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Ultra Cat Health Monthly Monitor Crystal

Ultra Cat Health Monthly Monitor Crystal
Ultra Monthly Monitor crystals contain pH indicators that help cat owners tell if their cat may be suffering from a common condition called FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Track Disease). Monthly Monitor works with all types of litters including clay, silica gel, corn, wheat, pine and paper. Once per month cat owners pour Monthly Monitor on top of a freshly changed litter box. Then after the cat urinates in the litter box the pH indicators in Monthly Monitor change color. The cat owner simply compares the color of the crystals at the urination spot with the colors on the card enclosed in each bag to determine the approximate pH range. For accuracy this should be done as soon as the cat leaves the litter box (within 10 minutes). If the color indicates a urine pH in the low or high range the cat owner should contact their cat's veterinarian for advice on how to proceed. Cats typically do not show signs they are ill until their condition is serious. Often cats suffering from Feline Lower Urinary Track Disease (FLUTD) go undiagnosed. FLUTD is most common in cats 3 years and older. Particularly in neutered male cats as they get older. Urine pH is a reliable predictor of urinary track health. Monthly Monitor with Health Indicator Crystals gives cat owners a way to monitor their cat's urine pH each month. Finding abnormalities in the urine pH early allows correction before the FLUTD becomes serious. The occurrence of FLUTD increases with age so the older a consumer's cat is the higher the need for diagnostic litter additive. EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS The back of each bag has clear instructions about how the product works and what to do if low or high pH are indicated. Monthly Monitor is well accepted by cats because its sand-like texture is preferred by cats. Monthly Monitor with Health Indicator Crystals gives the cat owner the ability to find problems affecting their pet's urinary track often before the cat may appear stressed.
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ROYAL CANIN FELINE HEALTH NUTRITION Indoor Adult dry cat food, 7-Pound

ROYAL CANIN FELINE HEALTH NUTRITION Indoor Adult dry cat food - 7-Pound
Cats living exclusively indoors have a more sedentary lifestyle, lower energy requirements and a higher risk of obesity. The lifestyle of the indoor cat, sheltered from temperature variations and changes in day length, disrupts the natural seasonal cycle of fur growth, so that it sheds almost continuously, aggravating the problem of hair swallowed during grooming. Odor Reduction: Improved digestibility of the food in your cat's gastrointestinal tract may contribute to smaller and less foul smelling feces. Dental Health: Specific nutrients can help to trap calcium in the mouth, not allowing it to attach to the teeth and contribute to the formation of tartar. Manages Hairballs: A combination of different types of fibers that encourages intestinal transit and helps to facilitate the elimination of the hair your cat swallows every day.
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Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Adult Premium Cat Food, 16 Pound

Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Adult Premium Cat Food - 16 Pound
Purina ONE Indoor Advantage premium adult dry cat food makes the nutritional needs of your feline a top priority so that she can reach her optimal health — both inside and out. As a carnivore, your cat naturally craves meat and protein, and the 42 grams found in each cup of this recipe help meet those hankerings in addition to supporting her strong muscles that she needs for climbing and jumping. In fact, real turkey is the number-one ingredient to satisfy her taste for meat. Meanwhile, other high-quality ingredients with no fillers round out this complete and balanced formula. This natural fiber blend helps with digestion and lowers incidence of hairballs. With 10% less calories than our Purina ONE Salmon & Tuna Flavor variety, this dry cat food also promotes a healthy weight. Omega-6 supports your cat's radiant appearance and healthy skin too, leaving her with a coat you'll love to pet and brush almost as much as she loves the taste of her delicious meal.
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Maximum Strength Plus Boswellia Joint Health Supplement for All Cats - 6

Maximum Strength Plus Boswellia Joint Health Supplement for All Cats - 60 capsules
Cosequin is a nutritional supplement that helps cats maintain healthy joints. Its been rated the number one veterinarian-recommended joint health supplement brand. It is also recommended by veterinarians to support bladder health. Cosequin has a positive impact on joint health, while avoiding the side effects that can accompany prescription drugs.
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PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog and Cat Water Fountain,100 oz.

