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Safari Pet Products SAFARI Cat Shedding Comb, Cat Brush for Shedding, Ca

Pet Products SAFARI Cat Shedding Comb, Cat Brush for Shedding, Cat Comb, Cat Accessories, Cat Grooming, Wooden Handle

Safari Pet Products SAFARI Cat Shedding Comb - Cat Brush for Shedding - Cat Comb - Cat Accessories - Cat Grooming - Wooden Handle Features

  1. Smooth, rounded teeth are gentle to the skin
  2. Recommended by professional groomers
  3. Ideal for long and short haired breeds
  4. Best suited for cats, kittens and small animals
  5. SAFARI: The brand trusted by pet owners for grooming products and pet supplies, including dog nail clippers and trimmers, cat toys, cat scratchers, cat nail clippers, cat massagers and cat brushes for grooming (including de-shedding tools similar to the Furminator)
  6. SAFARI CAT SHEDDING COMB: When using this cat brush be sure to comb areas behind the ears, base of tail, under legs and the abdomen, which can easily mat
  7. CAT GROOMING: Regular grooming of your cat's coat will keep it clean and healthy, and time spent grooming increases the bond between you and your cat
  8. CAT BRUSH: Frequent brushing helps prevent hairballs and enhances the coat's natural luster
  9. CAT BRUSH FOR SHEDDING: The SAFARI Cat Shedding Comb features smooth, rounded teeth combs for complete grooming, as well as a contoured wooden handle

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