats] - No Phthalates or VCMs
SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat keeps cat litter off your floor! Soft material acts as a cushion to prevent litter from 'popping' into the air and onto your floors. Unique design and outer channel does the rest, holding litter in place and on the large surface area for easier cleaning. More practical than other cat litter mats that trap litter under carpet fibers, making cleaning difficult and leading to mold and mildew. Easy to clean with multiple options not available in other mats! Provides you the ability to sweep, vacuum with hand-held or attachment, or pour clean litter back into box. Wipe with damp sponge or cloth to eliminate odors. Finally a litter mat with a sense of style! Fits in any room of the house with neutral color and design. Flexible to fit in tight spaces, including closets or small bathrooms.
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Earth Rated 225-Count X-Large Dog Waste Bags, Lavender-Scented Poop Bags

Earth Rated 225-Count X-Large Dog Waste Bags - Lavender-Scented Poop Bags for Large Breeds and Cat Litter
Earth Rated extra large bags are perfect for dog waste pickup and cat litter duty! Conveniently packaged on a single roll in a box made of recycled content that dispenses one bag at a time. Lavender-scented, leak-proof and extra strong, they can fit most cat litter scoops and help with those large backyard pickups. Earth Rated products are the industry leader in terms of quality and most of all, affordability!
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Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Litter, Unscented, 20 Lbs (Packaging May Va

Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Litter - Unscented - 20 Lbs (Packaging May Vary)
Arm & hammer super scoop clumping litter with odor eliminating baking soda. The standard of purity. Ammonia odor block formula. With powerful baking soda crystals. Destroys odors instantly fragrance free.
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Pawkin Cat Litter Mat - Patented Design with Litter Lock Mesh - Extra La

Pawkin Cat Litter Mat - Patented Design with Litter Lock Mesh - Extra Large - Durable - Easy to Clean - Soft - Fits Under Litter Box - Litter Free Floors - Gray
Our Patented Mats With Litter Lock(TM) Mesh Are Unrivaled In Keeping Litter Off Your FloorsWhy risk the embarrassment of litter tracking all over the house? Our mats keep your house hygienic.Independently laboratory tested and certified free of phthalates and other toxinsAre you and your kitty being exposed to carcinogens? Most other litter mats release cancer causing phthalates into the air you breathe. But not ours. Pawkin(TM) mats are laboratory tested to be free of phthalates and other toxins. Don't risk exposing your kitty and family to this cancer causing poison. Choose Pawkin, the phthalate free mat.You've got to have a really big, well designed mat to keep litter from getting tracked out on your floorsAt 35"x23", not only are our mats big enough - our Litter Lock mesh is optimized for trapping litter. Compared side-by-side with other similar mats, you can see and feel how ours are thicker and have a deeper mesh.At the same time, our mats are easy to clean. Just shake or vacuum and the litter simply falls out or gets sucked out. Quick and simple.Elegant design blends beautifully with both modern and traditional home decor.Our non-slip backing keeps your mat in place, even with very active kitties.Our high quality PVC material is resistant to liquids and can be washed with liquid soap or dish detergent, or sprayed down. If your kitty pees or barfs on the mat, no worries. Clean up is easy.Our mats are softer than other similar mats. They are more comfy for kitty's paws.Works great as a pet feeding mat too!You have nothing to risk since we will give a full refund if you're not happy with your matWhy not try one out and see how our specially designed cat litter mats work? 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked. Customer service is our highest priority and we are here to make you happy.
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Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Cat Litter (formerly Flushable Cat Litter)

Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Cat Litter (formerly Flushable Cat Litter) - 12lb bag
Better Way Flushable Cat Litter is changing its name to Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Cat Litter! ONLY THE NAME IS CHANGING! Eco Fresh is still made with 100% Natural Zeolite for superior odor control and easy-to-scoop clumps. All Better Way Cat Litters include Sanel a natural cat attractant made from tree resin. Sanel helps train kittens to use the litter box and helps retrain older cats that have begun refusing to use the litter box. Product comes in a bag with a strong handle for easy carrying. The name change is being made because many municipalities are redefining their legal definition of “flushable”. Your cats will still love this litter because it is so soft on their paws and Sanel reminds them of the outdoors.
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Premium Cat Litter Mat Trapper, Traps Litter from Box and Paws, Scatter

