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Proviable DC for Cats and Dogs, 80 Capsules

Proviable for cats and dogs helps restore your pet's digestive system by reestablishing the proper balance of good microorganisms in the intestines. Proviable contains a multi-strain probiotic that ensures your pet's health when diarrhea is caused by antibiotics, stress, food sensitivities, dietary indiscretion or a weakened immune system.

Proviable DC for Cats and Dogs - 80 Capsules Features

  1. Can be used alone for long-term intestinal health support and balance
  2. Capsules should be given with Proviable-KP paste for short-term use during times of intestinal imbalance
  3. Contains multiple species and billions of beneficial microorganisms per daily administration
  4. Capsules help reestablish healthy intestinal balance in dogs and cats

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