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Pet bed, CAMAL Shark Round Washable Cotton Soft Dog Cat Bed With Bed Mat

Pet bed - CAMAL Shark Round Washable Cotton Soft Dog Cat Bed With Bed Mat (Medium - Blue)
Material: Cotton Color: Blue, Grey, Pink, Orange-Red Size: Medium-42 * 42 * 37cm, Large-52 * 52 * 38cm Removable and washable cushion Both inside and outside the high quality warm and comfortable fiber fabrics Package includes: 1 piece pet bed
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L.S 2018 Cat Bed Window Hammock Perch Kitty Sunny Mats Frames (Double la

L.S 2018 Cat Bed Window Hammock Perch Kitty Sunny Mats Frames (Double layers - Grey)
Note: Please install the sucker in strict accordance with the instructions for optimum effect. It is not just a cat bed but also a fine decoration. It uses exquisite metal cat-face bracket other than monotonous boring rectangle. LS Cat Hammock offers your beloved cat a perfect resting space and a breathtaking view. So your pet can perfectly enjoy the warm sunshine, the view of the outside, and the changing weather. And it also saves your valuable interior space. 59*33cm large enough rest platform allows your adult cat to have enough space for rest and play; adjustable sandwiching height which is up to 34cm allows your cat to have enough standing space in the bottom layer. As long as the window is greater than 45CM, it is also applicable to small windows. Soft and comfortable plush mattress is easier to disassemble and clean, so as to provide a clean and healthy rest environment to your cat.
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Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blanket/Bed Cover for Dogs and Cats, 6 Pack of 2

Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blanket Bed Cover for Dogs and Cats - 6 Pack of 24x28 Inches
A Communication Between Dogs and Masters Dogs: Mammy, It has been snowing for three days. I feel so cold, when I see that the snow is laying thick on the ground. Mammy: Luke, you got a lot of hair on body. Couldn't it be a big warm coat? Dogs: Mammy. Although I have thick hair, I still can't resisit the cold weather in the evening. And actually there is not very thick hair on my stomach, it is very easy to catch a cold. If I get sick, mammy need to spend money on seeing a doctor for me and I would also suffer a lot. Mammy: So what do you want me to do? Dogs: I just know that Lily got a beautiful blanket. It seems that the blanket is so soft and comfortable. Mammy: Well, and then? Dogs: These blankets are of great use! Firstly, this blanket can be put on my body at anytime; Secondly, it can be flatted on the floor to be a mat, also can be laid on my bed, mammy you just need to wash the blanket not my bed; Thirdly, it can be a bath towel after the shower. Mammy: Well, that sounds not bad. Dogs: More importantly, the blanket can be reused, very pratical not expensive; And the material is double-sided fleece, which is soft and warm, also feel very comfortable. Mammy: How do you know that? Have you try that? Dogs: Yeah! And I also know that they buy the blanket from Comsmart on Amazon. Mammy: I will buy it for you later. Dogs: Thanks, mammy. Love you..... Specification Material: Double-sided Fleece Color: Red/Grey/Brown/Blue/Black/White Applicable Pets: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Hamsters and Other Small Pets Size: 24x28 Inches Item Weight: 4 oz (per blanket) Package Content 1 X 6 Pack Dog Cat Fleece Blankets - Red/Grey/Brown/Blue/Black/White
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PAWZ Road Cat Sleeping Bag Self-Warming Kitty Sack Grey

PAWZ Road Cat Sleeping Bag Self-Warming Kitty Sack Grey
PAWZ Road Seller Sweet Pet Best Seller Best Price Best Customer Service Pending The Best Orders
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LAMBAW Cat Scratcher Couch Large Eco-friendly Corrugated Cardboard Scrat

