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Cat Feeding or Medication Reminder – Pet Food Organizer - Am Pm Daily

Finally, A Cat Reminder Sign That Helps You Remember to Feed the Cat or Give the Kitten their Medication.

Does your Husband or Wife Feed the Cat and not Tell You?
Concerned about remembering to Give your Fur Baby Their Medication?

Worried about overfeeding your Kitty Cat?
Tired of fighting with the KIDS & TEENS to do their chores and Groom the Cat?
Dont Want to Put a Big, Ugly, Plastic Sign in your DESIGNER Kitchen?
Glide Signs Cat Food Reminders Have SOLUTIONS to Inspire You

✅ Simple, ELEGANT, Useful Cat Reminder - Quality Made with STURDY Aluminum
✅ Sleek and STYLISH Designer Sign
✅ Soft Silica Covered Magnets PROTECTS and Wont SCRATCH your Appliances
✅ STRONG Industrial Magnets that STICK but Wont Move or Slide
✅ Attaches ANYWHERE - Magnetic or use Double Sided Tape Included
✅ Designed to COMPLIMENT Your Kitchen or Laundry
✅ Perfect Size 6.3 x 1.6 inches. Cat Fridge Magnet is DISCREET yet EFFECTIVE
✅ Easy to SEE at a Glance, Makes Life EASIER For A Busy Working MOM
✅ This Perfect Accessory is so HELPFUL and CONVENIENT to have in Your Family
✅ Even Young CHILDREN Can Use the Easy to read RED and GREEN Colors
✅ ALERT the Rest of the Family that youve given the Fur Baby their Pills and Medications
✅ Great Chore Chart for Home School Families
✅ All Your FRIENDS will Want this UNIQUE Cat Lover Gift
✅ Customer Satisfaction Including A LIFETIME Guarantee

Attach to the Fridge, Oven, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Tiles or Cupboard
Feed the Cat Slide to Green - Cat Not Feed is Red
Easy to re-set at the start of the Week

Buy TODAY to Care for Your Pet Cat NOW

Cat Feeding or Medication Reminder – Pet Food Organizer - Am Pm Daily Indicator Sign - Fed or Feed the Kitten Supplies - Fridge Magnets and Double Sided Tape - Care for Your Cats with Glide Signs Features

  1. UNIQUE GIFTS - Do you have a new cat in your family? Kittens are so cute, did you make sure to have all the cat and kitty supplies when you bring them home. The Cat Feeding Reminder Sign is 6.3 x 1.6 x 0.4 inches and comes in a black gift box. Perfect for giving as a stocking stuffer or Christmas gifts for cats and their owners. The best holiday gift to give to busy families who care for their cats. Ideal medication reminder for senior and nursing cats who take regular pills.
  2. NOT BIG, BULKY OR UGLY - complement your home with this premium am-pm indicator. Discreet and elegant designed to suit any decor in your kitchen or laundry. Keep the cat food tracker near your cat food or use as refrigerator magnets. Organization Cat Reminders have strong, inbuilt industrial magnets covered with soft silica to protect your appliances. WON'T SCRATCH YOUR FRIDGE or OVEN. Attaches to all surfaces and tiles, both magnetic and double sided tape included. Waterproof and stylish.
  3. HEALTHY PET - manage your large cats weight with a regular feeding routine. Stop wondering if your kitty cat has eaten today - they will never tell the truth. End the confusion with overfeeding - control pet food portions & weight management for your overweight pet. Loved by Home school families, the cat reminder magnet helps kids with their daily chores. This visual reminder kids chore chart teaches responsibility with household chores & can also be used as a toddler reward chart.
  4. NO MORE GUESSING - stop worrying about who fed the cat. Life is busy, but when was the last time you filled up your kittens feeder bowl? A quick glance at this 7-day fridge magnet lets you know exactly when it is time to feed your pet cat. No more guilt with this cat sign. Show your cats you love them when you slide the button on your cat food sign to green for fed and red for need to feed.
 Every cat owner needs a cat feeding reminder chart for their fur baby.

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