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Etna Pet Store Wooden Multi-Cat Raised Feeder with 3 Metal Food Bowls/Di

Our Pet Store Wooden Multi-Cat raised feeder allows you to feed up to 3 cats at once. It's a convenient way to feed all your cats because you don't have to lean over 3 times to pick up, refill, and place 3 different bowls, you only have to do it once. Because our feeder promotes better digestion, prevents feline acne, allows cats to eat in a comfortable position that lessens joint and neck stress, AND prevents bugs and dust from getting into the food, this product is the perfect tool for feeding your furbabies. The wooden raised feeder features a cute, cat-shaped handle that allows for easy transportation. Each bowl measures 4-3/4" in diameter and 1-5/8" high. The height of the bowls from the ground while resting in the feeder is 4-1/8". Each bowl has the capacity of approximately one ¾ cup of dry food. The bowls are removable and dishwasher safe on the top rack. The unit requires an easy assembly, but all the necessary hardware is included.

Etna Pet Store Wooden Multi-Cat Raised Feeder with 3 Metal Food Bowls Dishes -Promotes Better Digestion - Prevents Feline Acne - Stops Food Competition - and Keeps Food Dirt and Pest Free Features

  1. PREVENT FELINE ACNE - the product's removable metal bowls prevent feline acne because, while some cats are allergic to plastic bowls, their skin will not react to metal bowls.
  2. NO FOOD COMPETITION - to ensure the prevention of food competition among your furry friends, each cat has its own bowl.
  3. NO PESTS ALLOWED - elevating the food prevents insects from getting in the food along with any dirt and dust from the floor, helping to keep your cats safe and healthy.
  4. BETTER DIGESTION FOR YOUR PETS - raising the food promotes better digestion for your pets. A higher elevation of the food lets your cat eat comfortably and lessens the stress on their joints and neck.

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