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Personalized Breakaway Cat Collars with Safety Release Buckle - Custom E

Personalized Breakaway Cat Collars with Safety Release Buckle - Custom Embroidered with Pet Name and Phone Number - Safe Adjustable Nylon ID Collar with Bell for Cat or Kitten
Our personalized cat collars are made and shipped from the USA in 1-2 business days. Our shop is in Washington state where are collars are custom made.Our personalized breakaway cat collars are designed to keep your cat or kitten safe with a safety buckle designed to quick release your cat should their collar become caught. Custom embroidered ID collar personalized with your cat's name and phone number permanently stitched into the collar ensuring your cat always has ID. Comfortable and cute nylon collar with attached color coordinating bell. Adjustable collar 8-12 inches in length x 3/8-inch-wide, for cats of all sizes, small to large, boy or girl. Orange, Pink, Red, Blue and Black cat collars, with 15 thread color options for your customized personalization. Durable, long lasting, and unique ID for your cat.English alphabet characters only.
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DYEOF Flea Tick Collar for Cats - 8 Months Protection - Hypoallergenic,

DYEOF Flea Tick Collar for Cats - 8 Months Protection - Hypoallergenic - Adjustable & Waterproof Cat Collar - Flea Treatment Tick Prevention Natural Essential Oil
Fleas and ticks can cause a wide variety of issues for your cats and the most common of which is flea bite dermatitis - a specific allergy to flea saliva. It leads to intense itching and scratching, then make your cats' skin break open and form scabs that can get infected. Moreover, fleas and ticks are also the health risk to humans. Although they don't actually live on your skin or hair, they still bite you, which carries certain diseases, such as: plague and cat scratch fever.
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OFPUPPY 2 Pack/Set Plaid Cat Collar Breakaway with Cute Bowtie & Bel

OFPUPPY 2 Pack Set Plaid Cat Collar Breakaway with Cute Bowtie & Bell for Kitty - Adjustable 7.8-10.2
Pets are not just pets. They are our best friends and beloved babies. They also need to dress up. A cute collar can make your kitty become more lovely and attractive.. Here are 2 pack of plaid cat collars with breakaway buckle, which is not only cute, but also provide your cat with safety. The size - adjustable from 7.8"- 10.2" - fits most cats and also some puppies. Size: 7.8" - 10.2" in length; 2/5" in width Main Color: Red, Blue & Black Material: durable cotton fabric Style: classic plaid style Target Audience: cats, puppies Features: Plaid style. The plaid style will always get people's love. With the plaid collar, your cat will be cuter and more fashionable. Breakaway. The safe buckle which releases quick when pressure is applied, is a cute cat face. It provides more safety for yor cat. On the other hand, it is convenient for you to open it to put on and off. Movable bowtie. The movable bowtie is a great design. It is attached to the collar with two elastic bands. You can adjust the position of the bowtie to show it on the front of your cat's neck. Package Include: 2 Pack( 1 x blue & red plaid collar + 1 x black & red plaid collar) Notice: Due to manual measurement, there are 0.2" - 0.5" error. Pleasure measure carefully before ordering.
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Graceful life Custom Breakaway Cat Collar Personalized with Bell

Graceful life Custom Breakaway Cat Collar Personalized with Bell
Usually we will ship in 24 hours , standard ship need about 7-15 days. fast ship usually about 3-5 days. size :1 cm width by 8 -11 inches adjustable length 3 different collar color : red,blue,black 11 different text thread color : white , sky blue , blue , red ,rose pink , yellow ,olive green, green,purple,orange
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Relaxivet Adjustable Dogs & Cats Calming Collar with Appeasing Effec

Relaxivet Adjustable Dogs & Cats Calming Collar with Appeasing Effect - Cat and Dog Anxiety Relief - Anti-Anxiety Collar with Long-Lasting Calming Effect
HOW TO GET RID OF THE UNWANTED BEHAVIOR OF YOUR PET? Are you fed up with chewing toys, pillows, clothes or destroyed furniture? Is your four-legged friend hyperactive and stressed all the time and you don't know what to do? Don't give up in the fight against their anxiety, stress or uncontrolled behavior! We suggest that you try the effective calming collar for dogs and cats that helps modify the stress-related state of your pet. WHAT MAKES IT THE BEST CHOICE? suits dogs and cats; continuous calming effect that lasts up to 30 days; immediate effect; it is an adjustable & flexible stay calm collar; suits dogs and cats of different ages and works well as a small dog calming collar, a puppy calming collar, a calm cat collar, and a kitten calming collar; pleasant relaxing smell; our calming pet collar doesn't make your pet addicted to it; no harm; no chemical ingredients. HELPS FIGHT AGAINST ALL KINDS OF FEAR AND PHOBIA Our anti-anxiety collar helps overcome various fears caused by different factors that actually are the reason of such an anxious state. There are different challenging situations, e.g. adaptation to a new home, thunderstorms, loud noises, being left alone, trips, fighting with other dogs or cats, etc. Our calm collar does well with all of them and improves your pet's behavior gently and safely, helping them feel safe at home or on the go. Take care of your beloved dog or cat and don't allow them to feel stressed or frightened. Choose this calming collar and click 'Add to Cart' now. Make your life and the life of your pet better.
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PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range, Pet Proofing for C

PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range - Pet Proofing for Cats and Dogs - Static Stimulation - ZND-1200
PetSafe Pawz Away Instant Pet Barrier (formerly the Innotek Indoor Zone-Pet Barrier) is designed by professionals to instantly keep your dog away from problem areas in your home -- no training necessary. Unlike other deterrents,the Instant Pet Barrier is totally cordless/wireless. You can put the Barrier near anything you want your pet to avoid the trash, kitchen counter, dining room table, baby's crib or protect your furniture. When using the Pet Barrier take these three simple steps: 1) select the area, 2) set the zone's protection coverage area between 2' and 12' feet in diameter, 3) fit the contoured collar to your dog or cat. Enjoy your pet free zone. Your dog collar will work with as many zones as you have problem areas. Zone 1 comes with a small dish and a collar. You put the dish in the area that you would like your dog to stay out of and set it from 2 to 12 feet. When the dog comes within the set zone" the collar will admit a warning beep. If the dog comes closer the collar will admit a small "static" shock. If the dog comes closer the level of stimulation will increase until the dog realizes the area is out-of-bounds. The collar does admit a shock but its a static shock. It feel similar to when you rub your feet on the carpet and touch a door knob. It doesn't hurt but is very annoying. You can purchase multiple dishes for different areas of your house garden ect. You can also purchase multiple collars depending on how many dogs you have."NOTE: Please make sure that the battery does goes in straight and locked to turn it to the ON position.
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LOVATIC Cats Flea and Tick Collar - 8-Month Flea Treatment Cat Collar -

LOVATIC Cats Flea and Tick Collar - 8-Month Flea Treatment Cat Collar - Hypoallergenic - Adjustable & Waterproof Tick Prevention - Natural Essential Oil Extracts
Many pet owners find cats flea and tick infestation is a tough task to fight. Thus, LOVATIC cat flea and tick prevention collar is designed with the purpose of helping you solve this issue. The upgraded formula using natural essential oil is not only safe for your cat but also very effective in killing the pest. Moreover, the flea collar is adjustable to fit for any types of cats over 10 weeks old. The water resistance design optimizes the use of this tick control collar, the water cannot affect the use of killing flea and tick, however, don't make it wet too much. Please note that the collar will take the best effect if you could keep your cat in clean places, frequently give him/her bath and keep him/her away from the infested cat. Click "Add to Cart" to protect your lovely cat.
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KZHAREEN Reflective Nylon Breakaway Cat Collars Bell Adjustable Small Pe

KZHAREEN Reflective Nylon Breakaway Cat Collars Bell Adjustable Small Pet Dog Puppies(6pcs set)
Personalized reflective safety cat collar with bell. These are breakaway collars. The reflective strip is highly visible from hundreds of feet away. With ringing bells, you will hear the bells jingling when the kitty is active. Quick release buckle will ensure your kitten safety. Safe for outdoors and indoors. The durable and fashion collars are fit for small dogs, cats, animals Material: Nylon, metal D ring, bell Size: 3/8 inch wide and adjustable 8-12 inch length Package: 6 x Pet collars with bell (1*red, 1*pink, 1*yellow, 1*blue, 1*black, 1*green)
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PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence Receiver Collar

PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence Receiver Collar
Our smallest waterproof receiver collar may be used to add another cat to the Petsafe In-Ground Fence system. Receiver cat be adjusted to cat's temperament with 4 levels of static correction plus tone only for training. The collar includes a stretch section for cat's safety.
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ONMOG Flea and Tick Prevention Collar for Cat – Best Flea Collar Repel

ONMOG Flea and Tick Prevention Collar for Cat – Best Flea Collar Repellent – 8 Month Protection – Environment Friendly with Fully Natural Ingredients
As you know, the flea and tick can live up to 2-3 months and they will start to lay the egg on the host after 1 month of growth and thought your cat scratching the egg will fall off and increase the infestation area to the surrounding environment. This can cause harmful effects not only to your cat but also your own health as well Why ONMOG cat collar? The collar is produced in advance technology which can create a whole body protection against flea and tick nearly a year without other monthly treatment. How to use it more effectively? Before wearing the collar for your cat, take a shower for her/him and try to kill as many fleas and ticks or their eggs as you can. By doing that, you will save yourself a lot more time from the fight against flea and tick. Quickly click "Add to Cart" now to be the first trying this wonderful flea prevention collar for cats.
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