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Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter 24/7 Performance for Multiple Cats 35 l

Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter 24 7 Performance for Multiple Cats 35 lb. Pail (35 lb - 2 pail)
Lighten your load as you maintain your cats' litter boxes with Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance clumping litter. The powerful triple-odor protection defends your home against strong smells. The lightweight formula weighs half as much as leading clumping litter, making it so easy to carry, it will have you saying, "Toss me that litter." With an Ammonia Blocker that keeps ammonia odor from forming for at least two weeks when used as directed, this litter provides protection from lingering smells. The strong, tight clumps allow for convenient scooping, so litter box cleaning is simple. The powerful guaranteed TidyLock protection helps lock away odors, and the low-dust formula means the litter pours cleanly into the box. This Tidy Cats litter is formulated for multiple cats over the age of 4-6 months, keeping your home fresh and clean. Try Purina Tidy Cats today, and show your cats just how much you care when you fill their litter boxes with around-the-clock odor control.
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Washable, Reusable Puppy Pads - Dog or Cat Training Mat - Ultra Absorben

Washable - Reusable Puppy Pads - Dog or Cat Training Mat - Ultra Absorbent - Waterproof Cloth Pad - Unscented Pee and Piddle Underpad with Polyurethane Backing - 34 x 52 Inches - Pure Valley Pets
Superior Protection from Moisture and StainsYou don’t want your house to stink or smell like a zoo. Your sweet dogs don’t mean to wee in places that make you upset or make the indoors smell bad. Whether you’ve got a puppy you are working to potty train, a senior doggie that’s incontinent, or a cat with a litter box that tracks, you will love our pet training pads!Great for a Variety of Uses - Potty Training, Whelping, TravelOur animal training pads are made with a polyurethane backing that can hold up to 8 cups of liquid. That’s quite a soaking! It can handle a full-grown dog who needs housebreaking or a senior pet with incontinence issues. These puppy pads are great when you need to travel and want to line the back of your vehicle to keep dog smell out of the car. You can use them under a dog crate or litter box to protect the floor from fluid leaking. You can even provide a pregnant dog that will be having puppies soon with a clean, safe, comfortable bed liner for giving birth and whelping her new puppies. Wonderful for putting under a pet recovering from surgery with wounds. There are so many ways to use these mats!They are unscented, so dogs will learn to recognize their own odor and be attracted to the mat. That protects your floors and furniture, and provides them with necessary training that there are only specific places to go “weewee.” It’s a great way to help reinforce good behavior and save you a lot of stress and cleaning!Save Money and Reduce Waste by ReusingDon’t spend money on constant replacement of plastic pads when you can reuse our puppy pads over 300 times! To care for your pad, simply wash normally in the washing machine, and tumble dry. Do not use bleach. Wash separately from your clothes to keep any urine odors from transferring to your clothing.
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Color You Dog Bell, Dog Doorbells for Dog Training, Housebreaking, Potty

Color You Dog Bell - Dog Doorbells for Dog Training - Housebreaking - Potty Bell Fits Every Size Dog& Cat and All Door Handles- Leather - Dark Brown
Color: Dark brown There are such products, potty bell which is training your puppy's dog easy and fun. Burglary is not easy, and also you don't have to worry about scratches on the door or accidents on the floor. Why Choose This Dog Doorbells ? Quality microfiber leather, leather panels are smooth Iron bell, sound crisp, not harsh Suitable for all kinds of door handles Three kinds of bells in different locations for different size of pets Potty training for your doggy Compatibility: Not only to dogs, but also for small animals such as cats and rabbits. Specifications: Color: Dark brown Shipping Weight: 2.8 ounces Product Dimensions: 26 x 0.8 inches Material: Microfiber Leather, Iron bell Package includes: 1x Potty dog doorbells If there is anything puzzles you about the page, please feel free to contact Color You after sale customer service. It is a pleasure to provide the best service for you!
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PetBuddy Dogs or Cats Disposable Puppy Pet Housebreaking Training Underp

PetBuddy Dogs or Cats Disposable Puppy Pet Housebreaking Training Underpads Chux Potty Pee Pads 28
The PERFECT way to potty train your puppy at wholesale prices! Pads have great absorbency with a cellulose fill that does not shift during use. Keep your Best Friend dry! Perfect for puppies, older dogs and other pets too. A great product if you live in an apartment or condo. A great option when its raining, snowing or any bad weather condition, keeps you and your pet dry inside. Our Pads are FIRST quality medical/human grade pads.
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Puppy Pee Pads - 100 Count Box - 22" x 22" Large - Quick Dryin

Puppy Pee Pads - 100 Count Box - 22
Throw your worries out the window because the best dog training pad is hereYour love for your dog is priceless. You just wish that you can deal with those messy accidents with ease. Well, problem solved. It does not matter if you are house training a puppy or caring for an older dog with incontinence problems.The Gardner Pet Super-Absorbent 22 by 22 Inches Dog Training Pads keep floors perfectly clean and homes smelling freshFeatures Made of multi layer core material that makes the pads durableAbsorb up to 3 cups of water and still stay dry Leak proof capability of pads protect floors from getting wetPerfect for dog owners who live in a condo or apartment and do not have access to yard State of the art fast dry technology keeps your pet messes locked away and prevents wet paw trackingIdeal for puppies and older dogs100% Money Back GuaranteeNot Satisfied? Let us know and we will gladly refund your money in full with no questions askedWhat Are You Waiting for?Click the "Add to Cart" button now and experience the best product that you and your cat will be happy with
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NEW Bitter Lemon Spray | Stop Biting and Chewing for Puppies Older Dogs

