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BlackHole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat - Extra-Large Size Rectang

BlackHole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat - Extra-Large Size Rectangular 36
Dual-Structure Dual-structured mat prevents your kitty litter from being tracked everywhere at the first step on the upper surface The round-shaped upper mat meets the footprints of your cat softly with taking the dirt down to the lower mat. Then fallen litters remain on the lower mat stably(Please refer to the pictures) Made of Durable EVA foam rubber Gentle Non-Toxic Foam Rubber EVA Mat! Good Strong, Dynamic Stability, Scratch-Free, Price-Worthy to buy Blackhole Mat takes only water to clean up all the dirt simply to renew! Easy Cleaning! Proudly Blackhole Cat Mat guarantees the easy cleaning of litter with fast and comfort! Its pocket-formed dual-structure only needs to shake off Please note:) -Please clean up the mat on the running water to dry up on the sunny day once a quater. Easy and even Light Only 2 lbs-weights! No struggling to move and clean ** Offer Details *Happily offering 2 sizes at your convenience Standard Size: 23" x 21" , fitting for small flat or a solo cat, cute cat head shape(See other our Items) Super Size: 30" x 23" , suitable for multi cats or big living room. Extra-Large Size: 36" x 25" , suitable for multi cats or big living room. *At your option, the lovely greeting card can be ready for your adorable cat! Who cares it can read or not?  
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Non-stick Cat Litter Scoop - 2-Minutes to clean poop box - Anti-Scatter

Non-stick Cat Litter Scoop - 2-Minutes to clean poop box - Anti-Scatter sides for Easy sifting - Lightweight handle - Strong and Durable Aluminum Alloy - can last generations as family heirloom
Who doesn't love a clean litter box? Cats make wonderful pets but their litter boxes can be a pretty big turn-off. A poorly maintained litter box tempts your cat to find other relieving places, making your house messier. Pet owners can now have a sigh of relief because SunGrow has brought you this jumbo-sized lightweight, durable & efficient litter lifter! This very gentle but strong and tough, deep shovel gets inside your little kitty's litter box easily. With generous depth and a wide scoop mouth, you can take up greater quantities of litter at a time so that finishing the daunting task is quick and convenient. Ideal for dumping both clump and non-clump litter, the blades have gaps designed to lift out only the waste, and leave clean litter pieces inside the box. Made with a solid rubber core, its heavy duty handle also does not break, bend, or even flick. It is efficient in getting rid of cat poop because the ergonomic handle lets you hold and keep your hand away from the soiled litter. Also, the rubber handle reduces the likelihood of fatigued hands if you have more than one cat or pet, because maintaining your litter boxes becomes such a breeze! In a cat lover's home, don't you think that the Jumbo SunGrow Cat Litter Scoop makes a 'purr-fect' accessory to last you alongside your feline friends? Cast from a superior, rust-resistant, industrial grade steel that is also stainless and corrosion-resistant, add it to your shopping cart today. Your cats will love it as much as will you!
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Portable Cat Litter Carrier

Portable Cat Litter Carrier
Pet Peppy Portable Cat/Kitty Litter Box Do you travel with your cat? Do you need an alternative to those bulky cat litter boxes. The Pet Fit For Life foldable, portable, collapsible cat/kitty litter box is the perfect solution for you! Travel anywhere with your furry little friend! this travel friendly litter pan allows you to get up and go with no worries of packing along a bulky litter pan. The Pet Peppy Cat/Kitty Litter Box is the perfect solution for cat lovers on the go. Don't worry about packing up that huge cumbersome litter box when traveling with your cat. Designed with you in mind the Pet Peppy kitty litter box will always be there when your cat feels the call of nature at home or on the road. The zipper top easily secures litter without making a mess. As always, all Pet Peppy products come with our exclusive 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! Product Features:  ► Made from durable nylon fabic.  ► Large enough for your kitty or cat to comfortably do their business. Measures approximately 16"x 12"x 5" when open. Holds about 4-5 lbs of cat litter ► Folds easily into a compact, portable size of aproximately 8"x 5"x 2". Tuck it away in a drawer in your camper or RV or even your glove compartment for easy access when you reach your destination.  ► Comes with a strap and snap to keep it closed when not in use. ► Easy to clean, inside and out. Made of durable nylon fabric on the outside and smooth poly-plastic inner liner. Simply wipe with a damp cloth. We Cannot Guarantee This Special Pricing, So Be Sure To Click Buy Now and try this amazing Cat Litter Carrier RISK FREE !!
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All-Absorb 20 Count Cat Litter Pads, 17.1 by 11.8-Inch