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog and Cat Water Fountain - 100 oz.
The PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Fountain provides 100 oz. of fresh, filtered water to your pets. The fountain features three places for your pets to drink from: the elevated dish, the free-falling stream, and the lower bowl.
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Greenies Smartbites Treats for Cats

Greenies Smartbites Treats for Cats
Treat your cat to a delicious snack and essential health benefits with FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES Treats for Cats. Made with natural ingredients, including plant-based fibers and premium proteins, our dual-textured cat treats are prepared to minimize the formation of hairballs in the digestive tract and promote a healthy metabolism. Your cat will also love the tuna flavor of our healthy cat treats. So whether you're looking for your cat's next favorite treat or want to give them essential nutrition with visible benefits, FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES are a great-tasting complement to your cat's healthy diet.
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TEMPTATIONS MixUps Flavors for Cats Variety Pack 3 ounce (Pack of 6), Wi

TEMPTATIONS MixUps Flavors for Cats Variety Pack 3 ounce (Pack of 6) - With Our Mouthwatering Menu We Have a Flavor For Every Feline
Reward your cat with a scrumptious playtime snack that is 100% nutritionally complete for adult cat maintenance and helps to control tartar. Featuring a tempting mix of cookout-inspired flavors, such as chicken, beef and liver, Temptations Mix-ups Cat Treats are a great-tasting playtime reward. Plus, at only two low calories per treat, your feline friend can enjoy the crunchy outside and soft center anytime. Ideal way to show your feline friend how much you care.
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Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets DH DH Dental Health Dry Food - (1) 6 lb

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets DH DH Dental Health Dry Food - (1) 6 lb. Bag
Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets DH Dental Health Feline Formula was developed with a patented kibble texture and has been proven to significantly reduce tartar and plaque build-up. It's a high-quality nutrient blend that's great for everyday feeding. The science behind our therapeutic diets represents a collaboration between Purina nutritionists, researchers and veterinarians.
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1-TDC | Delivers 4 Major Health Benefits for Dogs & Cats - Oral Heal

1-TDC | Delivers 4 Major Health Benefits for Dogs & Cats - Oral Health - Hip & Joint Health - Muscle Stamina - Recovery & Mobility - Skin & Coat Health | 120 “Twist off” Soft Gels = 8 Month Supply for 25 lb. Animal
TDC Periodontal & Joint Health for Dogs & Cats by Elite Vet is a unique supplement that promotes gum and joint health. Using 1-TetraDecanol Complex, a unique fatty acid oil, the supplement reduces inflammation that affects the hip and joints of pets affected with arthritis and the gums of those affected by periodontal disease. These soft gels also feature a palatable beef flavor that both cats and dogs love.TDC Periodontal & Joint Health for Dogs & Cats can show results within the first two weeks of administration and remove the need for prescription medications in some cases. This container comes with 120 soft gels, but there is also a package of 60 available. You'll love this fast working supplement and the effects it will have on your pet- so order now!Key Features:Contains proprietary ingredient of a unique fatty acid oilPalatable supplements are loved by cats anad dogs alikeReduce inflammation to support joint and gum health with incredible efficacy
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L-Lysine Chews for Cats, Immune and Respiratory Support Supplement, 60 B

L-Lysine Chews for Cats - Immune and Respiratory Support Supplement - 60 Bite Sized Chews (3.74oz)
Lysine is an essential amino acid for felines that must be ingested through food or supplements. L-Lysine for Cats supports respiratory health and immune system function while also building collagen for a healthy skin and coat. It also supports eye health in growing kittens and is recommended by veterinarians for conditions that are responsive to lysine. L-Lysine from Pet Natural’s comes in a delicious chicken liver bite sized chew that cats love!
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