Premium Cat Litter Mat Trapper - Traps Litter from Box and Paws - Scatter Control for Litter Box - Soft on Sensitive Kitty Paws - Easy to Clean - Durable - Set of 2 - Standard Grey
A Great Litter Mat Both You and Your Cats Will Love! Do you a cat that always brought the cat litter to the floor and stained the floor? Are you still worried that the cat's soft paws will be hurt by the bad quality cat litter mats? Still looking for a litter mat with good sanding ability and perfect size? Don't worry, UPSKY cat litter mat set of 2, the best choice for both you and your cats. Why Do The Owners Love UPSKY's Cat Litter Mats? 1.With a deep groove and a sturdy mesh structure, the cat litter can be maximally captured. 2.Good quality, non-toxic, odor-free and easy-to-clean PVC receiving material. Really for the healthy life of cats 3.We respect the casual needs of our customers and enable them to purchase two high-quality cat litter mats at a single price. According to different litter trays, two cat litter mats are randomly combined to maximize the use of cat litter mats and save your space. A clean living environment that customers want. Specifications & Details: Color: standard grey Material: PVC Size: 23.6 x 15.7 x 0.70.3in Package: 2 cat litter mat If you have any questions, please contact us without hesitation, UPSKY professional support team is standing by to assist you.
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MUDEELA Cat Litter Scoop with Holder - Metal Kitty Litter Scoop with Dee

MUDEELA Cat Litter Scoop with Holder - Metal Kitty Litter Scoop with Deep Shovel - Anti-Stick Plated Aluminum Scooper - Durable Sifter with Solid Handle
Why Choose Us? Unlike other plastic scoop, our cat litter scoop made up of solid cast aluminium, strong and durable, ensures long-term use, Save Your Money. Deep shovel allows you to take big scoops, while the non stick teflon coating and wide slots design make you easily and quickly sift clean litter, pick up pee clumps and clean the litter scooper in a short time, Save Your Time Durable metal handle make sure No Bending and Breaking when taking large scoops, and the rubber coating provides a comfortable grip, No Hurt and Ache to Your Hands when using. Our great cat litter scoop comes with a strong adhesive metal hook. So you can hang the cat litter scoop on the wall afer use. Convenient for Storage and Keep Your House Clean. What You Get: 1. One cat litter scoop with a metal hook 2. 45-Day Money-back guarantee for any reason 3. 18-Month Warranty for quality-related issues 4. 100% Satisfaction guarantee ORDER NOW to make your shoveling easier!
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BLUE Naturally Fresh Quick-Clumping Cat Litter 26-lb

BLUE Naturally Fresh Quick-Clumping Cat Litter 26-lb
Made from walnut shells, BLUE Naturally Fresh offers pet parents incredible odor control and long-lasting absorbency. BLUE Naturally Fresh is virtually dust-free, is low tracking and is available in a variety of formulas to suit any household needs.
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Just the Crystals Premium 2-Pack. Your Best Choice in Crystal Cat Litter

Just the Crystals Premium 2-Pack. Your Best Choice in Crystal Cat Litter Absorbs More - Lasts Longer - Fragrance Free With Best Odor Control
You care about what's best for your cat and look for the healthiest, safest and most nutritious food, and you (and your cat) want a home that is odor and fragrance free. Why compromise when it comes to the quality of your litter? Beyond your cat's health, remember he or she also uses the litter box and then walks around your house, on your furniture, on your lap and in your bed. Your choice of litter shouldn't just be based on price, but more importantly on performance for both you and your cat! Just the Crystals has the highest rated absorbency of any crystal litter on the market, and due to our premium quality and convenient packaging these crystals continue to be the favorite of many cats and their owners, developing a strong and loyal following who won't use anything else. Just the Crystals was developed by cat owners for cat owners. Unlike cheaper brands these premium crystals are the optimum size for maximum absorbency, so last longer, absorb better and offer superior odor control. We don't resort to fragrances to cover odors as we feel people should walk into your home and not even know there's a litter box, as opposed to smelling some floral or chemical "masking" fragrance throughout your home. Please visit our Forever Litter Trays website for more details, including our direct contact info should you have any questions at all - we pride ourselves on our products and our customer service!
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ANDALUS Cat Litter Trap Mat | Small/Large/X-Large Size | Phthalate &

ANDALUS Cat Litter Trap Mat | Small Large X-Large Size | Phthalate & BPA Free | Easy to Clean (Large - Gray)
This rugged cat litter mat was made to perform! Reduce litter scatter and keep paws clean with this Cat Litter Catcher Mat featuring soft, rubberized material that traps dirt and litter and brushes against paws to remove litter. Mat is easy to clean with a non-slip back. Also suitable to place under feeding bowls to catch spilled food • Perfect size to catch more litter • Premium quality; extra durable • Easily vacuum or shake clean • Liquid proof backing • BPA free and non toxic • Phthalate Free • 100% Money Back Guarantee Click 'ADD TO CART' to Buy Now!
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