NEW Bitter Lemon Spray | Stop Biting and Chewing for Puppies Older Dogs & Cats | Anti Chew Spray Puppy Kitten Training Treatment | Non Toxic | Professional Quality - Made in USA - 1 Bottle 8oz (240ml)
Prevent pets from damaging your home, furniture, clothes, power cords or other household items with our all natural chew repellent training spray. Safe for various surfaces including wood, fabric, leather, suede, microfiber, carpet, stone, marble, rope, bamboo, veneer, stucco, plaster, plastic, rubber, cork board, houseplants and garden plants. Shake well before each use. Hold bottle 4-6 inches from area or item you wish to stop your pet from chewing and spray liberally to completely cover. Reapply as needed until your pet is trained. Our spray is safe for various surfaces but please test a small discreet area prior to use. We are a small family owned business committed to your full satisfaction, LOVE OUR BITTER LEMON SPRAY OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK! We are committed to the planet as much as we are you and your pet's happiness. Our bitter spray and packaging are made using the most socially responsible and eco-friendly methods available right here in the USA. PLEASE NOTE: Our spray contains natural bitters which can have a strong scent to some people. Make sure to always use in a well-ventilated area. Use sparingly at first as a precaution to test for adequate ventilation. Bodhi dog products are the CONSCIENTIOUS AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER'S CHOICE!
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Impresa Products Dog Bells for Potty Training - Doggie Doorbell for Hous

Impresa Products Dog Bells for Potty Training - Doggie Doorbell for Housetraining Your Doggy or Housebreaking Your Puppy (Dog Training Bells Potty Training Dog Bell)
With our Doggie's Gotta Go doggie door bells housetraining your puppy or grown dog has never been easier. No matter the age or breed of your pooch, you'll find our potty chimes training device easy to use and our system easy to follow. So how does it work? STEP 1: Hang the bells on the handle of the door you use to take your dog out. You can also hang them on a hook next to the door (a suitable hook can be found at any hardware store). STEP 2: Whenever you take your dog out, allow the dog to move or otherwise interact with the door knob bells. When he/she does so, ring the bells and state a command associated with going outside. Provide positive verbal feedback and take your dog out. STEP 3: Repeat the process, always giving the same command and praise. Make sure that you don't distract your dog from going to the bathroom by playing after you take him/her outside. If you're going outside to play , don't use the hanging house training bells. After a few weeks of this routine, most dogs will begin ringing the bells on their own. When they do so, it is VERY IMPORTANT to take them out right away to reinforce the conditioning. Bell training for dogs has been shown to be highly effective, with many trainers and books recommending dog door bells for potty training over other doggie potty training devices / aids. Manufacturer's warranty guarantees product for life. Not happy? Simply let Impresa Products know, and we'll make it right.
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Simple Solution Pet Urine Destroyer | Enzymatic Cleaner with 2X Pro-Bact

Simple Solution Pet Urine Destroyer | Enzymatic Cleaner with 2X Pro-Bacteria Cleaning Power Targets Urine Smells and Stains | 1 Gallon
There are few things more frustrating than tough dog urine spots. Tackle severe dog urine stains and odors with Simple Solution Urine Destroyer Stain and Odor Remover. Easily refill sprayer bottles or penetrate deep into carpet fabrics to reach the source of urine smells and stains with our new easy pour cap. Our dog-specific 2X Pro-Bacteria™ and enzyme formula discourages future marking of the same spots by breaking down, neutralizing, and permanently removing dog urine odor and stains.
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Doggy Do Good Biodegradable Poop Bags | Premium Vegetable-Based Pet Wast

Doggy Do Good Biodegradable Poop Bags | Premium Vegetable-Based Pet Waste Bags That Lessen The Burden on The Environment & Support Rescues - Unscented on Rolls (Green) - 60 Count
Doggy Do Good Premium Pet Waste Bags are the future of dog poop bags because they are biodegradable & compostable. Vegetable based - made from corn starch (an annually renewable resource) and other bio based proprietary components, our bags are a great alternative to regular polyethylene plastic bags and are safe for the environment. They are BPI certified compostable ASTM D6400 (USA) and break down in just 90 days, keeping parks and landfills plastic free. Our poop bags are green for a reason!Our poop bags are super durable and will not leak, break or tear. Made to withstand the toughest of duties, they are soft to the touch and don't stick to each other, making them easy to open and they're scent free. Our bags are bigger, thicker, tougher and totally leak-proof, keeping contents and odor inside. Great for all types of poo! For dogs, cats, cleaning out the kitty litter box, or for disposing of eco friendly baby diapers.Our standard size poop bags can handle any mess - 7 in. x 13.4 in. (folded) / 11 in. x 13.4 in. (with gussets expanded) - and are on rolls with cores made from recycled materials. Bags are thicker (20 Microns / .80 Mils thick) with gusseted side panels that expand for maximum capacity. There are 10 bags per roll and each roll measures 2.5 inches tall with a diameter of 1.375 inches, so they will fit in any standard sized poop bag dispenser. At Doggy Do Good we promote compassion, harmony, and awareness towards our pets and planet earth. While striving to make our pets' carbon paw-print smaller, we also donate a portion of all proceeds to Animal Rescues & No-Kill Shelters. We create amazing, high quality products that make caring for your pet easy and enjoyable. Take comfort in knowing that your purchase gives back and that we stand behind our products with a 30-day no hassle return policy, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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Premium Choice All Natural Unscented Scoopable Cat Litter, 25 Pound Bag

Premium Choice All Natural Unscented Scoopable Cat Litter - 25 Pound Bag
It's scoop, scoop and away with Premium Choice All Natural Unscented Scoopable Cat Litter. Litter particles bond together so that only the unused litter stays in the box and the clumps get thrown away--eliminating odors, constant changing and extra dust.
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