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CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar, Cat Safety Collar with Elastic Strap, K

CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar - Cat Safety Collar with Elastic Strap - Kitten Collar for Cat with Bell Black Blue Red Orange Lime Green (Neck Fit 6
Are you looking for a high quality leather cat collar or a kitten collar? This genuine leather collar for cats is a perfect combination of high quality, style and comfort! This handmade leather collars for cats and kitten collars are made using quality hardware and natural leather. Handmade cat collars are made out of specially treated very soft genuine leather. Our basic handmade cat collars are soft and supple but yet strong and durable. Completely safe for your cat and non-allergic. Only high quality materials are used. Collars are made of soft genuine leather. Leather cat collars and collars for kittens will fit cats with sensitive skin. Genuine leather cat collars are available in different bright and trendy colors: blue, red, orange, lime green, brown, pink, yellow, purple, black, navy blue, mint green, beige and white. Our Handmade cat collars are available in different sizes: extra small and small. Before placing an order, please measure your cat's neck circumference with a soft measuring tape to choose the correct size.
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Personalized Reflective Cat Collars - Red

Personalized Reflective Cat Collars - Red
GoTags reflective safety cat collar comes personalized with cat's name and phone number laser engraved into the collar. Collar is 3/8 inch wide and adjustable from 8-12 inches in length. Breakaway safety buckle releases to free a stuck cat. Choose collar color: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, and Red. To add customization details to the collar click customize now.English alphabet characters only.
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Elasta Cat Reflective Safety Stretch Collar

Elasta Cat Reflective Safety Stretch Collar
Our ElastaCat Reflective Safety Stretch Collar with Reflective Charm is elasticized to expand and release your cat if entangled. Plus, the reflective material and charm provide extra safety for your cat.
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Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cat, all weights, 2 Pack

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cat - all weights - 2 Pack
Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats, All Weights & Sizes, 8 Month Protection
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PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence Receiver Collar

PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence Receiver Collar
Our smallest waterproof receiver collar may be used to add another cat to the Petsafe In-Ground Fence system. Receiver cat be adjusted to cat's temperament with 4 levels of static correction plus tone only for training. The collar includes a stretch section for cat's safety.
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Petmate Aspen Pet Breakaway Fashion Collar, 3/8" x 8-12", Sub

Petmate Aspen Pet Breakaway Fashion Collar - 3 8
Fashionable felines will look great in these fashion collar designs. Features a patented, multi-directional break away pod buckle, silver bells and black hardware.
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Bemix Pets Cat Collar with Bell, Set of 6, Solid Cat Collar, Gift Set Bo

Bemix Pets Cat Collar with Bell - Set of 6 - Solid Cat Collar - Gift Set Box - Made of Nylon - Colorful - for Small Dogs (6-Pack)
+ Bemix Pets's retro classic collection is perfect for everyday wear. + Retro and elegant this collar is made to show off your pet's unique style all year long. + This durable cat dog collar is made to last long + The price is for a Set of 6 Dog Cat Collars of different patterns + Our collars are breakaway cat collars + BEMIX LIFETIME WARRANTY CARD is included
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PEROZEK Cats Flea and Tick Collar - 8-Month Flea Treatment Cat Collar -

PEROZEK Cats Flea and Tick Collar - 8-Month Flea Treatment Cat Collar - Hypoallergenic - Adjustable & Waterproof Tick Prevention - Natural Essential Oil Extracts
Many pet owners find cats flea and tick infestation is a tough task to fight. Thus, PEROZEK cat flea and tick prevention collar is designed with the purpose of helping you solve this issue. The upgraded formula using natural essential oil is not only safe for your cat but also very effective in killing the pest. Moreover, the flea collar is adjustable to fit for any types of cats over 10 weeks old. The water resistance design optimizes the use of this tick control collar, the water cannot affect the use of killing flea and tick, however, don't make it wet too much. Please note that the collar will take the best effect if you could keep your cat in clean places, frequently give him/her bath and keep him/her away from the infested cat. Click "Add to Cart" to protect your lovely cat.
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Lionet Paws Dog and Cat Collar with Bowtie,Soft and Comfortable,Adjustab

Lionet Paws Dog and Cat Collar with Bowtie - Soft and Comfortable - Adjustable Collar
The bowtie can be attached to any collar without any alterations to the collar itself. Bowties are not machine washable, but can be removed from collar and rinsed with water and mild soap pls take a moment to measure the neck perimeter for size and width before ordering to ensure everyone is happy when it arrives
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2 Pack Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs and Cats Prevents and Controls Flea

2 Pack Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs and Cats Prevents and Controls Fleas - Ticks - Lice and Mosquitos in 24 Hours 8 Months Protection One Size Fits All
Dear consumers, please allow me to explain to you that the price of our 2 pack is only a little higher than the price of the competitor(1 pack). However, both models are purchased from the same supplier(you can see that all the picture is same,because it is provided by the same supplier). Let the biggest discount to our beloved consumers! You can even wear two flea collars for a dog, the effect will be even stronger, so that your beloved friends will no longer suffer! We use innovative technology to release pest-ridding natural ingredients in controlled doses over a prolonged period of time. This ensures long-term flea & tick control without the need of monthly applications. Our effective collars protect your pet from fleas, flea larvae, ticks, mosquitos as well as sarcoptic mange on dogs without any mess. All of this is done in a very safe and eco-friendly way.FAQ Q:Is it suitable for giant dogs or mini dogs or cats? A:Yes ,it's suitable for all size dogs and cats. Just cut off the excess flea collar and put the rest under the mat of your dog for extra protection. Q:Can it used by cats? A:Yes of course.It's designed for both cats and dogs.You just need to adjust the length of the collar to fit your cat's neck. Q:What are ingredients of Flea and Tick Collar? A:It's made of organic herbs and natural plant extracts,such as Citronella essential oil,Linaloe wood oil,Resin powder,Eucalyptus oil and Peppermint.Safe, environmentally friendly and harmless Q:Is it waterproof? A:Yes of course.Your pets can go swimming while wearing it. Q:Is it NO Allergy and NO Side Effects? A:Yes ,the effect of our flea collars are based on the protective properties of herbs.The flea tick collar is safe and does not contain components that cause allergies in dogs.
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