LAMBAW Cat Scratcher Couch Large Eco-friendly Corrugated Cardboard Scratching Pads Lounger Bed Kitty Playing Lounge Rest - Protect Furniture Keep Healthy Cat Claws - Metal Wood Grain
When I was young,there had a very lovely cat,named LB,in my grandma's family,we all loved him who was the member of the family.However,Cats are born athletes,Almost all the furniture left his paw prints (scratches)in the house.Grandma was annoyed with this,But we knew this was not LB's fault,He just lacked of conditions to release the paws and molars nature.When I was playing with him,I found that he preferred a variety of cardboard boxes.So I found some carton and tried to make a "toy", As a result,It successfully aroused his interest.Seeing this, I searched on the Internet that the material of the carton - the characteristics of corrugated paper is in line with the habit of cats. I learned from online forums that cat owners all are tired from the furniture scratched by Cats,Therefore I thought of using corrugated cardboard as a material to make more different toys ,Firstly All, I just issue to my friends .After a short time, they feedback to me, those toys not only for solve the owner's upset,but also can bring fun for cats.Then I decided to set up a pet products company,named LAMBAW. Since the establishment of company, we have been using high-quality and eco-friendly corrugated paper for everyone to design and produce more fashionable and good quality cat toys. The company's management idea has always been adhering to the early formation of the vision - to bring more fun to the cat, to protect more furniture, reduce cat lovers' trouble, we will, as always, to design and produce more and better products.
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Oosenn 65 cm Banana Shaped Pet Bed, Medium, Yellow

Oosenn 65 cm Banana Shaped Pet Bed - Medium - Yellow
The Oosenn Banana Bed is great for pets under 30 lbs. to relax and cuddle in. The combination of soft and sturdy material is perfect for durability and comfort. Cleaning is kept simple as the banana bed is machine washable. The attractive color will add vibrancy and personality to even the most dull room. Your pet companion deserves the comfort and style of the Oosenn Banana Bed.
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Kitty City Pop-up Cat Cube

Kitty City Pop-up Cat Cube
Your cats will enjoy playing in this pop up kitty cube from kitty city. It makes a fun place to get a little kitty privacy and has 3 open doors for ventilation. Kitty city products encourage your cat to have an active lifestyle and promote exercise, covering all areas of your cat’s needs. Reassuringly all products in the range have been tested for durability, safety and customer value and this collection has got an official paws up from a party of feline testers warning: Do not allow children to play with or near this item. This is not a toy for children. If product becomes damaged, please discard immediately. Do not use this product for anything other than its intended use. For t pet use only. Spot clean with brush or damp cloth.
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Milliard Outdoor Cat House for Your Pet Kitty or Puppy; Perfect Portable

Milliard Outdoor Cat House for Your Pet Kitty or Puppy; Perfect Portable Bed Cave or Shelter - 22 x 18 x 17 in
Milliard Pet HouseIf Humans Can Enjoy Camping In Their Backyard, Why Wouldn't Their Pets? The Milliard Portable Pet House Gives Your Cat Or Small Dog A Warm, Sheltered Refuge From The Elements When They're Not Ready To Come Indoors. Its Effortless Setup Is Designed To Provide A Warm And Dry Haven For Your Dog Or Cat, And Its Cushion Is Safe To Use Outdoors. Just Fold Up The Water-Resistant Canvas Walls, Insert The Cushion, Zipper The Roof On And Your Pet Has A New Outdoor Haven! The Cushion Features A Fitted Fleece Mat To Give Your Pet A Soft And Fuzzy Padding Surface For Some Added Comfort. The House Has Dual Entryways To Prevent Them From Being Cornered, And Each Entryway Has A Transparent Door Flap To Keep Heat In, Moisture Out, And Still Allow A Clear View Outside. Your Pet House Has Been Carefully Manufactured By Milliard With Your Pet's Comfort And Safety In Mind And Should Provide Years Of Satisfaction With Proper Use.Product Specs• Quick and easy assembly• Removable door flaps• 2 entances• Durable and rugged• Great for cats and small dogs
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PETMAKER Cozy Cave Enclosed Cube Pet Bed - Light Coffee

PETMAKER Cozy Cave Enclosed Cube Pet Bed - Light Coffee
The Cozy Cave Enclosed Cube Pet Bed allows for relaxing privacy. Your furry friend will enjoy curling up in this plush microfiber paradise. Removable reversible insert pillow keeps your pet cozy with plush microfiber or flocked fabric and allows you to keep your pets new favorite place fresh and clean. The PAW Cozy Cave Enclosed Cube Pet Bed is the perfect gift for your four legged friends.
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Easy Life Cat Scratcher and Hammock Cat Scratcher Scratch, Snuggle, and

Easy Life Cat Scratcher and Hammock Cat Scratcher Scratch - Snuggle - and Rest by Petstages
It’s easy living with the Easy Life Scratch and Snuggle Rest by Petstages. This sturdy, basic hammock is sure to be your kitty’s favorite perch and scratching post. Corrugate material is great for scratching, and encourages kitty to scratch their own furniture, not yours. Best of all, it’s infused with catnip, so your kitty will love the scent!
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