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CleanHouse Cat and Dog Nail Clippers - with Safety Guard - Stainless Ste

CleanHouse Pro Grade Cat and Dog Nail Clippers with Safey Guard: heavy duty pet nail clippers for big dogs to small cats.

♛ Safe & Easy to Use!

These stainless steel pet nail clippers come with a built in, adjustable, safety guard
Simply press the button near blade to release clippers, and start clipping nails, with the guard there to protect your pet's nails!.

♛ Stylish & Effective

We're animal lovers (aka amazing people), so we like nice things.
So our high end pet nail clippers not only work great, they look cute too.

♛ Great Nail Clippers for Dogs or Cats of Any Size

Whether you want small nail clippers for cats, or a large nail clippers for dogs, we have you covered.


Stainless steel base, comfortable grips. These are high end dog and cat nail clippers and we guarantee them for life.
Don't love them - we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

CleanHouse Cat and Dog Nail Clippers - with Safety Guard - Stainless Steel - Easy to Use - Pet Nail Clipper for Small Cats to Large Dogs Features

  1. ♛ GREAT FOR DOGS & CATS: pro grade clippers great for canines, felines, bunnies & more.
  2. ♛ NAIL CLIPPERS FOR ALL PET SIZES: sharp blade clippers work for large dogs to small cats.
  3. ♛ SAFE & EASY TO USE: built-in safety switch, so nail clippers are safe and easy to use.
  4. ♛ PROFESSIONAL GRADE: stainless steel frame, comfortable grip & easy to use safety guard.

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