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Uleecy Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals: Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Bird, Ferr

Why Give Your Pet Regular Nails Cutting?
When the pet's nails grow too long, it's going to stab in the paw, causing pain and discomfort.
In addition, if the pet's nails are too sharp, he or she will scratches the family's skin or scratches the furniture and carpet accidentally when plays with family.
Trim your pet's nails regularly , help him or her stay away from pain and play with him or her comfortable!

How to Trimming Your Pet's Nails?
1.Play with your pet and gradually grab the claws and press gently to push the nails out.
2.Cut off the sharp white part of the pet's nails, TAKE CARE NOT TO CUT IT INTO PINK AREAS, where the pet's vessels and nerves are. Don't hurt your pet when he or she is struggling.
3.Don't forget to touch your pet and soothe or her feelings after finish the trimming. Give his or her favorite food as a reward is a better choice!
4. Please promptly clean the hair on the nail clipper and keep it dry after washing.

1.Please stay away form fire, high temperature place.
2.Please keep out of the reach of pets and children.
3.Please avoid improper use and hurt your pet's skin.

Length: 3.86in
The length of the stainless steel blade: 1.18in
Width of handle: 2.44in
Weight: 0.044lb

What You Will Get If Purchased from ULEECY:
Uleecy Cat Nail Clipper * 1
FREE Pet Nail File * 1
Perfect after-sales customer service

Uleecy Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals: Dog - Cat - Rabbit - Bird - Ferret - Puppy - Kitten - Cat Nail Clippers Trimmer for Paw Grooming - Cat Claw Clippers Scissors & Nail Cutter - Free Nail File Features

  1. PET NAIL FILE INCLUDED: You can use the nail file to file any rough edges of your pet's nails after trimming. Best gift for your beloved pets!
  2. SAFE & EASY TO USE: Clipper handle is finished with a non-slip silicone coating that allows you to securely grip them in order to prevent painful accidents when trimming.
  3. SUITABLE FOR SMALL PETS: Uleecy Cat Nail Clippers have been designed to be ideally used on small animals, e.g. small dogs, kittens, puppies, ferrets, birds, hamster and even rabbits.
  4. DURABLE: High quality and hypoallergenic stainless steel ensures a long lasting, sharp cutting edge.

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