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UPSKY Large Cat Litter Mat (24'' x 16'' x 2 Pieces),

UPSKY Large Cat Litter Mat (24'' x 16'' x 2 Pieces) - Premium Traps Litter from Box and Paws - Scatter Control for Litter Box - Soft on Sensitive Kitty Paws - Easy to Clean - Durable - Set of 2
A Great Litter Mat Both You and Your Cats Will Love! Do you have a cat that always brought the cat litter to the floor and stained the floor? Are you still worried that the cat's soft paws will be hurt by the bad quality cat litter mats? Still looking for a litter mat with good sanding ability and perfect size? Don't worry, UPSKY cat litter mat set of 2, the best choice for both you and your cats. Why Do The Owners Love UPSKY's Cat Litter Mats? 1.With a deep groove and a sturdy mesh structure, the cat litter can be maximally captured. 2.Good quality, non-toxic, odor-free and easy-to-clean PVC receiving material. Really for the healthy life of cats 3.We respect the casual needs of our customers and enable them to purchase two high-quality cat litter mats at a single price. What Our Customers Say: ★★★★★ The Mats do a good job of catching stray litter - By Peter on July 24 ★★★★★ The mats were perfect. My girlfriend loved them for her cats. They arrived on time and better quality than I thought they'd be - By Amazon Customer on July 13 ★★★★★ I got two of the small blue ones--one to put under the litter box and one to put in front of it--and they look rather elegant. - By Mike on July 13 Specifications & Details: Color: standard grey Material: PVC Size: 24'' x 16'' x 0.3''(40 x 30 x 0.7cm) Package: 2 cat litter mat If you have any questions, please contact us without hesitation, UPSKY professional support team is standing by to assist you.
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Rufus & Coco 8.8 lb Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Cat Litter

Rufus & Coco 8.8 lb Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Cat Litter
2017 Hot Diggity Award Winner!Rufus & Coco Wee kitty clumping corn litter is extra absorbent, fast clumping, fast odor control, dust free, 100% biodegradable and flushable - all you could ask for in a cat litter!Also 4.4 lb & 20 lb bags available!
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Cat Litter Mat, XL Super Size, Phthalate Free, Easy to Clean, Durable, S

Cat Litter Mat - XL Super Size - Phthalate Free - Easy to Clean - Durable - Soft on Paws - Large 47
How to use it Place under or outside your cats litter pan to help keep kitty's paws and your floor free of litter; It can makes a pretty decent doormat or a sink mat too! How to clean the mat Vacuum or shake off excess litter, Spot clean with a damp cloth; Wash in warm water, using soap or mild detergent, and air dry; Clean and inspect mat regularly, it will keep the litter box mat from harboring odor causing bacteria. Warm tip For each family, we suggest pet parents to buy 2PCS cat litter mat, so that your will always have clean & aromatic mat to use. Product intended for containing litter scatter only. Not suitable for children. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE US? VERSATILE COLORS:Brown, Grey and Black; All colors blend with any décorLARGE 47" x 36" LITTER MAT: The mat is 47 inch long x 36 inch wide, so it offers a good place for your cat to rest and play on. Your room will be no longer messy all around.EASY TO CLEAN: You can use a brush or your vacuum cleaner to clean the mat conveniently, and it is washable.NON-SLIP AND WATERPROOF: The mat keeps stable in the same place and it is water-resistant. The back is leakproof.PHTHALATE FREE:Independently laboratory tested non-toxic. Safe for your kitty and family. It is made by high quality enviromental PVC material, very comfortable for your lovely pet. And it lasts long.MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: if you have any not satisfied with our products, please contact us, we must resolve to your satisfaction, this is our first priority, at the same time we also have 100% unconditional money back guarantee policy.LIFETIME WARRANTY:we're so sure that our cat litter trapper mats will do the job, we guarantee our mats for life.Try it now, you have nothing to lose!
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UniPaws - Designer Cat Washroom Bench Night Stand | Litter Box Cover | S

UniPaws - Designer Cat Washroom Bench Night Stand | Litter Box Cover | Sturdy Wooden Structure | Additional Storage | Easy Assembly | Side Table | Fit Most of Litter Box - White
UniPaws wooden cat litter box hider/end table adds a simple and decorative design to any room in your house, muti-functional design use as an end table. The door is fixed with a decorative cat hole allowing your cat to come and go. The special feet makes your home much more fantastic. Spec and details: Oversize Dimension: 19" Width x 20.9" Depth x 26.6" Height. Interior Dimensions: 16"Width x 19.7"Depth x 17.9" Height. KD construction, easy to assemble while following the assembly manual. This litter box enclosure keeps your litter box hidden away. The elegant design of furniture is a stylish addition to any home. The cat door is fixed with a decorative cat hole are 7" wide by 8.3"height allowing your cat come and go easily.
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PetFusion ToughGrip X Large Waterproof Litter Mat w/Inner Channels &

