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CEESC Pet Nail Cutter Scissors Set with Professional Nail File Kit, Comf

Warm tips for pet nail clip:

You must have a professional dog nail clippers for cutting nails to your dogs. If cut with ordinary nail clippers for people, it will hurt your dog and makes it bleed. The nail file is the best kit!

Operation method of cutting nails:

1). Put the cat or dog on your lap and gently stroke its head to make it quiet.

2). The angle between the nail scissors and the toenail should be 45 degrees.

3). Pick up one of the feet and cut the long toe nails one by one with this special scissors.

4). Do not cut too close to the toe skin (deep in color, not clear), otherwise it will bleed.

5). If bleed, you should immediately apply cotton and hemostatic to stop bleeding.

6). After cutting the toenail, cut the soles fur to be line with the foot pad. Too long will cause pets to slip, too short, is easy to be stabbed and wounded by hard substance.


1). When cutting pet nails, first of all, keep the pet and stabilize it., you can find a friend to help hold it, in order to relieve its tension and fear.

2). Keep your eye on the growth of the pet nails, the regular intervals is 3-4 weeks. As a parent, don't forget to cut your pet nails for a couple of months.

3). When trimming, just cut the transparent part of the front of the toenail . The best way to cut is to trim the nail cap a little bit, so that you can avoid cutting the pets skin.

CEESC Pet Nail Cutter Scissors Set with Professional Nail File Kit - Comfortable Cutting for Kittens - Puppies - Rabbits and Your Other Small Pets Features

  1. ☞NECESSARY --- Long nails is harmful to pets, but they need professional cutting tool that is safe, sharp and clip easily, not ordinary scissors for people. This cutting kit come with nail file, it's necessary for your pets nail clipping.
  2. ☞SHARP --- The stainless steel blade head is toughened by special process, which makes it sharpest possible.
  3. ☞EASY --- The top grade cutting blade with arc design, the smooth and accurate handle operation capacity, and the sharpness, cutting pet nails is so easy.
  4. ☞SAFE --- High density steel forging blade head, touch enough for smooth cutting to ensure safety. Non slip handle design, comfortable fit in hand, can accurately control the cutting strength and angle needed, so that it largely avoid improper clipping.

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