All-Absorb 20 Count Cat Litter Pads - 17.1 by 11.8-Inch
All-Absorb cat litter pads are made of superior materials. Each All-Absorb Cat Litter Pad can absorb and lock cat urine for up to 3 cups. The powerful odor neutralizer can eliminate the urine odor for up to one week for a single cat. The All-Absorb Cat Litter Pads are excellent replacement pads for the Tidy Cat Breeze System.
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Non Toxic JUMBO Size Cat Litter Mat | 47 x 36 in | Scatter Control for L

Non Toxic JUMBO Size Cat Litter Mat | 47 x 36 in | Scatter Control for Litter Box
JUMBO SIZE, Stylish Kitty Litter Mat Prevents Messes, Protects Your Floors & Looks Great Doing It What good is a cat litter mat if it's too small to catch the scatter? Say goodbye to flimsy, flat mats that do nothing at all to protect your floors, and say hello to the Easyology Designer Cat Litter Mat. Finally, someone has created a cat litter mat that's actually big enough to catch all that mess! The deep grooves in this mat also help brush off kitty's paws as he leaves the box, so there's less embarrassing (and disgusting) scatter being tracked around your house. The JUMBO SIZE Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat measures 47" by 36", so you're getting the largest mat available. Because it has such a stylish pattern and comes in designer colors, this mat beautifully complements your existing décor. Long-Lasting, Durable PVC Plastic Cleans Up in a Snap The PVC plastic makes our mat is super easy to clean — just shake it out or give it a quick vacuum. It's also water resistant and simple to soap up and rinse down, keeping it fresh and inviting for your feline friends. The 1/2" thickness stands up to heavy traffic and sharp claws while the soft plastic loops catch and trap more scatter. It's neat for you and provides a comfortable and soft surface for your kitty's sensitive paws. Makes a Great Doormat, Too The dirt-grabbing design and stylish appearance are perfectly suited for the front and back doors, so add a few extra to your cart. If you don't love your Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat, we'll refund your money, no questions asked. Click "Add to Cart" and order yours today!.
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Pet Pawsabilities Non Toxic Cat Litter Mat, Traps & Keeps Cat Litter

Pet Pawsabilities Non Toxic Cat Litter Mat - Traps & Keeps Cat Litter off Your Floors - Phthalate Free - Non-Slip - Waterproof - Easy to Clean - Extra Large 35''X23'' - Soft on Paws.
Are you tired of your cat getting litter everywhere to the point where you literally need to clean it every day? If so you are not alone. Millions of cat owners have this problem, yet very few ever find a solution. When ordinary small and flimsy mats are not enough, you may need something extra to help keep litter of your floors. That is why we developed the Pet PawsabilitiesTM Cat Litter Mat. Now, you may be asking yourself, what's the difference between the Pet PawsabilitiesTM Cat Litter Mat, and any other cat litter mat on the market today? Our Cat Litter Mat is non toxic (Phthalate free) with 1/3'' thick deep grooves that will trap your cats litter and KEEP your floors clean. This mat will actually stop your cat from making a mess everywhere with our unique design; at a fraction of the cost of other cat mats. You see, there's horrible stories that the rest of the pet brands selling Cat Litter Mats don't want you to know..They try to tell you that their Cat Litter Mats will keep litter of your floors and are safe for your cats...when in reality they cause irritation on paws, have a horrible smell and do not trap litter consistently. Here at Pet PawsabilitiesTM, we only provide you with products that are HUMANE, SAFE, ETHICAL and EFFECTIVE.  Our Cat Litter Mat:  ✔︎Phthalate Free ✔︎High Quality Durable Material ✔︎Non-Slip ✔︎Easy to Clean ✔︎Extra Large Size: 35''X23'' ✔︎100% Money Back GUARANTEE Keeping your cats litter off the floors no longer needs to be stressful and frustrating. Go with the brand that you can trust will always "tell it like it is" and provide you with products that flat out work and will not harm your pet in any manner.Pick up your Cat Litter Mat now and experience the power of the Pet PawsabilitiesTM Cat Litter Mat for yourself (and grab an extra for your neighbor or friends cat)!🐈  
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Cedarific Natural Cedar Chips Cat Litter, 7.5 lb (Pack of 1)