PetFusion ToughGrip X Large Waterproof Litter Mat w Inner Channels & Raised Outer Lip. (FDA Grade Silicone = Superior Hygiene)
Thoughtfully designed with premium/durable silicone and elevated inner ridges & outer Lip to effectively contain pesky cat litter. Comfortable for cats to walk on. Litter remains on surface recesses, making super easy to clean with vacuum, broom, or sponge. Save money by easily folding and pouring clean litter back into box. Includes side spout. Neutral but pleasing modern design and color.
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Petmate Litter Pan, Blue Mesa/ Mouse Grey, Large, 2 Pack

Petmate Litter Pan - Blue Mesa Mouse Grey - Large - 2 Pack
New design adds strength & handling improvement when loaded with litter Smooth edges Side grip for easy handling Four Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo Four language packaging Assorted pack â€" Blue Mesa & Mouse Gray Made in USA.
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Pawkin Cat Litter Mat - Patented Design with Litter Lock Mesh - Extra La

Pawkin Cat Litter Mat - Patented Design with Litter Lock Mesh - Extra Large - Durable - Easy to Clean - Soft - Fits Under Litter Box - Litter Free Floors - Gray
Our Patented Mats With Litter Lock(TM) Mesh Are Unrivaled In Keeping Litter Off Your FloorsWhy risk the embarrassment of litter tracking all over the house? Our mats keep your house hygienic.Independently laboratory tested and certified free of phthalates and other toxinsAre you and your kitty being exposed to carcinogens? Most other litter mats release cancer causing phthalates into the air you breathe. But not ours. Pawkin(TM) mats are laboratory tested to be free of phthalates and other toxins. Don't risk exposing your kitty and family to this cancer causing poison. Choose Pawkin, the phthalate free mat.You've got to have a really big, well designed mat to keep litter from getting tracked out on your floorsAt 35"x23", not only are our mats big enough - our Litter Lock mesh is optimized for trapping litter. Compared side-by-side with other similar mats, you can see and feel how ours are thicker and have a deeper mesh.At the same time, our mats are easy to clean. Just shake or vacuum and the litter simply falls out or gets sucked out. Quick and simple.Elegant design blends beautifully with both modern and traditional home decor.Our non-slip backing keeps your mat in place, even with very active kitties.Our high quality PVC material is resistant to liquids and can be washed with liquid soap or dish detergent, or sprayed down. If your kitty pees or barfs on the mat, no worries. Clean up is easy.Our mats are softer than other similar mats. They are more comfy for kitty's paws.Works great as a pet feeding mat too!You have nothing to risk since we will give a full refund if you're not happy with your matWhy not try one out and see how our specially designed cat litter mats work? 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked. Customer service is our highest priority and we are here to make you happy.
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Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets - 3.5 lbs, 2 Packs

Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets - 3.5 lbs - 2 Packs
2 Packs of Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets is a unique litter option for houses with multiple cats. The pellets are designed to allow urine to pass through into a different compartment. You can use this pellet litter replacement pack with Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box, with separate litter box compartments for solid and liquid waste.
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BlackHole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat - Extra-Large Size Rectang

BlackHole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat - Extra-Large Size Rectangular 36
Dual-Structure Dual-structured mat prevents your kitty litter from being tracked everywhere at the first step on the upper surface The round-shaped upper mat meets the footprints of your cat softly with taking the dirt down to the lower mat. Then fallen litters remain on the lower mat stably(Please refer to the pictures) Made of Durable EVA foam rubber Gentle Non-Toxic Foam Rubber EVA Mat! Good Strong, Dynamic Stability, Scratch-Free, Price-Worthy to buy Blackhole Mat takes only water to clean up all the dirt simply to renew! Easy Cleaning! Proudly Blackhole Cat Mat guarantees the easy cleaning of litter with fast and comfort! Its pocket-formed dual-structure only needs to shake off Please note:) -Please clean up the mat on the running water to dry up on the sunny day once a quater. Easy and even Light Only 3 lbs-weights! No struggling to move and clean ** Offer Details *Happily offering 2 sizes at your convenience Standard Size: 23" x 21" , fitting for small flat or a solo cat, cute cat head shape(See other our Items) Super Size: 30" x 23" , suitable for multi cats or big living room. Extra-Large Size: 36" x 25" , suitable for multi cats or big living room.
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The Refined Feline RLB-MA Wood Cat Litter Box

The Refined Feline RLB-MA Wood Cat Litter Box
This beautiful wood cat litter box cabinet is both sturdy and functional. Matches your home decor and hides unsightly litter trays. Constructed in ply with poplar veneer. Features: - Top storage drawer - Reversible walls for left or right entry - Internal plastic litter liner with high walls. Contains litter for easier clean up *NOTE: - Bottom wood litter catch sold seperately - Universal carbon filter not included Assembly required. Measures: External: 27.5"" w x 28"" h x 20"" d Internal: 25"" w x 20"" h x 17"" d Fits most Large and Jumbo size plastic litter trays
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