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Bencmate Pet Nail Clippers for Dogs Cats Small Animals, Trimmers with Na

The premium stainless steel dog claw clipper features a safety stop that serves as a quick sensor to prevent you from overcutting your pet's nails. And the non-slip ergonomic handle will give you a comfortable grip. Product features: - Stainless steel blades - professional heat treatment makes it sturdy and sharp stainless steel cutting edge will last a long time- the safety guard as a quick sensor that prevents cutting too close to the quick- the push button on the handle for safe and convenient storage- the free nail file is included in the handle of the dog nail trimmer, it is useful for a smooth finish and convenient for storage- non-slip ergonomic handle will give you a comfortable grip and good trimming experiencehow to use - hold the paw securely while trimming dog nails, quickly cut off the top of the nail and be sure not to cut the quick - cut the nail at a 45 degree angle and do not cut off too much each time in case of injuring pet's nails. Please use the safety guard while trimming.If your pet's nails are very long, cut off a small part first time and then about one week or ten days cut it again, step by step until the nail up to an appropriate length - after trimming, use the built-in nail file to smooth over any ragged edgesimportant - keep out of reach of children - if bleeding occurs by accident while trimming, apply a generous amount of styptic power as quickly as possible and use your finger or cotton ball to keep the powder in place for 5 to 10 minutes.If bleeding lasts more than 20 minutes, you will need to take your dog to veterinarian.

Bencmate Pet Nail Clippers for Dogs Cats Small Animals - Trimmers with Nail File and Quick Sensor Safety Guard Features

  1. Free nail file - free mini nail file is stored in the handle of the clipper for a smooth finish and no more ragged edges after cutting
  2. With safety guard - a quick sensor safety guard prevents over cutting and reduce the risk of injury to your pets. And there is a safety lock for safe
  3. Easy to use - non-slip ergonomic handle that will give you a comfortable grip and good nail trimming experience, and the sharp stainless steel edge
  4. Sharp and durable - the pet nail clipper is made of premium 3.5mm stainless steel sharp blades that provide a quick snip without bending the nail

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