Cedarific Natural Cedar Chips Cat Litter - 7.5 lb (Pack of 1)
Cedarific is a blend of hardwood and cedar chips. The soft and porous wood fibers absorb liquids while the cedar leaves a clean, refreshing scent. Careful screening and aspiration results in a virtually dust-free product. Cedarific contains no clay or silica dust. Cedarific is made from reclaimed, renewable wood fiber and contains no added chemicals. It is 100% biodegradable and can even be composted or incinerated!
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Smiling Paws Pets Premium Cat Litter Mat, BPA Free, XL Size 35" x23

Smiling Paws Pets Premium Cat Litter Mat - BPA Free - XL Size 35
The Last Litter Mat You'll Ever Buy. Say Goodbye To Messy Homes With This Big Cat Litter Mat! No More Scattered Litter!Cat owners agree over the frustration of constantly cleaning the litter scatter around the house, not to mention the smell and discomfort of stepping on it. The Smiling Paws xtra large washable Litter Mat with ultra soft plastic fibers and TM 9 catcher technology will capture any excess litter stuck on your cat's paws when stepped on, leaving your house clean and smell free.Extra Large Cat Litter Mat For Maximum CoverageCats don't deliberately cause a mess around their litter box, it's in their instinct to scratch and dig. Depending on the features of your box, some litter always escapes on to the floor. A FUNCTIONAL litter mat should be large enough to cover the area around your litter box as well. The litter catcher mat will cover a much larger area than other similar medium mats.Simple To Maintain And CleanCleaning the giant kittie litter mat is easy as pie! Simply shake any excess litter trapped on the mat back in the litter box or in the bin for disposal. From time to time you may want to hose it down, and as this mat is completely waterproof, this will have no effect on the mat's quality.Premium Quality With Unique Non-Slip Backing For Added SupportOur litter catcher rug is made of highly durable premium Commercial-Grade vinyl without any harmful chemicals AND is BPA Free. This mat is NOTABLY STURDIER than other mats and will not tear or rip when shaken as experienced with other mats. This quality rubber will easily withstand scratching and clawing. The non slip bottom is made to grip for increased stability and is suitable for other animals that make a mess too.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Quality You Can Trust Click the Add to Cart button right away and order two or more mats and enjoy a litter free home Tomorrow!
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PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic, Works with

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box - Automatic - Works with Clumping Cat Litter
Our innovative, self-cleaning litter box system is both economically and environmentally friendly. No additional accessories to routinely purchase or needed to maintain the PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box System. Conveniently use simple recycled grocery bags to line the waste receptacle for a fast and affordable cleanup. Of course, the unit isn't only easy on your wallet and the planet; it's also easy on you and your favorite feline.No Scooping, No Odor, No Mess.You'll save precious time with our automatic Simply Clean litter box system and your cat will be quite pleased with the "fresh and ready" litter box that's no longer dependent on your schedule. So whisper-quiet, you'll be tempted to put your finger on the rim of the bowl just to make sure it's actually working. There are no visible moving parts to catch paws or tails - or to bother your cat when he's using the unit.
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Cat Toilet Training System By Litter Kwitter - Teach Your Cat to Use the

Cats bury their waste in a litter tray to hide the odor from predators. This is a survival instinct. When they use the toilet instead of the litter tray the water in the pan hides the odor more effectively and the cat is satisfied. The Litter Kwitter leads the cat through three stages of behavior modification to teach the cat how to balance on the toilet, how to aim correctly into the pan and finally how to go without the need for litter.It fits all standard toilets and ships with a step-by-step training DVD plus a full color instruction book so anyone can do it. The special white seat starts on the floor next to the toilet with the red training disc full of litter just like their regular litter tray. Later, the whole thing is placed on the toilet rim so your cat learns to hop up to go. This take around 2-3 weeks on average. This award-winning product is sold in over 40 countries and has appeared on TV hundreds of times including BBC 1, BBC2, HGTV, Fox News, CNN and NBC.
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