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2 in 1 Adapter Audio Headphone Call & Audio

Petseer's Pet Urine Detector is the only reliable urine finder light you will ever need to detect pet urine stains! Do you want to immediately find all the hidden urine stains upon receiving the item? Do you want to save time installing batteries into your flashlight or figuring out how to do so? (seem images above). Do you want to end your frustration of receiving a broken torch or one that is useless after a few uses? Do you want to find and eliminate all hidden urine stains and spots so that you can save money on expensive professional cleaning and treatments? The product utilizes the perfect ultraviolet wavelength to pinpoint areas and spots. This AAA battery powered light comes with batteries pre-installed for you. It is lightweight and portable with premium hard aluminium water resistant casing construction. Detect hard-to-find dried dog, cat, rodent and other organic stains. It works on but not limited to many surfaces such as carpet, rug, upholstery, hardwood floor that are otherwise invisible to the naked eyes (see images above). It also works wonders for finding scorpions, detecting counterfeit bills and currencies, driver license, passport and more (see images above). This pocket-sized light is convenient for traveling, it can be used to detect stains on bedsheets, pillows in hotel rooms. Your purchase includes two instantly downloadable bonus ebook guides on how to prevent pet accidents - "How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days" and "Stop Cat Pee in 7 Days". Prevent and avoid re-marking from your pets with our guides written by experts. It contains effective tips for quick and easy implementation. The manufacturer, Petseer, offers a 1 year money-back guarantee, if for any reasons you are not satisfied, contact the manufacturer for a no-questions-asked full refund. The longer the stains remain untreated, the harder they are to be removed. Scroll to the top of the page and click "add-to-cart" button now to finally enjoy a clean, odor-free home.

2 in 1 Adapter Audio Headphone Call & Audio Features

  1. Powerful features: can listen to music and charging at the same time, highly restore sound quality, high level of listening enjoyment, fast charging
  2. Beautiful design: using high-quality materials, and simple design, stylish and beautiful
  3. Convenient and compact: it can be easily put into your pocket, very convenient.
  4. Plug and play: plug directly into the headset or charging cable

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