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LIYU Dogs and cats Medicine Feeder (2 pack) Pet is Given Medicines Medic

Product description:
1. Fill the syringe with water.
2. Locate the pills/ capsule in the gap of tapered tip.
3. Lower the syringe end to push water as well as pills to pet mouth
Pet pill Tablet gun x 1
Water feeding silica gel head x 1
Pill feeding silica gel head x 1

LIYU Dogs and cats Medicine Feeder (2 pack) Pet is Given Medicines Medical Feeding Tool Silicone Syringes Super Durable and Reusable Extremely Convenient - Green Features

  1. The tip of the medicine feeder is made from delicate and comfortable soft silicone, When given medicines will not hurt the teeth, gums and cheeks.
  2. If you feed the pills or capsule,please cut the silicone tube into two half,let the silicone tube clamp pills,Install the silicone tube on the needle,grip the pill or capsule then open the pet's mouth,aim at the throat,pushing the piston quickly Has finger rings so it's easy to control.
  3. Made of tough polystyrene,washable and reusable,also safety and non-toxic.It is suitable for cats,dogs and can also be used for feeding baby animals that have not yet begun to eat on their own.
  4. Product size:5.9x 1.97 inches. Product weight:1.06 ounce.Every product match 2 silicone tube.For feeding water of medications .Especially for feeding solid medicines, pills, capsules to pets.

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